TalentLMS, a SAAS eLearning platform or tool, which was primarily designed to help small-to-medium businesses train their employees on work processes and lots more. This tool places special emphasis on workflow as well as usability and has the ability of accommodating larger installations with multiple registered users. As a user, you can not only use this tool for creating content but also to manage assignment, re-purpose content, build test, make reports, initiate or participate in internal discussion as well as messaging, conduct surveys, and many more. This platform can also be used for selling courses online.

This unique platform has been used by more than 20,000 enterprises and organizations all over the world. Some of the industry segments that mostly use this tool are public sector, construction sector, retail, education, and non-profit organizations. Some of the most renowned enterprises and organizations who have used TalentLMS and got benefitted from it include University of Arizona, Shopify, Acquia (that created Drupal), Cpanel, and many more. 

Users also get many important features with TalentLMS software including certification facilities, extensibility option, and support for selling courses. Some of the features that users will love using include availability of unlimited courses or files, support service for integration of external content (including YouTube, Sharepoint, Scribd, Wikipedia, Prezi, SlideShare, and Vimeo), support for all kinds of industry standard document types (including MS Word, PowerPoint, OpenOffice, and many more), reporting integration, gamification, certifications, eCommerce support, branding support, tools for communication, mobile friendly User Interface, integration of Stripe and PayPal, REST API, support for TinCan API and SCORM, and multiple language (English, Greek, French, Spanish, and German) internationalization support.

By using TalentLMS, users will have fewer headaches (because of easy use), constant availability on cloud, the power to build eLearning courses (including the ones involving videos and presentations) in minutes, customization ability, ease of maintenance, enterprise friendliness, and many more.

Key Features

  • Use your own presentation and documents
  • Reuse content from Youtube, Slideshare, Wikipedia etc
  • Reuse content from Articulate (Quizmaker, Storyline, etc)
  • Create Assessments and Surveys
  • Share courses even with non-registered users
  • Issue your own Certifications
  • Customize to any depth
  • Use it from a PC, iPhone, iPad or Android device
  • Integrate with Wordpress
  • Simple reports about everything
  • Create learning paths
  • Sell your courses through Paypal
  • Scorm and TinCan compatible
  • Super easy and user friendly
  • Start immediately, nothing to download and install



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