Botify is a cloud-based Search Marketing Analytics software. It enables Digital Marketers and SEO Managers to rapidly increase their organic traffic and revenue through powerful & comprehensive website analysis.

Our product combines two technologies to provide unparalleled insights into your website, however large it is: the Botify Crawler helps you establish how Google (and other search engines) should see your website, while the Log Analyzer enables you to collect search engine exploration data from web server logs to identify how Google actually sees your website.

Botify provides results in a high speed, highly detailed, highly-technical SEO website analysis. Our product has the highest crawling capacity in
terms of volume as well as speed. Hundreds of indicators are made available through a graphical and flexible interface customizable to each website, the data of which is complemented by organic and social traffic information (imported from Google Analytics). All this information is consolidated into the Botify report, showing a full picture of the website, which parts are currently explored by search engines, and where traffic is currently generated (or not). Plus, with the addition of the Botify Chrome Plugin, users can see all indicators in real time as they navigate their site. With these critical insights, the path for improvements and site structure updates becomes crystal clear.

We serve midsize to large companies and we have a plan for everyone. Our Enterprise packages start at $2500/month and are fully customized to your needs.

Key Features

  • Website structure analysis
  • Website performance analysis
  • Real time monitoring of Google crawls
  • Content quality reporting
  • Reporting at page type & URL level
  • High crawling capacity
  • API access
  • Chrome browser plugin
  • Dedicated support
  • Customized onboarding and training
  • Certification program



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