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Apryse PDF SDK

Apryse offers a customizable PDF SDK that provides accurate PDF viewing, creation, editing, annotating, and generation for any platform. The SDK can be deployed on your own infrastructure, allowing you to retain complete control over the document workflow and never worry about third-party server dependencies.




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Apryse PDF SDK Facts

Free VersionNo
Free TrialNo

Apryse PDF SDK Pros & Cons

+Scalable solution that grows with your company.
+Regular updates and new features.
+Works on all platforms and web browsers.
-Not the cheapest solution.

Apryse PDF SDK Overview

What is the Apryse PDF SDK?

Apryse, previously known as PDFTron, takes document solutions to the next level, making work better and life simpler. This remarkable software has emerged as a global leader in document processing technology, offering developers, enterprises, and small businesses the essential tools to achieve their document-related objectives with unparalleled speed and ease. 

Apryse has an extensive product portfolio, which includes Apryse SDK, Fluent, iText and XODO. Apryse technology works with all major platforms and a wide variety of unique file types.

Who Uses Apryse PDF SDK?

The Apryse Developer Suite and low code solutions allow developers, enterprises and small businesses alike to create, edit, and convert digital documents in their applications or company workflow.

Apryse PDF SDK Features

Apryse PDF SDK has the following popular features:

1. Viewing

PDF & Document Viewer SDK

Embed a best-in-class viewer experience that provides the best quality and performance across web, mobile, and desktop applications. The Apryse document and PDF viewer SDK supports PDF, Microsoft Office, video, images, HTML, and many other formats.

2. Document Generation

Fast & Secure Document Generation: WebViewer and Fluent

Accelerate your document assembly with smart templates and user-friendly automation. Apryse offers two ways to generate your document templates: with WebViewer and the full benefits of our core technology, or with Fluent, our dedicated document-generation platform.

3. Annotation

35+ Out of the Box Annotations to Enrich Your Document Applications

Provide your users with powerful, cross-platform annotations and markup tools — available for PDFs, Office documents, images, and dozens of other file formats.

4. Forms

PDF Form Filler SDK

Embed best-in-class form viewing, creating, editing, saving, and submitting functionality in your web, mobile, desktop, and server applications.

5. Digital Signatures

PDF Digital Signature Library

Embed best-in-class PDF document signing experiences or sign programmatically in your web, mobile, desktop, and server solutions.

6. Rédaction

Secure and Permanent Rédaction

Permanently redact confidential and personally identifiable information from PDF documents, scans, and other file formats. This fulfills compliance requirements and satisfies privacy laws such as GDPR or CPRA — right within your web app, or programmatically on your server.

Advanced PDF Search API

Use advanced regex to search across pages, annotations, and PDF libraries. Find the exact position of text on pages and highlight all matches in your browser / mobile / desktop app.

8. Page Manipulation

Edit PDFs with an Advanced PDF Manipulation Library

Embed best-in-class document manipulation and editing in your web, mobile, desktop, and server applications.

9. File Conversion

Advanced PDF Conversion Library and SDK

Embed high-fidelity direct document conversion for PDF, PDF/A, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, EPUB, SVG, EPUB, XPS, and 30+ formats in your web, mobile, server, and desktop applications.

10. PDF to Office Conversion

PDF to Office Conversion SDK

Accurately convert PDF to Office (DOCX, XLSX, PPTX) and retain the layout and format of your original documents. Neither MS Office licenses nor external third-party dependencies are required.

11. PDF/A

PFA/A Library

Cross-platform PDF/A SDK for converting 20+ file formats into ISO-compliant PDF/A files that pass VeraPDF validation.

12. Measurement Tools

Measurement Tools SDK for PDF, CAD, and More

Easily add pdf and cad measurement or dimensioning tools to your web, mobile, or desktop app.

 13. Extraction

Intelligent Data Extraction

Unlock information stored in PDF with structured text, data, table, and article extraction into JSON output. The Apryse SDK maintains accurate structural information, allowing you to process data and reconstruct document elements exactly the way they were meant to be.

14. CAD and BIM

CAD Support

Bring accurate, reliable and fast support for CAD and BIM formats to any application or workflow with a CAD SDK proven to handle the large and complex drawings used in today’s architecture, engineering, and construction workflows.

15. OCR (Optical Character Recognition)


Bring accurate, reliable and fast text extraction to any Windows, Linux, or macOS application with a fully supported OCR SDK that’s easy to set up and integrate seamlessly with document processing capabilities.

Pros & Cons of Apryse PDF SDK


1. Future-proofed scalability:  The capabilities are so comprehensive and diverse that customers can expand the SDK license to grow into any direction.

2. Increased innovation velocity: Apryse continuously innovates and offers updates and new releases as out-of-the-box components for customers to easily introduce innovative new capabilities that set them apart from their competition and increase operational efficiency in R&D.

3. Consistent UX across platforms & operational efficiency: It ensures a consistently maintained and innovative user experience that remains dependable across various web browsers, while also extending seamlessly to mobile platforms and integrations within low-code platforms, enhancing operational efficiency.


Pricing is on the higher end compared to its alternatives.

Apryse PDF SDK Pricing Overview

Scalable and straightforward consumption pricing: Pay as you go, for what you need, and when you need it.

The Apryse Developer Suite is powered by one consistent core technology across all web, server, and mobile platforms, allowing you to seamlessly add powerful document capabilities and experiences to any of your applications, and be ready to scale with the increasing needs of your users and customers.

Integrations & Compatibility

Where can Apryse PDF SDK be deployed?

  •  Cloud-based,
  •  On-premise.



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