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FlavorCloud is a cloud-based shipping and logistics platform that helps businesses streamline their international shipping processes. It simplifies the international shipping process, improves compliance, and enhances customer experience.

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review new │ FlavorCloud Overview

In today’s hyper-connected world, it’s easier than ever for businesses to “go global” and sell their products to an international audience. However, the logistics involved in sending products around the world can be costly and complicated.

FlavorCloud aims to help with this. An end-to-end cross-border ecommerce service, FlavorCloud connects with your existing shopping carts on sites like Shopify, making it easy for your international customers to get products sent to them at the best rates.

But is FlavorCloud right for you? Read our FlavorCloud review to find out more about this service.

FlavorCloud – Best for international shippingBoasting the biggest cross-border carrier network, FlavorCloud is the tool you need to help your business go global and start shipping to countless more customers, all around the globe.

pros and cons new │ FlavorCloud Pros and Cons

Further on in our FlavorCloud review, we’ll take a look at the key features of this platform and learn more about how it works and which sorts of businesses should use it. But before we get to that, let’s first focus on some of the main pros and cons of using FlavorCloud for you to see if this tool is right for your company.

FlavorCloud Pros

tick new Simplifies the process of international shipping 

The main purpose of FlavorCloud is to allow businesses to easily ship internationally, and it makes that whole process much easier than most alternatives. In just a few clicks, you can start sending your products around the world.

tick new Smart pricing that works for everyone 

Unlike other platforms, FlavorCloud doesn’t have costly setup fees or monthly payments. Instead, you only have to pay for the transactions that actually occur; this payment system is a win-win for both customers and merchants.

tick new Boost your business’ revenue 

Many of the businesses that have signed up and started using FlavorCloud have witnessed an almost immediate upturn in revenue. By using this platform, you can market your goods to a global audience and inevitably make more sales along the way.

tick new Saves time and resources 

If you’ve tried sending goods internationally in the past, you’ll know how tricky it can be. There are lots of forms to fill in and carriers to compare. FlavorCloud saves you all of that time through its smart AI-powered carrier selection process and form-filling.

tick new Integrates easily with your existing shops

It’s also worth noting that you don’t need to worry about any lengthy or complicated setup procedures when working with FlavorCloud; it’s designed to automatically integrate with major platforms like Shopify.

FlavorCloud Cons

cons new Unclear pricing information 

One of the downsides for new users of FlavorCloud is that the pricing system can be a little confusing to figure out. There’s no Pricing page on the FlavorCloud website, and it can be hard to see exactly how much you pay until you get your first invoice.

cons new Limited integrations 

Another downside with FlavorCloud is that, since this is quite a new piece of software, it’s primarily designed to work with either Shopify or BigCommerce. If you’re using an alternative eCommerce site, integration may be more complicated.

cons new Customer service isn’t always responsive

As FlavorCloud becomes more popular, the company’s customer service will surely expand. But, for now, since this company still has a relatively small team, the customer service department can sometimes be a little overwhelmed and slow to respond.

FlavorCloud AdvantagesFlavorCloud Disadvantages
plus new Easy global shippingminus new Pricing is a little vague
plus new A versatile pricing systemminus new Doesn’t work with every platform
plus new Make more moneyminus new Support can be slow
plus new Does lots of work for you
plus new Works with Shopify and more

FlavorCloud Logo

Try FlavorCloud now!

If you want to take your eCommerce company to the next level and reach a much bigger audience than ever before, FlavorCloud can help. With this platform, you’ll be selling and shipping goods all over the globe in no time.

what new │ What Is FlavorCloud?

In today’s connected world, it should be easier than ever for merchants to sell products around the world and for customers to buy from brands and businesses overseas. However, in practice, this can all be quite difficult.

Brands have to worry about finding the right carriers and getting the correct paperwork filled out for international shipments, while customers often have to pay confusing custom fees or struggle to find online stores that ship to their locations.

FlavorCloud co-founder Rathna Sharad saw this issue and wanted to do something about it. She launched the company in Seattle in September of 2017, alongside co-founder Sherwyn Soff and a small initial team, which has since grown exponentially.

