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Freshworks is a customer and employee service software that helps companies manage their sales, marketing, and customer relationship management more efficiently. Freshworks provides a range of software products that help businesses expand and organize multiple processes.




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Freshworks Facts

Pricing ModelSubscriber based
Free TrialYes
Free VersionYes

Freshworks Pros & Cons

+Store all of your customer data on Freshworks.
+Manage workflows more efficiently by automating manual practices.
+Upload contacts, customer interactions, and data from third-party platforms.
-Not always completely user-friendly.

review new │ Freshworks Overview

Businesses must invest in SaaS solutions to improve daily operations, particularly communication, collaboration, and customer service. Imagine having a SaaS solution tailored to meet all of your CRM, sales, marketing, and communication needs – sounds too good to be true, right?

Well, think again! Freshworks offers many different SaaS services designed to fulfill your specific needs. 

If FreshWorks sounds like the right solution for you, read on. This guide will cover why Freshworks is the best SaaS provider for customer service, communication, and marketing solutions. We have rated FreshWorks highly using our Genius Score – keep reading to find out why!

Freshworks: Best for CRM and communication!
Freshworks helps you streamline your customer relationship management, marketing, and communications.

pros and cons new │ Freshworks Pros And Cons

To help you evaluate whether Freshworks is the best SaaS provider for your business, let’s discuss some of this solution’s main benefits and disadvantages.

Freshworks Pros

Here are some of the pros of Freshworks! Consider these advantages when evaluating whether it’s the right choice for your company.

tick new Customer Relationship Management

You can house all of your customer data on Freshworks. All your customer information will be readily available to your staff to increase the efficiency of your customer communications.

tick new Interaction Tracking

Keep track of all your customer communications with Freshworks’ interaction tracking. Whether these interactions occur on social media, via email, phone, or in person, you can track all customer interactions on a single platform.

tick new Workflow Management

Freshworks helps you manage workflows more efficiently by automating manual practices. You can reduce heavy lifting tasks like contact detail updates, sending emails, and other sales processes, ensuring your employees are making full use of their time.

tick new Mobile Access

To make Freshworks even more accessible, there is a mobile version of the software. You can keep up-to-date on customer interactions from just about anywhere.

tick new Open API For Custom Integration

You can upload contacts, customer interactions, and data from third-party platforms using Freshworks’ API integration feature.

tick new Role-Based User Permissions

To ensure your data is secure, Freshworks implements a zero-trust policy. Zero-trust only gives your employees the information they need and nothing more. Role-based user permissions minimize your exposure to internal security breaches and customer poaching from ex-employees.

tick new Free Trial

Freshworks offers its customers a free trial to gain a complete perspective of the software’s usability and utility before investing.

FreshWorks Cons

Now that we have covered some of the fantastic positives of Freshworks, it’s time to review the downsides.

cons new Some Aspects Of The Sofware Aren’t Intuitive Or User-Friendly

Some users found that Freshworks doesn’t offer a completely user-friendly experience and that there were some hurdles when it came to using the product.

cons new Integration Needs Improvement

Although Freshworks offers API integration, some users have found that this feature still has room for improvement.

Freshworks AdvantagesFreshworks Disadvantages
plus new Customer relationship managementminus new Not completely user-friendly
plus new Interaction trackingminus new Integration needs improvement
plus new Workflow management
plus new Mobile access
plus new Role-based user permissions
plus new Free trial

Freshsales: Where Every Lead Counts.

Don’t let opportunities slip. Cultivate and convert every prospect with the power of Freshsales. Freshsales is a part of Freshworks.

what new │ What Is Freshworks?

Freshworks is a SaaS (software-as-a-service) provider that offers solutions to help companies manage their sales, marketing, and customer relationship management more efficiently.

