Cabrella is a cutting-edge software solution designed to revolutionize your shipping and logistics experience.




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Cabrella Facts

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Cabrella Pros & Cons

+All-in-one shipping insurance solution.
+Customized configurations for every company.
+Shipping API for transportation management systems.
-Not ideal for companies that ship packages only once a year.

Cabrella Overview

Cabrella is a shipping insurance software company that provides an alternative to insuring packages through UPS, United States Postal Service (USPS), FedEx, DHL, regional and local couriers.

The software is designed to meet the needs of any business, whether they require shipping and insurance services or customized and specialized insurance options for their valuable product. 

Cabrella’s user-friendly platform allows users to ship, insure, track, manage risk, file claims, and generate customized reports. The software also includes a shipping API designed specifically for transportation management systems. 

Cabrella’s goal is to reduce shipping and insurance costs, increase productivity, and ensure packages are insured if something goes wrong.

The software is suitable for companies of all sizes and offers a range of business solutions that can be tailored to meet specific needs.

Pros & Cons


  • Cabrella’s software is user-friendly and allows businesses to ship, their product with ease.
  • Cabrella’s shipping API was designed with transportation management systems in mind, making it a good fit for companies with logistics needs.
  • Companies can choose customized configurations that allow them to enter their insurance requirements based on what they ship, how often they ship, and where they ship.
  • Cabrella’s solution could reduce shipping and insurance costs for businesses, increase productivity and provides them peace of mind knowing their packages are insured if something goes wrong.


  • The software is not ideal for companies that ship packages only once a year. Individual one-time shipping alternatives are available.


Cabrella offers a comprehensive range of customizable features to meet the unique needs of each business. Some of the key features of Cabrella include:

  • Shipping: Cabrella’s user-friendly platform allows businesses to easily ship their products while tracking their shipment and managing the associated risks.
  • Insurance: Cabrella offers custom and specialized insurance options for valuable contents. This includes the ability to file claims and build customized reports.
  • API: Cabrella’s shipping API was designed with transportation management systems in mind. It enables businesses to integrate Cabrella’s shipping and insurance solutions into their existing systems seamlessly.
  • Customer support: Cabrella values customer satisfaction and provides a frequently asked questions section on their website to help customers find answers to common questions. They also encourage customers to contact them directly with any additional questions or concerns.

Integrations & Compatibility 

Cabrella integrates with the following partners:

WoocommerceShipping Easy


Cabrella offers customized pricing for its services. Unfortunately, there is no trial available at this time. If you have any questions or want to learn more about our pricing plans, please contact the company directly.



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