Sharad and Soff already had experience of international shipping with their previous startup, Runway2street, which helped companies sell luxury fashion internationally. They used that experience when putting together the foundations of FlavorCloud.

So what exactly is FlavorCloud? In simple terms, it’s an eCommerce app that can allow merchants to start selling internationally, taking care of most of the complex parts of the process like picking a suitable carrier, generating labels, and processing the appropriate custom forms.

With FlavorCloud, merchants are able to reach far bigger audiences than ever before, breaking down the borders that usually restrict them and selling their products all over the world. And thanks to the tool’s smart AI technology, FlavorCloud can also help with customer retention and loyalty by giving buyers great experiences.

point new Overall Rating4.0/5
point new GlobalFlavorCloud is designed to help eCommerce companies go global
point new IntegrationsThis platform works with major eCommerce platforms like Shopify
point new SimplisticFlavorCloud is astonishingly simple to set up and does lots of the hard work for you
point new ScalableSince you only pay for each transaction, FlavorCloud scales to suit your business’ size and activity

how new │ How Does FlavorCloud Work?

So, how does FlavorCloud work? 

Well, the first step of getting started with this eCommerce app is to head to the official FlavorCloud site and set up your account. You can click on “Get The App” and choose the appropriate platform for your store, whether that be Shopify, BigCommerce, or something else.

If you click on the Shopify app, for example, you’ll be automatically redirected to the FlavorCloud app page on the Shopify platform. From there, you can simply add the app to your store and allow your customers to start using it without any extra fuss.

It’s completely free to install, without any initial setup fees or other hidden costs, as you only have to pay for the transactions that take place, and most, if not all, of the costs are recovered thanks to FlavorCloud’s ability to save money on shipping and customer compliance.

Once the FlavorCloud app is set up in your store, customers from around the world will be able to make purchases and allow FlavorCloud’s smart AI technology to automatically identify the ideal carrier from a huge network of more than 300 companies.

Not only that, but FlavorCloud automatically takes care of things like label generation and customs paperwork for each location. This can save both merchants and customers huge amounts of time, making global deliver simpler all around.

FlavorCloud also has other handy features, including door-to-door tracking of every delivery, so both you and your customers will be able to monitor the progress of each shipment. Plus, if customers aren’t satisfied, FlavorCloud can also handle hassle-free international returns.

feature new │ FlavorCloud Features

FlavorCloud is able to carry out complex tasks like picking the best carrier and finding the appropriate customs forms for more than 200 locations around the world, but it makes all of this so simple, with a smart, streamlined set of user-friendly features.

point new Plug & Play Integration 

One of the best things about FlavorCloud is that it doesn’t take hours and hours to get set up. In fact, you can be up and running with this app in a matter of minutes, thanks to its plug and play integration with major shopping platforms like BigCommerce and Shopify. All you have to do is click to add the app to your Shopify store and start selling globally right away.

point new A Global Network of Carriers 

A global delivery platform like FlavorCloud needs a strong network of carriers to rely on. Thankfully, FlavorCloud has access to one of the biggest and best carrier networks of any shipping platform. With FlavorCloud installed on your store, you’ll have access to more than 300 different carriers who can deliver goods to your audience in 200+ locations.

point new AI-Optimized Shipping 

Arguably the most impressive part of FlavorCloud from a technological standpoint is its impressive AI and algorithms. This platform can automatically hone in on the best possible choice of carrier for each customer, based on their location and the type of goods they’re ordering. It searches through a vast network of carriers to get the best service and the right price.

point new Generate Labels and Paperwork 

When shipping internationally, one of the downsides is that you often have to spend a lot of time worrying about things like accurate address labels for international addresses and printing off all of the necessary customs paperwork. But FlavorCloud can do all of this for you. It offers automated customs processes, label generation, paperwork printing, and commercial invoice creation.

point new Door-to-door Tracking

In today’s world, customers want to be able to see and know where their deliveries are at any given time. FlavorCloud makes this possible, on a global scale. It features detailed door-to-door tracking of every shipment, allowing you and your buyers to find out exactly where each parcel or package is at any given time.

