Virtual Badge


Virtual Badge turns your smartphone into an identity and workforce/workplace management platform that saves you time & money so you can focus on growing your business.

Virtual Badge is a mobile and web-based software that provides an identification and workforce management service. Virtual Badge's uses smartphone ID cards connect workers to their jobs, helping to solve headaches with identity and workforce management.

Virtual Badge is a smartphone app that issues and displays ID cards. Virtual Badge does not require any external hardware to use other than a smartphone and is a simple app-store download.

Each Virtual Badge is customizable and contains advanced security and validation features. Badges can't be faked and you control who can get a badge, all from your smartphone.

Virtual Badge lets you deploy badges quicker, more securely, and cheaper than with any traditional system. Your people just download the app, request the appropriate badge, and you can review and either issue or deny the badge.

Scanning badges to track time and attendance is easy with Virtual Badge. Virtual Badge uses your phone's camera to scan the QR code on each badge. Unlike traditional systems, you won't need any external hardware other than your smartphone. Even if your people don't have their own phones, we have a solution.

Virtual Badges can be scanned to track a variety of different activities: time on-site, visitor access, attendance at an event, materials/supply deliveries, and more. Badges can even be set to automatically scan a user in and out based on their GPS location.

All Virtual Badge scanning information is available to download as a PDF report, available for each site you setup in the system, and details each scanned badge's organization, time in/out, and time on-site.

Virtual Badge can add-on a multitude of additional services including onboarding, background checks, GPS tracking, credentialing, tracking of training, 2-way communication, payment gateways, virtual billboards, event scheduling, advertising, virtual data collection, virtual reporting, job assignments, surveying, and more.

Key Features

  • onboarding
  • GPS Tracking
  • Credentialing
  • Payment Gateway
  • Job Assignments
  • Surveying
  • Event Scheduling
  • Background Checks
  • Advanced Reporting
  • Training Tracker



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