Xgenplus is an enterprise email solution for the global market, supporting millions of users with a unique capability to provide EAI (Email Address Internalization) i.e Linguistic Email Address like (Email address in Hindi) .

It supports all basic facilities like pop, imap,SMTP, webmail, calendar and contacts syncing,SMS and email scheduling, multi layers of security and lot more, making Xgenplus one of the Most Advanced Email Server. It’s scalable architecture allows the organizations to scale from one user to millions of users, making it suitable for all kind of organizational and individual needs

To put E-Mails a fast-paced conduct for users to practice; XgenPlus team integrated features that offers complete control over the email communication and response management system, It is a total e-mail management and relationship solution that has been designed after years of research on user behaviour and requirement on e communication especially to cater the needs of the organization, whether you are a SME, Email Service Provider or Large business house, PSU or Govt. department. It adds new dimensions to email communication and brings a whole new meaning to responding customers / colleagues by sharing of information and pooling resources.

Currently Xgenplus is serving 25 Millions+ Email users globally including one single largest account of 7 million email users and few of them are very information where data security critical and we are able to successfully manage them for years now.

XgenPlus is available
1.On Premise
3.Cloud like Amazon, Google or Azure and Hybrid.
4.XgenPlus Solution can be designed as per your need & optimized for total cost of ownership.

Key Features

  • IDN Email Hosting Server: World’s first linguistic email solution, supporting Internationalized Domain Name (IDN) that allows user to get email hosting in their preferred languages
  • Inbuilt Email Marketing Tool : Send presonalized group email and get graphical tracking report
  • Inbuilt Antispam Solution : Stops spam/infected email at protocol level
  • Enabled with PGP Encryption
  • Smart Compose & Advanced Search
  • 2.Auto archival and mail retention policy: Now organizations can ensure no loss of email and allow email users to even retrieve their deleted emails after few months/years.
  • 3.Merge / de-merge email account full / folders basis:XgenPlus empowers administrators to merge two email accounts or selected folders of email accounts.
  • Schedule email/sms for future delivery date and time: XGENPLUS is capable to deliver your message on desired date and time.



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