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Atlassian Confluence is the one place solution of team work, where business organizations of all sizes can create, organize, get answers, search, get JIRA integration service, and discuss works with other team member in a single place. When most works, knowledge, and communications get lost in the long list of business emails, Confluence can help you get organized and also update information when and where required. Most important services of Atlassian Confluence are team collaboration, Agile development, knowledge base, and add-ons.

With the help of Team Collaboration facility, you can take meeting notes, discuss files, assign tasks, share links, make decision, and share calendars. In the Agile development service, you can define product requirements, track releases, publish reports, link to Jira, create Jira issues, and kick off retrospectives (for inviting team for reflecting and improving on the issues). Atlassian Confluence is also used by companies in creating simplified knowledge bases in seconds, create rich knowledge articles, get connected to service desk, and keeps the knowledge base organized, structured, and searchable with the help of flexible page hierarchy of Confluence.

With Atlassian Marketplace in place, businesses can choose from wide array of available add-ons. In fact, users can also build their own add-ons. Power of Confluence can be extended by using the most popular add-ons including Brikit Theme Press, Gliffy, Balsamiq, Ink File Picker, Ad hoc workflows, and SharePoint Connector.

Services of Atlassian Confluence have been accessed by more than 13,200 companies across the globe and the client list includes some of the biggest names in the industry such as Linkedin, Adobe, Microsoft, Facebook, Netflix, Hubspot, Skype, and many more.  

Pricing of the service depends upon the number of persons you want to organize or share work with. While cloud services and packages are available for 10 users to 2,000 users, the server services are available for 10 users to over 10,000 users. 

Key Features

  • OnDemand or Hosted
  • Space Directory
  • Knowledge Base
  • Rich Text Editor
  • Drag and Drop Editing
  • Advanced Table Editing
  • Task Notifications
  • Livesearch Macro
  • Advanced Search
  • JIRA Integration
  • Custom Layouts
  • Massive Plugin Ecosystem
  • Dashboard
  • Calendars
  • Share Button
  • Unlimited Spaces



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