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Capsule is an innovative CRM solution with a superb mobile app, clean dashboard, and easy Google Workspace integration. It offers all the features and functions that small teams and businesses need to grow bigger.

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review new │ Capsule Overview

Many modern businesses rely on customer relationship management (CRM) solutions to keep track of their customers, generate leads, and manage their sales pipelines. Capsule is one of the simplest CRM around, famed for its ease-of-use and beginner-friendly design.

This CRM could be a good option for you, offering a range of useful features to enjoy across its sleek and seamless interface, but is it the right pick for your brand? Read on through our Capsule review to find out all you need to know.

Capsule – Best for customer relationship managementCapsule is an intuitive and innovative CRM solution, offering all the features and functions that small teams and businesses need to grow bigger. It’s completely free to test out, too, so give it a try and see how Capsule can help your company evolve.

pros and cons new │ Capsule Pros and Cons

Further down the page, we’ll take a closer look at the key features and business tools of Capsule, as well as examining the pricing and use cases for this software. But before we get to that, let’s first focus on some key pros and cons of Capsule to help you see if this software is right for you.

Capsule Pros

tick new A simplistic, clean interface 

One of the best aspects of Capsule’s CRM solution is its super sleek interface. This CRM is really nicely-designed, with easy-to-understand icons and a minimalist, clutter-free layout, so it should appeal to beginners or inexperienced users.

tick new Works well on mobile 

Another big benefit of Capsule is that it works really well on mobile. In fact, it has its own dedicated mobile app, ideal for businesses and teams that tend to do some work or interact with clients and partners on mobile devices like Android and iOS phones.

tick new Free to try 

Unlike some CRMs, which cost a lot of money to use, Capsule is totally free to try. There’s an entry-level free plan you can try, and even the more premium plans come with 30-day free trials for you to test out the service risk-free before committing for a long-term plan.

tick new Lots of useful features 

Some CRMs are lacking when it comes to features and functions, but Capsule is capable of quite a lot. It can handle contact management, email templates, task checklists, sales pipelines, analytics, and more.

tick new Boost sales and save time

Capsule CRM is a useful tool for businesses that want to boost their sales numbers and experience real growth, while also saving time on simple day to day tasks like contacting clients and managing their sales pipelines.

Capsule Cons

cons new Free plan is quite limited 

Even though Capsule has its own free plan, it’s important to note that this plan is not as fully-featured as the paid options, and you won’t really be able to rely on it for anything more than a brief taster of the service.

cons new Not the best for bigger businesses 

In general, Capsule is aimed at startups and relatively small businesses, giving them the tools they need to grow and evolve. If you already have a big business, you may find that Capsule doesn’t offer much value.

cons new Customer support could be better

Another downside that some users have reported with Capsule is with the system’s customer support. Capsule does have its own support team, but they can be slow to respond and the software is lacking any kind of live chat feature.

Capsule AdvantagesCapsule Disadvantages
plus new Very beginner-friendly designminus new Free plan lacks features
plus new Dedicated mobile appminus new Mainly aimed at small businesses
plus new Has its own free planminus new No live chat support
plus new Plenty of handy functions
plus new Can help you make money more quickly

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Try Capsule now!

If you’re looking for an easy-to-use CRM with a super mobile app, clean dashboard, and easy integrations with Google Workspace, Capsule might be just what you need. Create your account and try Capsule for free today.

what new │ What Is Capsule?

Capsule is a CRM or customer relationship management tool, designed to allow users to keep track of and manage the various relationships between their company and their leads or existing customers.

Of course, there are many different CRM solutions out there, but there are a few things that separate Capsule from the pack. For example, this CRM has a really minimalist design. While other CRMs can sometimes confuse users with lots of icons and complex menus, Capsule keeps things simple and streamlined. 

Upon logging in, users are greeted by six simple icons for the various key features of the platform like People & Organizations, Calendar and Tasks, and Sales Pipelines. You can click on the various icons to access the different features and functions of the platform, and everything is simple and modest.

