Calendly is an appointment scheduling software that enables you to schedule your online meetings professionally and efficiently, removing the hassle of long email threads. This software makes your schedule easy and manageable by creating plans according to your availability across all your calendars.
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Calendly Facts

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Calendly Overview

In this Calendly review, we will look at how the site has been useful to individuals and businesses trying to get their schedules and appointments organized. Calendly is a platform that enables you to set up meetings and manage correspondence, with numerous features available for these purposes.

Read on to find out how you can easily manage your scheduled activities in this Calendly review. You will be surprised by how effective the platform is.

It has higher ranting due to its efficient and easy-to-use services.

Pros and Cons

+ User experience — It is very user-friendly.

+ Free version — Useful for handling simple appointments for individuals and small businesses.

+ Integrations — Over 100 integrations with websites, social media, and other platforms.

+ Calendly pricing — The Calendly pricing plan rates are quite affordable.

+ Mobile compatibility — Calendly is compatible with iOS and Android platforms.

+ Calendly API — This is useful for people who like to do some coding.

Customer support — Low customer support quality.


As acknowledged in practically every Calendly review, the platform is really user-friendly. The user interface is well-designed and simple to navigate. In the past, Calendly explained that you can get started shortly after engaging the site for the first time without reading a manual. The site is highly functional. It enables you to carry out numerous activities.

The integrations on the platform enable easy connectivity to different platforms. Calendly will automatically help you set up a Zoom meeting once you indicate when you need one. You can connect with Zapier, PayPal, iCloud, and many other platforms in the same way. Integration is one of the most useful Calendly features.

The more advanced version of Calendly also enables group meetings even with people on different ends of the earth. This is carried out on platforms like Zoom. You can also send mail to multiple recipients. However, it is important to note in this Calendly review that the platform is excellent for making electronic schedules.


Another area to look at is the Calendly features. Calendly is highly rated in this segment. Calendly’s main features are discussed below.

  • Integration. The most outstanding of the Calendly features is integration. As earlier mentioned, you can connect to various apps on the internet that perform different functions. These help you to conduct video meetings, chats, mailing, payments, and so on.
  • Booking. Another of the Calendly features is the booking function. It shows people when you are free, so they can book appointments. You can also mail information about meetings to people, and Calendly will send automatic reminders to them about the impending meeting.
  • Overview. You can overview meetings from the admin dashboard. This means you can see if scheduled meetings are happening in different departments if you are running a big organization.
  • Payment. You can collect and make payments easily through integrated apps such as PayPal and Stripe. This makes it easy to manage transactions without breaking a sweat.

Support Quality

Any honest Calendly review will inform you that support quality has often been flagged as the weakest point of the platform. Though Calendly explained this away a number of times, the site scores low on customer support quality. The information that you may urgently need is sometimes slow in forthcoming. E-mail and self-help support are the only available options. The Calendly features could do with the addition of a live chat option.

Calendly Pricing — What does it cost?

On many occasions, Calendly explained that its fair pricing is meant to assist users affordably. That is why Calendly pricing is so manageable. Calendly has the Free, Premium, and Pro plans. The Free plan is best for an individual or small organization, with simple schedules and one-on-one meetings.

The Calendly pricing premium plan offers two calendar connections per user or group, and for round-robin events. You also get unlimited active events and team pages. The Calendly pricing Pro plan is meant for more complex schedules. It includes workflows, SMS notifications, customization, and redirecting people to other websites.

  • Premium at $8 monthly.
  • Pro at $12 monthly.


A befitting conclusion to this Calendly review is to rate the platform quite highly. Calendly clearly serves the purpose for which it was made, which is to enable you to manage schedules. In addition, there are many Calendly features that enable you to do numerous things. As Calendly explained before, you can schedule multiple meetings on the platform. You can also handle payment issues, meeting reminders, and monitoring.

The design of Calendly enables ease of use even by newbies. You can learn how to operate Calendly features within a short time. Luckily, there is a free version on which you can do this learning. Even when you move to a higher version, Calendly pricing is very affordable. Calendly explained in a past report how this works.

Try out Calendly now!

Visit Calendly to benefit from the amazing services they offer. As Calendly explained, it is a highly affordable platform.



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