Why We Need to Use FlavorCloud
point new Start selling to a global audience
point new Boost revenue and profits
point new Automate shipping processes to save time
point new Get the best prices on global shipping

FlavorCloud Logo

Use FlavorCloud to make more sales, more easily

If you’re ready to start shipping your products around the world, but don’t want the hassle of confusing customs paperwork and complicated carrier selection, choose FlavorCloud. It can take all the hassle out of international deliveries.

who new │Who Should Use FlavorCloud?

Clearly, FlavorCloud is aimed at those in the eCommerce world, but what kinds of businesses can best benefit from this platform? Here are some of the main kinds of businesses that can use FlavorCloud and get great value out of its global shipping network.

point new Small Businesses

If you’re running a small business, the idea of setting up international shipping could seem quite daunting, but with FlavorCloud, much of the hard work is done for you, allowing your small business to start growing without the need for huge investment of money or resources.

point new Mid-Size Businesses

Mid-size businesses in the eCommerce world need to be able to offer their products globally in order to keep up with the competition. FlavorCloud gives you the tools and technology you need to appeal to an international audience.

point new B2B Businesses

A lot of B2C companies use FlavorCloud, but this platform is also ideal for those who operate in the B2B space. With FlavorCloud, you’ll be able to ship products to other businesses on the other side of the world.

point new Retail Companies

Those operating in the retail sector can enjoy huge benefits from FlavorCloud. With this app on your store, you’ll be able to reach a much larger crowd of customers than ever before, make more sales, and grow your company.

point new Ideal for eCommerce and retail brands
point new Works for small, mid-size, and big businesses
point new Suitable for both B2C and B2B

FlavorCloud Logo

Give FlavorCloud a try today

FlavorCloud is one of the very best platforms you can use to get started with global shipping, saving you time, money, and resources on every single order. It’s free to set-up, so add the FlavorCloud app to your store today and see what it can do for you.

cost and time new │FlavorCloud Cost and Time

When you start shipping globally, cost is one of the key factors to consider, but with FlavorCloud, it’s not really a problem. Yes, you’ll have to pay a commission for each international sale that FlavorCloud helps with, but you can actually save money in the long run, thanks to FlavorCloud’s AI technology. Plus, it should help you make more sales and raise profits.

In terms of time, too, FlavorCloud is a real life-saver. It takes so much of the stress and hassle out of the international shipping process. Instead of spending hours comparing carriers to find the best value option or filling in confusing customs paperwork, FlavorCloud takes care of that stuff for you, allowing you to focus more time and energy on other areas of your business.

usability new │FlavorCloud Usability

One of the most impressive things of all about FlavorCloud is just how easy it is to use. In fact, you can get started in no time, with just a couple of clicks. Shopify customers, for example, can simply find the FlavorCloud app, add it to their store, and start sending goods internationally.

FlavorCloud has been designed to save you as much time as possible, so it’s able to automatically take care of many major processes like finding the right carrier for each customer and getting the best value options for your business.

It can also handle things like form filling, customs paperwork, label generation, and so on, saving you even more time and making the entire app really easy to use, even for total beginners without any experience or training.

pricing new │FlavorCloud Pricing

So, how much will you need to spend on FlavorCloud? Well, this platform actually has a pay-per-transaction model. This means that, unlike other pieces of software or platforms you might use for your business, you don’t have to choose a payment plan or pick from different subscription tiers when you sign up for FlavorCloud. 

Instead, you’ll only pay for what you actually use. This means you pay a commission on each sale, and FlavorCloud is fully scalable to suit small, mid-size, and big business alike. The best part of all is that FlavorCloud’s fee is a net positive on every shipment, and since customers pay you for shipping and service fees, you can recoup a lot of the costs with each sale.

Plus, since FlavorCloud is specially designed to seek out the best possible shipping rates from more than 300 different carriers worldwide, your customers also get the best possible rates and usually spend less on shipping with FlavorCloud than they would without it. So, it’s a win-win situation for both merchants and shoppers.

