Geckoboard is an online solution for collecting, visualizing and sharing the main data that drives a business. It fetches data easily and nicely from more than 80 different online services to build customized dashboard which communicates the figures that matter for its clients.

Geckoboard basically gathers data from various business apps to summarize, filter and publish those data on interactive status boards that act as a centralized positing for posting all information that is most significant for a business. it fetches the data directly from different apps and tools that its clients have already been using. The apps and tools may include customer support backlogs, sales targets and server uptimes. By reviving those data in real time, Geckoboard makes sure that its clients always have a smooth access to updated metrics while making vital business decisions.

Apart from pulling data from 3rd party apps, Geckoboard also unlock the data stored within a company’s own site. The businesses then can build their own customized widgets to pull data from any system using API documentation.

Businesses irrespective of size can use Geckoboard application for creating their own status board to track important signs. Since Geckoboard’s status boards consists of widgets, clients can make use of third party services for retrieving important business data they wish to track.

Geckoboard features

  • Import data into a wide array of pre-built visualizations
  • Build dashboards especially optimized for different display devices
  • Append community-built widgets to clients’ dashboards
  • Add a wide variety of customized charts and graphs
  • Share with clients and remote workers through read-only IP pr

Geckoboard offers different types of plans and packages to suit every budget.

Geckoboard is widely popular amongst businesses for offering industry-specific customized features, filtering complex algorithms and data points into easily understandable charts and graphs, and providing improved usability. 

Key Features

  • Import your own data into a range of prebuilt visualisations
  • Create dashboards optimised for any display device.
  • Add community-created widgets to your dashboards
  • Our widgets are designed to be attractive and easy to interp
  • View dashboards on TV, Mobile or Desktop
  • Add an extensive range of custom graphs and charts
  • Share with remote workers, clients etc. with read only IP pr
  • Quickly and easily get support from within Geckoboard itself



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