Voicera is an artificial intelligence (AI) based enterprise software that facilitate collaboration by connecting workplace meetings to other systems of record. The software provides a virtual assistant through the company’s Enterprise Voice Assistant, or “Eva,” platform. Eva is a voice-activated conferencing assistant that listens, takes notes, and identifies action items and decisions during company and person-to-person meetings.

You focus on the people, we'll help capture the moments that matter in your meetings. Meetings should be – and can be – the best part of your day. They are the crucibles where ideas are generated and shared. The problem is that meetings are disconnected from everything else you do to push forward collaboration. You leverage email and apps to share ideas, but meetings are silo’d and disconnected. What’s really ironic is you spend more time in meetings than doing anything else!
Voicera created Eva. Eva is an AI virtual assistant. Eva is in your meetings to help you capture what’s important and connect those actions to the rest of your collaboration systems. If you use email or apps to connect your team, let us help you connect your meetings to those tools. With Eva in your meetings, your meetings become activated. Eva is your AI virtual assistant. Voicera leverages the power of voice and AI to solve these problems. We built a lot of amazing technology and we leverage tools that are available to us. We are building a world-class team to tackle these challenges and so far we’re pretty excited about what we’re doing and where we’re headed. You should be too!

Key Features

  • Eva uses voice recognition technology to take notes and ensures accountability and actions from every meeting
  • Voicera works before, during, and after your call.
  • Eva will dial in and join the call. You can manage whether Eva emails the attendees in advance to remind them of the meeting and whether Eva announces when it joins the call.
  • Eva will use voice recognition and natural language processing technology to listening for important moments to capture things like actions and next steps and will highlight them in the meetings notes.
  • Eva will send a meeting recap with key takeaways and action items.



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