GMass is a mail merge and automated follow-up extension for Gmail and G Suite (formerly known as Google Apps). It adds a button to the Gmail interface to make sending personalized email campaigns and automated follow-up emails super easy.

Because it's fully integrated inside Gmail, there are no external interfaces to learn and no usernames/passwords to memorize. Just install the GMass extension, login to your Gmail account, and you're ready to go!

You can schedule your emails.

You can integrate with Google Sheets to pull in email addresses and other fields for the purpose of personalization.

You can build an email list based on your past conversations in Gmail, just be searching for something insde Gmail.

We provide detailed reports under the new "GMass Reports" Gmail Label that will be created for you.

GMass currently has over 60,000 users and is used by employees of the biggest tech companies in the world, including Twitter,, and Google. That's right -- employees of Google use GMass to enhance their own Gmail experience.

GMass was created because I wanted a simple way to send low-volume email campaigns from inside Gmail, using Gmail's own Compose window. Every other solution on the market requires you to launch an external interface that connects to Gmail on the backend. None is tightly integrated with the Gmail interface nor as easy to learn as GMass. How easy? We just add a button to the Compose window, and you just click that button instead of the Send button, when sending an email campaign.

Click GMass instead of Send!

Key Features

  • Mail merge inside Gmail
  • Open tracking
  • Click tracking
  • Automatic follow-up emails
  • Scheduling
  • Integration with Google Sheets
  • Automatic first-name detection from just an email address
  • Send an "onboarding" series of emails to new subscribers inside Gmail
  • Detailed analytics, including domain-level deliverability reports
  • Create email lists based on Gmail search results



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Send up to 50 emails/day


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