Freshworks provides a range of software products that help businesses expand and organize multiple processes:

  • Freshdesk – for better customer support, Freshdesk offers an omnichannel service to help you improve the customer experience.
  • Freshsales – the context-driven sales of Freshsales help you increase your revenue.
  • Freshmarketer – you can automate your marketing processes and improve lead generation with Freshmarketer.
  • Freshchat – you can better manage your customer communications with Freshchat to provide a more interactive service.
  • Freshservice – you can manage your IT services better with the Freshservice feature.
  • Freshteam – you can digitize your HR operations using the Freshteam service.

Freshworks cannot be reduced to a single service. They offer a range of SaaS products, all tailored to serve different functions and streamline various operations within a business. 

The beauty of Freshworks is that you can access a broad range of services from a single provider rather than several other providers. You can choose to use a single Freshworks software, or you can choose to use several products. You can build a software system based on your business needs.

how new │ How Does Freshworks Work?

When you invest in Freshworks for your business, you can onboard in a few days. Freshworks allows you to download a free demo directly from their website. Or, if you already know you’re interested in the software, you can download the software directly. Freshworks aims to make its software as easy as possible to implement.

When downloading Freshworks, you need to know the different services and features you would like to access. You can build your customized plan by selecting which services you need.

Once you have chosen your plan, the customization doesn’t end there. Freshworks offers an abundance of apps on its marketplace and allows you to use low-coding development to tailor experiences to meet your business needs.

When your software is up and running, you can begin to automate processes in HR, customer service, CRM, and more. Reducing manual tasks is essential to ensure more productivity, and Freshworks offers you the ability to make automation easy in several different sectors of your business.

feature new │ What Are FreshWorks’ Main Features?

Since many other software products are available from Freshworks, the features you can access depend on which plan you choose for your business.

In this section, however, we will cover some of Freshworks’ most valuable features. These features can help you to improve data insights, collaboration, administration, communication, and customer relationship management.

point new Analytics

Freshworks offers businesses the ability to create fully-customizable reports. Freshworks’ analytics feature helps enterprises gain better insight into their KPIs with information and tracking. To ensure all reports align with your business style, you can add widgets, images, and even gifs to your analytics reports.

point new Neo Admin Center

When you invest in Freshworks for your business, any Freshworks products you add to your plan will be listed under a single organization. To implement zero-trust security, you can create varied user permissions for each individual using the program. The neo admin center allows you to manage your Freshworks products efficiently with security. Use 2FA, password policies, and audit logs to ensure the information on your Freshworks software stays secure.

point new Collaboration

Freshdesk offers features that support collaboration from anywhere – allowing teams to stay connected while working remotely. You can easily share the full context of your tasks (such as tickets, service requests, and more) with your team to let them know what you’re working on. And your team gains a shared inbox for more straightforward customer communications.


point new Events And Notifications

Freshworks allows you to create customized workflows. When a specific event occurs (you receive a customer support ticket), Freshworks will automatically create a workflow in response to this event and assign the task in line with its priority status, streamlining and automating the workflow assignation process.

point new Unified Customer Record

You can host your customer information in one place with Freshworks, eliminating data silos across departments. You can host customer support tickets, chat campaigns, survey campaigns, CRM, engagement data, and more in one place. Your employees will be able to access real-time customer data on one platform.

point new Messaging Channels

You can host all of your communications on Freshworks. Whether your business uses SMS, WhatsApp, FaceBook, or Instagram for customer communications, you can integrate these messaging channels with Freshworks to easily manage and keep track of your customer communications.

 Messaging Channels

point new Custom Objects

With the Custom Objects feature, you can create custom records to store your company information on Freshworks. You can bring all the information your employees need into Freshworks to make it easily available.

Why Should Your Company Use Freshworks?

point new Custom objectspoint new Events and notifications
point new Messaging channelspoint new Neo admin capabilities
point new Unified customer recordspoint new Analytics


Freshdesk: From Tickets to Triumphs.

Revolutionize your support workflow with Freshdesk, a Freshworks product. Transform every ticket into a story of success.

who new │ Who Should Use Freshworks?

