Mirrorfly is an instant messaging solution for enterprises and individuals to build a custom real-time chat solution on Android, iOS and Web applications. The chat solution is developed in such a way that adapts to any sector of business communication and performs substantially to enhance communication growth across devices. Mirrorfly offers a wide angle of chat solutions such as text, video and voice calls. The instant chat solution provides messaging SDKs and chat APIs to integrate any mode of communication into the existing or standalone application.

The power-packed chat solution is backed by Amazon S3 bucket cloud-infrastructure to maximize the scalability of the chat application and ensure the potentiality of holding concurrent users. Mirrorfly provides 100% customization as the significant feature ensuring that the chat application adapts to any of your business demands with tweaking of features and functionalities. The chat solution is embedded with multiple security layers (End-to-end encryption, AES encryption, SSL & Robust authorization) in order to fortify the messages transmitted within the servers.

Mirrorfly is in-built with WebRTC signaling to make persistent high-quality video calls across any device and platform. With Mirrorfly's voice call APIs and SDKs, making of instant voice calls from an application to network carrier is made simple. Furthermore, Mirrorfly is equipped with VoIP and SIP functionalities to enhance business calls across the networks. Mirrorfly is facilitated with noteworthy features that propel the performance of the chat application and delivers a sublime messaging experience to the end-users.

Key Features

  • Chat Analytics
  • Messaging Statistics
  • Multilingual
  • Real-time Language Translation
  • Spam Flood Protection
  • Screen Sharing
  • Audio / Video Recording
  • Time stamping
  • Speech-recognition
  • Touch ID with Passcode



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