However, even though Capsule has a pretty basic interface, it can boast of some impressive tech specs and powerful features under the hood, including advanced sales tools to help you optimize your sales pipelines, as well as in-depth task management tools and insightful sales analytics.

In fact, there are lots of interesting and innovative features that make up this platform, and it works well with others, too, offering seamless integration with apps and tools you might already be using like Google Contacts, PieSync, MailChimp, Zendesk, Microsoft Flow, Zapier, and WebMerge.

point new Overall Rating4.0/5
point new MinimalisticCapsule stands out for its sleek, minimalist approach
point new MultifunctionalCapsule has a huge range of features and functions for users to enjoy
point new IntuitiveThis CRM stands out for its sleek, easy-to-understand interface
point new Mobile-FriendlyCapsule has a dedicated mobile app for users on Android and iOS
point new Free-to-tryTest out Capsule with a completely free plan or 30-day trial

how new │ How Does Capsule Work?

Capsule has become known for its simplistic interface and beginner-friendly design, but how does this software actually work in action? Well, the first step of setting up Capsule is to visit the official Capsule site and create your account. 

The account creation process for Capsule is very straightforward. It takes just a few minutes to make your account, and you’ll only need to provide some basic info to get started. You’ll also need to pick a payment plan that suits your needs, or you can start off with Capsule’s free plan to test out the service before committing to a paid plan. 

Once you’re all set up and ready to go, you’ll be able to log into the service via your browser, as Capsule operates entirely online. 

Then, on the main window, you’ll see six little icons that represent the six main areas of Capsule’s CRM: Dashboard, People & Organizations, Calendar and Tasks, Sales Pipelines, Cases, and Reports. 

The Dashboard is your hub or homepage, showing off the most important data you need to know and providing easy links to the other key areas of the platform, and it’s really easy to read and understand, even for total beginners.

The other tabs each have their own purpose and features. The Sales Pipeline tab, for example, lets you view and modify your various sales opportunities, while the Reports tab provides detailed, informative reports on things like forecast sales, conversion rates, spot trends, and so on.

feature new │ Capsule Features

Capsule has a lot of great features you can use to manage customers, generate leads, track your performance, and more. 

point new Dashboard 

The Dashboard of Capsule’s CRM is essentially the main page of the software. It’s where you first land after logging into the service, and it’s a good central hub you can return to when you want to navigate around to the various areas or view all of the most important data and features in one place.

point new Sales 

Capsule offers a wide range of handy sales tools you can use to identify sales opportunities and improve your sales processes and potential. It has a pipeline dashboard to show off your current conversion rate and forecast, and those who subscribe to the more expensive plans can enjoy multiple sales pipelines to see how different sales processes compare to one another.

point new Task Management 

Task management is another big aspect of Capsule’s CRM. This section of the app allows you to create tasks for the likes of meetings, appointments, and phone calls, set up repeating tasks that occur every day, week, or month, automate reminder emails to let you know about upcoming or due tasks, and even automate tasks to carry out on their own, with minimal effort required from you.

point new Reports 

Capsule can provide you with a lot of valuable data to show how your business is currently performing from a sales point of view. It provides lots of different reports to help you monitor each and every part of your sales cycle, understanding more about how your business operates and how your customers respond to your sales opportunities in order to help you make better decisions to evolve your company.

point new Contacts

Any good CRM needs decent contact management features, and Capsule is no exception. This CRM offers a full contact management section, allowing you to list all of your various contacts and instantly view important information about the people and companies you do business with. It even allows you to link social network profiles with each contact and attach relevant files to each one, too.

Why We Need to Use Capsule

point new A comprehensive CRM solution
point new Can save you time and money
point new Allows you to fine-tune your sales pipeline
point new Maximize sales and efficiency

Capsule Logo

Use Capsule for easy contact management

If you want a CRM that is easy to use and packed full of handy features to help grow and evolve your business, Capsule is a great place to start. It may seem simple on the outside, but it has lots of tricks hidden up its sleeve.

who new │Who Should Use Capsule?

