is a feature-rich task management app that helps you prioritize tasks, set reminders, and collaborate with others. With its user-friendly interface and seamless synchronization across devices, is the ultimate productivity tool.




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+Sleek design - many users have praised the app for its interface, particularly on the mobile version of the app. app is available across a range of platforms.
+Good for personal and professional use.
-Restrictive free edition - the free edition of the app is considered restrictive by some users Overview is a well-established to-do list app that has been a part of the task management space for a long time. With its place firmly cemented in the space, is considered a good platform for personal organization.

We’ve scored quite highly. To find out more about this platform, its features, and why we have scored it so highly, keep reading our review below now.

Pros and Cons

Below are the pros of the app:

Sleek design – many users have praised the app for its interface, particularly on the mobile version of the app.

Available across platforms – the app is available across a range of platforms, making it completely accessible.

Good for personal and professional use – users have reported using the space for organization, both professionally and personally, with success.

Below are the cons of the app:

Restrictive free edition – the free edition of the app is considered restrictive by some users

Unreliable customer support – some users found the customer support to be unreliable at times


As part of our review, the app has received a relatively high score from us in terms of its usability and it scored highly because of its easy-to-use interface. The app is considered very minimalist in its design, though some users report that the interface can feel a little bare at times.

Most of the praise for the app, particularly from expert reviewers, was for the mobile app which reviewers noted was sleek and well-designed for easy and simple use. 

According to both users and experts, some of the good user experience is lost in the face of new updates which the app has been rolling out frequently to keep up with the competition. The rollout of new features may be appealing to some but can throw off seasoned users.

One huge pro of the usability of the app reported by expert reviewers was that the platform does not shove the premium subscription option in your face as can be found with other apps of its type, meaning you can use the free version without much interruption.


The app offers a variety of features that allow users to organize their daily lives, both personally and professionally.

The main features of the app are the task, lists, and reminders features which allow users to create lists, including to-do lists and grocery lists, set tasks, and benefit from reminders of these tasks to ensure they meet deadlines. The app also features a calendar to allow users to track their progress.

The platform boasts different themes which allow a certain level of personalization and contributes to the ease of use of the app. It also works across platforms, making it a great app for when you’re out and about.

The addition of the grocery list feature cements this app firmly both in the personal and professional space, meaning it can be used across both aspects of your life, saving on costs with all the features in one space.

Support quality has a relatively good level of support for its users which is why we have rated it highly in this category. The space offers an online support center that includes how-to articles and video tutorials on key aspects of the app.

As for in-app support, many users have reported slow response times from the app and many user reviews suggest using the how-to articles and video tutorials for help. Pricing – What does it cost?

In contrast to many apps within this space, the app only offers one premium level. The premium level can be canceled anytime and is priced as follows:

1 month $5.99/mo
6 months $4.49/mo
12 months $2.99/mo

The premium plan offers you advanced recurring reminders, color tags, location reminders (on the mobile app), WhatsApp reminders, and access to an unlimited daily planner.


The app is well-established within the organization apps space. It offers an easy-to-use to-do list format for use both professionally and personally by users. has been commended for its sleek interface.

Some users comment that new features may confuse the space, but generally, users find the app to be easy to use and good for the organization of tasks. The app offers lists, including space for grocery lists, tasks, and reminders to help you to stay on track.

The app’s support system is reportedly slow but the site offers how-to articles and video tutorials which users have found to be incredibly helpful when using the app.

Overall, our research for our review showed us that the app is a great choice for those who want a space for both personal and professional organization that is easy-to-use and can be relied upon.

Try now! offers a sleek and easy-to-use space for all of your personal and professional organization needs. With lists, tasks, and reminders, you can easily stay on track with this platform.



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