Freshworks can benefit many different business types in a variety of sectors. This section discusses some business types that would benefit most from using Freshworks.

point new eCommerce Businesses

Online sales businesses rely heavily on sales, marketing, and customer service automation to drive their enterprise toward success. Keeping track of customer communications on disparate platforms can cause communication errors that lead to negative reviews. Freshworks can help eCommerce businesses maintain organized marketing campaigns, customer service, and communications, driving more customer satisfaction and lead generation.

point new Real Estate Businesses

Any client-facing services like real estate businesses need to manage customer relationships effectively and implement sales and marketing tactics to generate leads. Freshworks can help real estate businesses keep their sales and marketing employees aligned under a single goal and can help increase customer engagement and lead generation.

point new Hospitality Businesses

Hospitality businesses rely heavily on the customer experience. If hospitality businesses fail to meet customer expectations and receive negative reviews, this could damage the company’s reputation. Freshworks can help hospitality businesses maintain stellar customer service and complaint response procedures.

point new Retail Businesses

Like hospitality businesses, retail businesses need to respond quickly to customer complaints. They also need to implement marketing campaigns to drive sales and customer surveys to improve the customer experience. Freshworks helps retail businesses host their customer service, marketing, and sales information on one platform to leverage data better.

Who Can Benefit From Freshworks?
point new Retail businesses – driving sales, responding to customer complaints, and implementing customer surveys are more accessible with Freshworks.
point new Hospitality businesses – Freshworks allows hospitality businesses to improve their online customer service and to provide comprehensive, attentive service.
point new Real Estate businesses – Freshworks can help real estate businesses improve lead generation and customer service.
point new eCommerce businesses – can manage customer communication, marketing campaigns, and customer complaint procedures more efficiently with Freshworks.

Freshworks Logo

Your Campaigns Deserve the Freshmarketer Edge.

Drive conversions, build brand love, and craft compelling narratives with the help of Freshmarketer, a part of Freshworks.

cost and time new │ How Long Does It Take To Set Up Freshworks?

You can purchase Freshworks and download the software directly from their site, which significantly speeds up the onboarding process.

You must choose which of the following Freshworks products you would like to include in your plan:

Once you have downloaded the software you need from Freshworks, you can begin the setup process. It’s important to note that you can add to your Freshworks plan as you go, expanding your Freshworks tools. 

You can then start uploading information to Freshworks, such as contacts, and integrating Freshworks with other tools like social media. Once your company information is accessible on your Freshworks, you can begin establishing automated workflows and triggers and designing a system that does the legwork for you and your team.

Once you have set up your account, your team will have an easier time performing HR, customer service, sales and marketing functions, and you will start receiving a strong ROI on your investment. Freshdesk’s pricing plan will vary depending on the extent of the services you need, but more on that below.

usability new │ How Easy Is It To Use Freshworks?

Freshworks has emphasized that their onboarding process is quick so that you can get the product up and running as soon as possible and start receiving the benefits of the software.

Freshworks is simple to use and offers customizable elements that can help you adapt the software to suit your business. 

Since Freshworks automates many processes for your HR, marketing, sales, and customer service departments, your teams will find that their roles become easier with Freshworks. Once they have established automated workflows and automated functions, these tasks will be delegated to Freshworks, easing the burden of manual processes.

pricing new │ How Much Does FreshWorks Cost?

Freshworks pricing can be a little complicated, as each Freshworks product has its pricing plan, and each product is priced differently. 

All Freshworks products have a free tier for those with fewer demands from their SaaS investments. Plus, if you invest in an annual payment plan with Freshworks, you get free 2 months of the service. There is also a free product trial for those still unsure whether Freshworks is for their business.

Freshworks’ paid plans are billed per user per month, so you must determine how many people will use the software to calculate the full cost. 

Generally, each Freshworks product pricing plan follows this structure:

point new Free tier

With this tier, you gain access to the product’s basic features. The free tier only caters to a limited number of users

point new Growth tier

The growth tier usually offers the same features as the free tier, with some more valuable features added to it to help you grow your business.

point new Pro tier

Freshworks’ pro tier helps you to manage multiple teams and offers features for high performance. 

point new Enterprise tier

This tier offers scalability, advanced features, customization, advanced metrics, governance, and controls.