So, who is Capsule’s CRM for? Well, there are many businesses that can benefit from this CRM, with Capsule arguably working best for smaller companies and startups. Here are some examples of industries that can benefit from the use of this CRM.

point new Professional Services 

Businesses operating in the field of professional services, like financial advisors, consultants, architects, and legal professionals, can all benefit from creating an account with Capsule. This CRM allows you to enhance your client relationships and improve client connections.

point new Hospitality 

Those in the world of hospitality know the importance of guest and client experiences, and with Capsule CRM, you’ll be able to deliver the best service for all your clients and build up loyalty among your customer-base.

point new Real Estate 

The real estate world can be a hectic place. Capsule’s CRM gives you the tools you need to get organized, managing your contacts, listings, and financial transactions more easily than ever before, even on mobile devices.

point new IT & Tech

There are many IT and tech service companies out there nowadays, and you need to give your company an edge if you hope to stand out. Capsule can provide that edge, helping you give your customers the very best experiences.

point new Useful for businesses across many industries
point new A great choice for small teams, startups, and mid-sized companies
point new Easy to use, with minimal training needed

Capsule Logo

Give Capsule a try today

Whether you’re running a hotel, a tech consultancy, a legal firm, or some other kind of company that requires high levels of customer management and service, Capsule’s CRM can help you grow and improve your customer relations.

cost and time new │Capsule Cost and Time

In terms of cost, Capsule is one of the most impressive CRMs we’ve seen. It compares favorably to many other CRMs in terms of the price you have to pay, and it’s a good option for smaller brands with limited budgets that want to get the best value for every dollar spent.

And when it comes to time, Capsule can save you hours of time on any given day. It helps you get organized and stay that way, providing the tools you need to make your business as efficient as possible. Plus, it doesn’t require much training, so you won’t have to spend hours teaching your team how to use it.

usability new │Capsule Usability

Ease-of-use is one of the most important factors to think about when deciding which CRM you’d like to use. Some CRMs are famously quite complicated, while others are surprisingly simple. So, how does Capsule measure up to the competition?

Well, we’re pleased to report that this is one of the easiest CRMs to use we’ve tested. The minimalist interface really helps with that, and Capsule won’t confuse new users with lots of icons or complicated menus.

Instead, this CRM prefers to keep things simple and straightforward, focusing on the key areas that most companies need out of a CRM, rather than adding layer after layer of advanced features. The result is a simplistic, useful, and beginner-friendly CRM that will appeal to many startups and small businesses.

pricing new │Capsule Pricing

Pricing for Capsule is quite flexible, with a range of different plans to suit businesses of various sizes. There’s even a free plan that lets you test out the basic features of Capsule’s CRM without spending any money at all. Here are some brief descriptions of each of the four main subscription plans.

point new Free 

The Free plan from Capsule is more of a taster plan than a fully-featured one. It allows you to test out the basics of Capsule’s software without making any investments. It’s a risk-free way to see what the CRM has to offer, and it supports up to two users and 250 different contacts in total.

point new Professional 

The next level up is the Professional plan. This one costs $18 per user, per month. It gives you 10GB of storage for each user and supports up to 50,000 contacts in total. You’ll also get 5 email templates, a sales pipeline, key integrations like Microsoft 365 and Google, and much more.

point new Teams 

The next level up is the Teams plan. This one costs $36 per user, per month. It gives you everything from the Professionals plan, with even more resources like 100,000 maximum contacts and 20GB of storage per user. You’ll also get multiple sales pipelines and project boards with the Teams plan, along with 50 email templates, advanced sales reporting, and more.

point new Enterprise

The top-level payment plan for Capsule CRM is the Enterprise plan. Aimed at the biggest businesses around, the Enterprise plan costs $54 per user, per month. This plan gives you everything from the previous two tiers, along with 40GB of storage per user, 500 email templates, up to 200,000 contacts, custom training, a dedicated customer success manager, and priority support.

