Confluence is a team collaboration software that can help businesses manage their projects and share information with ease. With features such as customizable workflows and real-time editing, Confluence is a great choice for businesses looking for a comprehensive collaboration solution.




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Confluence allows users to have a workspace that is intuitive to them and integrates with important productivity and tracking tools. It also works alongside many tools that users already use, so it integrates well. As for functionality, many users can use the functionality well because of Jira and the Atlassian ecosystem. 

To find out more, keep reading this Confluence Review down below. 

Pros and Cons


  • Page hierarchy – Confluence allows the user to create a hierarchical structure, so they can manage their team and access the business structure the way they want.
  • Integrations – With a large library of add-ons, Confluence allows users to pull everything they need to its system.
  • Collaboration – This system allows many individuals in the business to access what they need quickly and effectively, so collaboration is easy to complete.


  • Pricing – With so many add-ons, the price that users pay monthly can go up dramatically if they are not careful about which ones they’re choosing. 
  • No real-time updates – When multiple individuals are working on a document, it does not update in real-time which can be frustrating for users.


Confluence is easy to get started with. The intuition is not there like some other project management tools, but there are a lot of new functionalities that users need to become used to while using it. However, there is a built-in assistant that is there to help and the overall structure is logical. Also, the templates allow the business to start creating useful content for themselves. 

If customization is what a user values, then Confluence gives them that option while giving them structure as well. Confluence gives users customization and support when they are working. It also has templates that are functional and help users to place their work where it needs to be.


Confluence gives you many features to use and enjoy, but these are the top four features available to you:

  • Templates – There are many pre-made templates available for users to utilize. 
  • In-Context Feedback – Users are able and encouraged to leave feedback and reviews within the wiki pages or knowledge articles. 
  • Permissions – This allows administrators to provide gate pieces and permissions based on individual roles. 
  • Page Analytics – Users can see the data that has been collected from the website. 

Support Quality

Support is very important when working with any software. Confluence provides all users with a community support forum where users can search forums to see if anyone else has had a similar problem. Once users have bought the standard plan, then they can receive a 9-5 support from Monday to Friday to help them troubleshoot any problems they are having. 

However, those who have purchased the premium support receive a 24/7 premium package when it comes to their support. It is interesting how the support that is given all depends on what package the user has purchased. This can be a downfall because if a user wants better support, they need to pay more.

Confluence Pricing – What Does It Cost?

This Confluence review has all three pricing options here, and each one builds upon the last. However, the features from the free package are also found in the other tiers. There is a free version for those to start with and there is a more expensive version that costs $10 a month. Here is a breakdown of all the tiers:

FreeFreeUp to 10 users
Unlimited spaces and pages
Page trees
Page versions
Template library
Integrations and apps
2GB file storage
Community support
StandardStarting from: $5 /user/moUp to 5,000 users
Page and space permissions
Archive/unarchive pages
Anonymous access
Audit logs
250GB file storage
9-5 standard support
PremiumStarting from: $10 /user/moAdmin key
Inspect permissions
Copy space permissions
Unlimited storage
Admin insights
24/7 premium support
SLA-backed 99.9% uptime


Overall, this Confluence review has shown that it is a wiki program that allows teams to work collaboratively together. However, the support quality could be better since only those who pay the top tier can have 24/7 support. 

The ability it has for integration is useful since it can work with Jira. This software is great for businesses that focus on software development or an engineering team. Also, if you are not using Jira, then Slite or Notion (check Notion pricing) is also available for you while using Confluence as well. 

Try Out Confluence Now!

This wiki workspace is a great place to keep track of all your projects with your team, while also staying organized with administrator privileges. With three packages to choose from, there is sure to be one suited for each user.



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