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Instapage is an advanced landing page platform that helps you build landing pages without limits. It comes with helpful features that help improve your conversion rates by performing A/B tests and promoting your digital campaigns.

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review new │ Instapage Overview

What’s the best, most suitable way to boost your company’s conversions? One of the most proven tactics to achieve this is an attention-grabbing landing page, and some comprehensive platforms can help you build one. Instapage is a platform that promises to boost your conversions. But is this platform suitable for your organization?

To discover every fact you need to know about Instapage, make sure you stick around until the end of this 2022 Instapage review, in which we will share the platform’s excellent and less wowing features with you.

pros and cons new │ Instapage’s Pros and Cons

Further down in this Instapage review, you’ll discover the features that Instapage users are excited about, but let’s get into the pros and cons of this landing page builder first.

What Are the Platform’s Pros?

Check out the pros of Instapage. There are three areas where this platform excels.

tick Create mobile-friendly landing pages

With Instapage, you can build mobile-friendly landing pages using the automatic mobile formatting feature. For example, you can save time and effort using the mobile-responsive templates and avoid going back to the drawing board to make significant changes.

tick Get the benefits of fast-loading landing pages

You’ve got the option of creating landing pages with a fast loading speed with Instapage’s dual-cloud content delivery network feature. If you’re desperate for a handy platform that makes landing pages and keeps bounce rates low, Instapage is a good option.

tick Use several integrations to your advantage

There are plenty of integrations to select from when you select Instapage. Some main integrations are WordPress, Mailchimp, Stripe, Google Analytics 360, Shopify, and HubSpot.

What Are the Platform’s Cons?

Here are the cons of Instapage.

cons new Mobile version landing pages alignment is not perfect

When creating mobile version landing pages, the alignment of the page isn’t perfect. For instance, even though there is an automatic mobile version formatting option, users must correct the misalignment to create an excellent mobile version landing page.

Find out more details about the Instapage platform in this Instapage review.

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Try Instapage to see its advantages!

There are plenty of advantages to discover with Instapage – fast loading mobile landing pages and integrations are just a few. Find out the other advantages by visiting Instapage.

feature new │ Instapage Features and Aspects

The Instapage genius score is greater than various landing page platform competitors due to its unique features, including some of the essential aspects mentioned below.

point new Build AMP landing pages without a developer

Instapage’s unique feature is its accelerated mobile page (AMP) landing pages option. Use this feature to build and carry out A/B testing on your landing pages in the Google AMP framework – and you won’t need a developer to assist you! For example, you’ll encounter no problems creating Facebook Ad mobile landing pages for mobile that load quickly.

point new Upload unique and professional templates 

Choosing a professional template for your landing page can be a critical choice that Instapage takes seriously. You can effortlessly select and upload templates by either going to ThemeForest or creating a template from scratch. For example, the ReStart Home Report website uses Instapage platform features and templates beautifully, as does the Zocchi Real Estate landing page – two different templates, each creating a unique impression.

point new Use custom and reusable Instablock designs

Instablock designs are a feature that enables users to access pre-designed page elements they have created to modify a new design instantly. Use Instablocks to effortlessly make your design and avoid wasting time creating a new landing page from scratch.

point new Add unique functions to your landing page with widgets

You can add unique functions to your landing page with Instapage’s widgets include call-to-action buttons, videos, maps, images, and custom HTML-built widgets. With these multimedia functions, you can design the landing page you require.

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Make the most of Instapage’s features: Choose Instapage for your landing page

Instapage is a landing page creation platform with an incredible range of features. Find out why these features are second to none by going to the Instapage site and choose the platform for your next landing page.

usability new │Instapage Usability

With an easy-to-navigate dashboard and user interface, Instapage makes landing page creation easy for its users. You can get started in pretty much no time by selecting the “Landing Pages” tab on the left panel. You’ve got the option of previewing your landing page or editing its design. And when using the editor, you can also take advantage of the drag and drop and alignment features.

The editing panel user interface is another feature that shows how user-friendly the Instapage platform is. It’s arranged into blocks, which you can alter according to your design requirements. In the left panel, you’ve got the Instablocks feature, which makes custom landing page creation possible, and accessing all of the editing features in the left pane is easy for users.

To make landing page selection easier, Instapage will provide you with three straightforward and easy options to create the exact landing page you want. You can create a standard landing page, an AMP landing page, or choose to upload an Instapage file.

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Discover the convenience of Instapage: Check out the platform!

Previewing and rapid drag and drop design are just a couple of this platform’s most convenient features. Find out why it’s so handy for creating landing pages by going to the website now.

pricing new │Instapage Pricing

We’re now near the end of our Instapage review. Just before the end, here is some information on Instapage subscription pricing.

The Instapage subscription options include a free 14-day trial and monthly and annual pricing options. You can choose a monthly priced subscription that costs $299 per month or a yearly subscription that costs $199 per month. There’s also a custom option.

Price PlanWhat You Can UseMonthly PriceYearly Price
Free TrialA free Instapage trial for 14 daysFree TrialFree Trial
BuildingUnlimited domains, A/B testing options, 4 key integrations, no limits for conversions$299 Per Month$199 Per Year
CustomGlobal blocks and workplace scripts, 1:1 ad-to-page personalization, custom fonts, custom integrations, page migration servicesCustom (unique price determined by your requirements)Custom (unique price determined by your needs)

support new │How Responsive and Helpful is Instapage’s Support Quality?

The Instapage genius score also endorses the platform’s customer support. 

Instapage provides a support section for users. This handy section features a “How can we help you?” search bar, where users can type their Instapage-related queries. The section features a few explanations of the basic features, the mobile design-builder, FAQs related to creating forms, and details about the slideout feature. An advanced section also focuses on the platform’s advanced features.

Users can also browse the Instapage help center, which has nine sections and FAQs on the critical Instapage features, including information about the dashboard, personalization, analytics, integrations, account administration, domains, and publishing, and three other essential help sections.

You can submit requests for assistance using the Instapage forms and access the resource library for more information about the platform.

conclusion new │A Summary of Instapage’s Features

If you’re looking for an excellent option to build conversion-inspiring eye-catching landing pages, Instapage is a great choice. With over 100 templates, accelerated mobile pages that load incredibly fast, and plenty of integrations, the Instapage software is ideal for generating conversions. Test it for 14 days. Find out if it’s suitable for your business.

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Try out Instapage now!

No matter if you need to build landing pages for mobile or desktop, Instapage will make the process easy. Visit Instapage for extra information about how the platform works and discover why it’s ideal for your business.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

On the Instapage analytics feature, you can view mobile and desktop data that corresponds to all visits as well as unique visitors. You can also view a report for each workspace and view organic or paid traffic.

The main form integrations available in Instapage include Zapier, Webhooks, Salesforce, and Marketo. There’s also an integration available with Zapier’s old interface.

The short answer is that it’s possible to add custom domains using Instapage. You can also manage custom domains by selecting “Settings” and navigating to “Domains”, where you’ll find an alphabetical list of domains.

Yes, you can easily redirect to a different page after form submission on Instapage. To do this, complete the form set-up process by navigating to “Edit” and selecting “Submissions”. You can then select the page you want to redirect to.


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