Professionals$18 per user, per month
Teams$36 per user, per month
Enterprise$54 per user, per month

tools new │Capsule Tools for Business

Capsule is a great CRM for business use, with a range of handy tools and features that can help businesses in a myriad of ways. Here are some of the most impressive business-oriented features included with Capsule CRM.

point new Integrations

Capsule understands that you probably already work with various pieces of software and systems like Gmail, QuickBooks platform, Xero, Mailchimp, and so on. That’s why this CRM supports integrations with all of those programs and many others.

point new Project Management

Capsule’s CRM even comes with its own project management tool. Entitled Projects, this tool helps you manage projects more efficiently, giving your team total visibility, setting up kanban-style boards, and more.

point new Collaboration

Capsule can also be used collaboratively, allowing every member of the team to play their part and get involved. You can add multiple users to your Capsule account with ease via the People and Organizations tab.

Points to Note
point new Integrates seamlessly with many apps and services
point new A range of useful tools for growing brands
point new Facilitates teamwork and collaboration to improve customer journeys

example new │Capsule Use Cases

There are already many businesses out there that are using Capsule on a daily basis to improve their customer management, build client loyalty, and make customer experiences better for everyone. Here are a few examples.

point new ProfitPal

ProfitPal is an accounting firm based in Ireland. Since it operates in such a competitive field, the firm needed a reliable CRM to establish a successful sales funnel and track all of its sales opportunities.

point new Evoluted

Evoluted is a digital agency based in the UK. The firm hesitated between multiple CRMs before settling on Capsule and has been impressed by its ease-of-use and clean interface, along with the fact that Capsule requires very little training to use.

point new Sookio 

Sookio is a digital marketing agency that also decided to choose Capsule as its CRM of choice, helping to manage contacts in an efficient way and speed up day-to-day operations to reduce the amount of wasted time and resources.

support new │Capsule Support

So, what happens if you have an issue while using Capsule or need some help figuring out some of its features? Well, your first port of call should be the Capsule Support Center. 

This is a section on the Capsule site which is dedicated to helping users understand the software, and it’s filled with handy guides, video tutorials, and FAQs that should help you solve most common problems without any fuss. 

If you need any more help or want to speak with a member of the Capsule team, you can contact them via email. The team will respond quite quickly during working weekday hours, but you’ll have to wait a little while if you send a message at night or at the weekend.

point new Email support system
point new In-depth help center with guides and tutorials
point new Rapid responses during working hours
Alternative to Capsule – Nimble
Nimble is a CRM solution that is popular with many users for its ease-of-use and smart integrations with systems like Outlook, Gmail, and Microsoft 365. It’s highly customizable and has a wide range of features like sales tracking and contact management.
Comparing Capsule to Nimble
Capsule and Nimble have a lot in common in that they’re both lightweight, simplistic CRMs which are free to try and have a range of features. However, Capsule is a cheaper option overall and has better mobile performance.

conclusion new │Conclusion

Overall, it’s easy to see why Capsule has amassed such a dedicated following and how it has developed into one of the most-used CRMs among startups and small businesses, and there’s lots to like about this CRM.

The interface is super sleek and streamlined, in stark contrast to many of the more complicated CRMs out there, and Capsule still manages to pack a lot of useful features into such a beginner-friendly, minimalist app.

It can do so much to help you grow your business, from managing contacts and customers more efficiently to maximizing every sales opportunity in your pipelines. Plus, since it’s free to try, there’s no risk in testing it out to see what it can do for you.

Capsule Logo

Try Capsule Now!

Capsule is one of the most useful and easy-to-understand CRMs out there, with an impressive array of features and fantastic levels of integration with existing apps and services. Give it a try risk-free today.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

The company behind Capsule CRM is based in Manchester in the UK.

Capsule CRM has a range of uses and can help companies keep track of their customers and contacts and improve customer relations.

Yes, Capsule offers full integration with Microsoft Outlook.

Yes, Capsule is classed as a software-as-a-service (SaaS) application.



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