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Base CRM is a complete intelligent sales productivity application. Though it is basically created for mid size businesses as well as large enterprises, it is a simple-to-use tool for the sales leaders and reps from almost all industries. However, majority of Base customers are from spaces such as manufacturing, software, agencies, real estate, consulting and financial services.

Both management and sales representatives can use Base CRM to have comprehensive visibility of sales pipeline. Sales deals are monitored as they go on through different stages in a highly customizable pipeline. The sales forecasting tools in Base CRM put all existing data in use and project future revenues depending on status of your sales pipeline. You can drill all the data to garner specified information about team members, regions and line of business. With its funnel intelligence report, you can get snapshot view of pipeline activities over a specific time period.

Base CRM is a team management application for your company’s team leaders. It provides the leaders with the aptitude to set goals and quotas, aligning the team based on goals and monitoring individual targets via progress reports.

Its cutting-edge contact management features ensure advanced reporting. It provides you with visual contact cards that contain all data a representative may need about contacts including recent deals, related documents, notes, tasks and personal details.

You can also use Base CRM for its authentic track and manage tools with which you can gather leads from lead forms on your site. You can then align and assign the leads to the best reps accordingly.

Every feature offered by Base CRM can be availed on the go on any mobile device. Your reps can liaise with the clients anytime and anywhere with every interaction tracked via email opens and click notifications. 

Key Features

  • Lead Tracking
  • Sales Management
  • Customer Management
  • Mobile Sales Management
  • Native Automatic Dialer
  • Email Intelligence
  • Lead Prioritization
  • Sales Reporting and Analytics
  • Sales Forecasting
  • Sales Intelligence
  • Win Rate Optimization



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