Inforobo is an all in one automated information assistant platform and chatbot solution for sales, customer service, live chat, lead generation, website assistance, employee training and knowledge-base. The virtual agent acts as a guide, providing answers, guiding customers in their shopping decisions, and seamlessly escalating your sales. Inforobo's artificial intelligence also provides the front-line support so that your customer service staff can concentrate on more complex tasks.

Inforobo can be also customized to work as an intra-organizational assistant for employee training or fetching business information with natural language queries. Inforobo platform allows you to easily create AI chatbots or simply called bots to perform various tasks without any programming language know-how. The chatbot can be integrated on your website, mobile apps or kiosks. Users can simply chat with the bot to get the needed information.

The bot answers most of the questions and if needed, a human can also takeover live conversation from the bot and answer customer query. With Inforobo, you can not just provide text information to your customers but you can also share rich content like images and videos.

During live chat, detailed information of live visitors including name, e-mail, location, currently viewed page etc. can be seen. Chats are secured with 256 bit SSL encryption and security measures. Inforobo bots can be applied in various industries including Education, IOT, Healthcare, Finance and Insurance, Online Reservation and Payment, e-Commerce, Call centers, Law, public sector etc.

Key Features

  • Automated Chatbot
  • Online Customer Self Service
  • Virtual Sales Assistant
  • Speech Recognition
  • Text to Speech
  • Knowledge Retrieval
  • Lead Generation
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Live Chat
  • Knowledge Base



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