ServerSuit is a unique browser based web control panel that enables remote Linux administration, monitoring, website hosting, and server setup automation. ServerSuit is developed by Clear Sky Technologies Inc.

ServerSuit provides instant remote access to Linux servers and allows to perform remote administration, and multi-server setup automation as well as setup mail servers and website hosting. Users can connect to their managed servers virtually from any device or platform. Users can create their own scripts and tasks, store them within the system, and launch them manually or set them for automation. ServerSuit’s convenient UI allows you to create and use custom templates, saving you time in the long run. ServerSuit’s 100% portability, along with its ability to run tasks across multiple servers directly contributes to:

Increased productivity

Instant emergency response from any location

Improved uptime

Reducing maintenance cost

You do not have to be a professional Linux administrator to start using ServerSuit. Most of the standard management tasks are already scripted and you can perform them using our intuitive, user-centered, GUI. As along as you have basic knowledge of Linux you can start using ServerSuit.
However, If you have some administrative skills you can add your own custom scripts and configurations, store them in the system and execute them as needed. If you are a seasoned administrator, you can take advantage of our remote shell tool that will allow you to be as intimate with your Linux as you would like to be. With ServerSuit, we are aiming to create an accommodating user experience, that is scalable to your needs and skills.

All you need is a Linux server with a supported OS installed. Make sure that no other software, except the OS, is installed on the server. Any previously installed software may conflict with ServerSuit, will need to be removed. Just Sync Up and start using the system. When a client’s server is added to the server list inside ServerSuit’s dashboard, the server can be accessed using an account with root privileges. Note that this account will not be remembered by ServerSuit. Instead ServerSuit will create a new “SYSTEM” account that will be used to manage the server. Real user names, as well as passwords, for this account are generated automatically using a proprietary algorithm, and are not known or accessible by anyone. These generated credentials are stored and encrypted within ServerSuit domain. The “SYSTEM” account is also used to perform any operation on managed servers. Note, that we do not install any ‘client” software on managed servers. All tasks on managed servers are executed using pre-built or dynamically generated shell scripts. We do not keep connections to your servers open. After executing a requested operation, ServerSuit immediately disconnects, so no resources on your servers are wasted running our software.

Key Features

  • Monitor server state and manage running services.
  • Database Installation and Configuration
  • Web Server Setup and Configuration
  • Domain Management and DNS
  • FTP Server Setup and Configuration
  • Control multiple Linux servers
  • Monitor server state and resource usage
  • Linux administration
  • ServerSuit is fully cloud-based, and does not install itself on your Linux servers
  • ServerSuit does not use any server resources
  • ServerSuit allows Linux server administration from any device with a browser and internet access
  • Manage Linux servers from Windows, Mac, Android or any other platform



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