Standard PlanPay-Per-Transaction

tools new │FlavorCloud Tools for Business

FlavorCloud has a range of great features that make global shipping easier for every company. Here are some of the most interesting and impactful business-oriented tools that come along with this application.

point new Shopify Integration 

Most of the companies currently using FlavorCloud have Shopify stores, and FlavorCloud has been designed to offer seamless, rapid integration with Shopify. With just a couple of clicks, you can get this app set up and ready to use on your Shopify store.

point new Compliance 

When sending goods internationally, you have to make sure that you remain compliant with local rules and regulations. FlavorCloud’s smart algorithms make this easy, as it can automatically take care of things like certifications and paperwork to help you avoid any unwanted fines, fees, or delays.

point new Guaranteed Landed Costs

Unlike other platforms, which can be quite vague in terms of their cost estimations, FlavorCloud gives you guaranteed, accurate landed costs which are calculated at the time of checkout and boast 99% accuracy.

Points to Note
point new Appeal to a global audience
point new Only pay for each transaction
point new Rapid integration and set-up

example new │FlavorCloud Use Cases

Since FlavorCloud launched in 2017, a lot of eCommerce companies have started using this application, and countless products have been sold and shipped internationally with the assistance of FlavorCloud. Here are some examples of real-world use cases involving this software:

point new Stemulation

Stemulation is a skincare brand that was searching for an international shipping partner for its Shopify store. It decided to try FlavorCloud and was instantly impressed with the rates provided. The company now spends half what it was originally spending on international shipments and has broadened its reach massively.

point new Kurly Klips

Kurly Klips is a Shopify company that specializes in hair clips. It decided to use FlavorCloud to ship products worldwide and was instantly impressed with the app’s ease-of-use, simple set-up, and responsive customer support service. Plus, thanks to the transparent, accurate customs pricing, the company has had to deal with far fewer complaints from customers about custom fees.

point new Mansa Tea

Mansa Tea is a tea company that also has a store on Shopify. It wanted an app that could allow it to send teas internationally with clear shipping fees and duties calculated and paid for up-front. FlavorCloud has exceeded the company’s expectations, providing exactly what it needed to make more sales all around the globe.

support new │FlavorCloud Support

So, what can you do if you need some help with your FlavorCloud account or have a question about a particular order? Well, customer service is a big part of the FlavorCloud experience, and the company has its own team of dedicated support agents standing by. 

You can submit a request via a simple form on the FlavorCloud site and wait for an agent to get back to you, as there’s no live chat help system just yet. There’s also a thorough Help Center on the site with guides and tutorials covering most features and common issues.

In general, FlavorCloud’s support agents provide professional and helpful responses, but they’re not always the fastest. This may be because the company is still growing at such a rapid rate and has a lot of customers to help on any given day.

Email support service
Friendly and professional responses
Detailed Help Center
Alternative to FlavorCloud – Zonos
Zonos is a platform of cross-border eCommerce APIs, software, and other technologies designed to help merchants start selling and shipping their products all around the world. It offers a wide range of APIs and plugins to integrate with your platform.
Comparing FlavorCloud to Zonos
FlavorCloud and Zonos have some similarities, as they can both help merchants start shipping around the world. However, FlavorCloud is far less complex, easier to set-up, designed to integrate with major platforms, and free to start, while Zonos has prices for its various tools.

conclusion new │Conclusion

As an eCommerce merchant, being able to ship your products around the world is very important and can make a huge difference to the future success and growth of your business, but it’s not always easy. FlavorCloud can change that.

This surprisingly simple and intuitive platform is one of the best options out there right now for helping eCommerce companies market and ship their products worldwide on the major platforms like Shopify.

It has some really impressive features and is fully designed to save you time and money, while also improving the buying experience for your customers. As stated earlier on, it’s a win-win for everyone, and a must-have app for Shopify sellers, in particular.

FlavorCloud Logo

Try FlavorCloud Now!

FlavorCloud can transform your eCommerce business, allowing you to instantly start selling and shipping to a much larger, global audience. And it’s completely free to get started, with no set up costs or initial fees to worry about.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

FlavorCloud is based in Seattle, Washington.

FlavorCloud can work for many kinds of businesses and is designed to help brands go global and ship products internationally.

Rathna Sharad and Sherwyn Soff are the co-founders of FlavorCloud.

You can ship to over 200 countries and territories in total with FlavorCloud.



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