You can decide which tier is right for you based on the extent of the features you need and the scalability you require. You will likely benefit most from the enterprise tier if your business is significantly large.

Freshworks ProductFree/Starter TierGrowth TierPro Tier Enterprise

Freshworks Logo

Freshchat: Where Every Message Matters.

Turn chit-chats into business impacts with Freshchat, a Freshworks product. Streamline support, sales, and more with intuitive chat solutions.

tools new │ Freshworks Tools For Businesses

Let’s take a further look at the tools Freshworks offers for businesses, exploring the features of each Freshworks product.

point new Customer Messaging

Freshchat is Freshworks’ customer messaging tool. This software includes the following features:

  • Messaging channels – you can appeal to your customer base and chat with them on their preferred messaging service. Freshchat allows you to access multiple messaging platforms from a single inbox.
  • Chatbots – to automate customer interactions, Freshchat has chatbots to answer any FAQs or simple queries your customers might have.
  • Team inbox – to ensure all employees are working with the latest information, Freshchat allows your team to operate from a single shared inbox.
  • Journeys – this feature allows you to create engaging messages to help your customers choose a product and navigate your site, with multiple journey options to start the chat.
Customer Messaging

point new Marketing

Freshmarketer is a tool Freshworks offers to help businesses automate marketing processes and generate more leads by doing less. Some of the most attractive features of Freshmarketer include:

  • Chat campaigns – with this feature, you can deliver intuitive messages to your customers at the right time based on customer activity. This feature helps you generate more leads with automated chat functions.
  • Email campaigns – Freshmarketer allows you to implement automated email campaigns based on triggers like abandoned carts, new memberships, and offers.
  • Marketing reports – you can better understand how well your campaigns generate leads with Freshmarketer’s marketing reports.

point new Sales CRM

Freshsales is designed to help you manage customer relationships more effectively. It has built-in sales reports and contact management, along with the following attractive features:

  • Freddy AI – Freddy is the name of an AI chatbot that helps you provide more attentive service to customers during their journey.
  • Cloud telephony – this feature allows you to purchase virtual phone numbers in over 90 countries for your teams. Cloud telephony also gives you more monitoring and record-keeping capabilities regarding your customer interactions.
  • Deal management – this feature helps trigger automated follow-ups to help you close more deals and avoid lost sales.
Sales CRM

point new IT Customer Service

Freshservice is an IT customer service desk software that allows you to provide more well-rounded customer service. It also comes with IT asset management and IT project management features.

point new HR

The Freshteams service offers the following features to help your HR team automate manual processes and improve efficiency in daily operations:

  • Applicant tracking.
  • Time off/holiday management.
  • Employee information database.
  • Onboarding/offboarding.
  • Mobile app.
  • HR reports.

point new Customer Service

Freshdesk is a customer service tool that allows you to create tickets for customer service requests, increase customer satisfaction, and provide customers with a customer support call center. Freshdesk offers you effortless omnichannel service for your customers.

FreshWorks Tools For Businesses!
point new Customer messaging – manage customer communications easily with shared inboxes.
point new Marketing – automate email marketing campaigns.
point new Sales CRM – manage your customer profiles with ease.
point new IT customer service – provide more attentive customer service.
point new HR – access automated employee management, onboarding, and offboarding processes.
point new Customer service – create tickets and offer customer support call centers.

example new │ Freshworks In Action

Now you know all about Freshworks’ features and pricing; let’s look at some of the best examples of Freshworks in action. Here are some businesses that have benefitted from using Freshworks’ SaaS products.

point new Clarity

Clarity is one of the leading business travel experts. Clarity used Freshworks to improve the efficiency of its customer support and communications. Clarity receives over 1,000 emails daily, and Freshworks has helped them respond to over 1.7 million tickets.

