Cab Treasure


The best features of Cab treasure include its customizability and its Cloud software. Cab treasure is easy to use and even runs on a web browser, thus there is no need to download any specialized software. Any computer literate person can easily become familiar with Cab treasure software. The clone software can be customized according to specifications outlined by the prospective client.

Cab treasure includes Desktop, Cloud and Hybrid software and also provides a complete solution that includes Android, iOS and Desktop app which uses state of the art Artificial Intelligence system for Auto Dispatch and Bidding. Other valuable and captivating features include in card payments, inbuilt flight tracker and integration with multiple job providers.
Cab treasure also offers Web and Hotel booking options with advance invoicing and reporting modules. It supports most of variant phone systems including Analog and Digital system including VOIP system
Cab Treasure is arguably the best fully automated and configurable booking and dispatch system you can find out there. The best thing about Cab Treasure is that it offers a multi-company support and is highly customizable. It is designed by state leading usability designers and offers a user friendly interface. Its Cloud software offers convenience and accessibility like no other which is proven from the fact that the cloud software only requires only a browser and an internet connection to run. Cab treasure has no License fee at all.

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