point new Bensons For Beds

Bensons For Beds is a mattress and bed retail business. Bensons benefitted from using Freshworks to improve service management across their business, providing a more attentive customer experience.

point new Bridgestone 

Bridgestone invested in Freshdesk to improve their customer service and plans to invest in more Freshworks solutions in the future, as they are so pleased with the user experience of Freshdesk.

point new Synergy

Synergy used Freshsales to help them manage their customers better. Synergy found that Freshworks helped them improve sales without getting in the way.

support new │ Freshworks Customer Support

Since Freshworks provides so many customer relationship management tools, you should expect them to offer excellent customer support, right? Well, that’s precisely the case.

Freshworks offers the following support features for its customers:

  • Freshworks academy – to help its customers use their software more effectively, Freshworks offers an academy to teach its customers valuable customer service training and upskilling.
  • Onboarding – if you go to the support page and click on the Freshworks product you need assistance with, you can access help for getting started with the software.
  • Community – Freshworks offers a community with how-to guides, peer support, and guidance on the best practices.
  • Video library – Freshworks offers many tutorial videos to give its customers an idea of how to use the software and get the most out of their software investments.
  • FAQs – there is an FAQs page on the Freshworks website to help customers get quick answers to their queries.

If you have any questions about using Freshworks products, you’re sure to find answers on their website! 

What Customer Support Does Freshworks Offer?
point new Freshworks academy – customer service training and upskilling.
point new Onboarding – Freshworks offers complete guides to help you get started.
point new Community – communicate with other users and access how-to guides and forums.
point new Video library – learn about Freshworks in a visual format.
point new FAQs – answer your questions quickly with Freshworks’ extensive FAQs section.
Alternative To Freshworks – Gladly
Gladly is a customer service platform designed to help B2C customers maintain attentive customer service and engage with their customer base. Gladly allows users to view the full history of customer interactions, helping businesses provide a more personal service – without tickets.
Gladly Compared With Freshworks
Gladly is a similar product to Freshworks, and some consider Gladly to be more user-friendly for businesses. However, many businesses have found that it takes longer to reach ROI with Gladly.

Freshworks Logo

Freshservice: From IT Issues to IT Innovations.

Transform your IT challenges into opportunities for growth. Freshservice is a Freshworks product that makes it seamless and simple.

conclusion new │ Conclusion

Freshworks is a SaaS solution that allows businesses to streamline customer relationship management, sales, marketing, customer service, and HR. Freshworks prides itself on offering its customers a single solution for managing cross-department functions.

The top features of Freshworks include ticketing systems for customer support, automated email, SMS and chat marketing, and unified customer messaging. 

Additionally, Freshworks makes the onboarding process as easy as possible, with a built-in training and upskilling platform for employees and thousands of FAQs and online resources to help customers use the platform.

If you’re looking for a versatile, all-in-one SaaS service that you can expand as your business grows, then you should try Freshworks.

Freshworks Logo

Freshworks: Try It Out Today

Freshworks has everything you need to run a modern company. Optimize your workflows and generate new sales. See what Freshworks can do for you.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Freshworks is a SaaS provider that offers several different products for customer management processes within a business. Freshworks also offers tools to assist with HR, sales, and marketing.

Freshworks offers the following products:
  • Freshsales - Freshworks’ product for Sales CRM.
  • Freshdesk - Freshworks’ product for customer support.
  • Freshmarketer - Freshworks’ product for marketing automation.
  • Freshchat - Freshworks’ product for customer communications.
  • Freshservice - Freshworks’ product for IT customer service.
  • Freshteam - Freshworks’ product for HR automation.

What Freshworks does depends on the products you choose in your plan. You can use Freshworks’ various products to automate and streamline customer management, customer communications, sales, marketing, and HR to maximize productivity and efficiency for your workforce.

Freshworks costs nothing for the first two months if you opt for the annual payment plan. The price of Freshworks varies depending on which products you include in your plan and how many users you need to have in your plan. Freshworks does offer a free tier for almost all of its products.


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