is an online scheduling platform that helps businesses of all sizes automate their appointment scheduling process. With features like calendar syncing, customizable booking pages, and automatic reminders, makes it easy to schedule appointments with clients and colleagues.




91% Genius Score Facts

Pricing modelPer calender
Free Trial14-day
Free VersionYes Review

Overview is an online scheduling tool. It allows its users to link their calendars for direct scheduling. With the use of your calendar, appointment slots, reminders, notifications, automatic time zone changes, and meeting locations keeping up with your schedule has never been more efficient and structured.

We have performed extensive research about features, usability, pricing plans, support quality and pros and cons. The article below has explained in detail. Keep reading to know more.

Pros and Cons

+ Customizable – The booking page and calendar events can be customized to fit your brand. The article has this feature of explained in detail later on.

+ Easy to use – The software is very easy to set up and use.

+ Scalability – The product can be scaled up or down to fit your companies size and needs.

+ Integration – It can be integrated across many platforms.

+ Free trial -The software has a 14-day free trial that you can exploit to view and use all the features.

-Better features require payment – Every feature is not included in the free version. The Features section has all the primary features of explained in detail.

-Costly – The price can get high based on the number of your calendar connections. However, almost every user has stated that the price is worth the features in their review.


It is an easy-to-use software with a simple and intuitive website design. The software is UI/UX friendly as well. It has four different roles for its users. This includes Account Owner, Editors, Administrators, and Contributors. Thus, you can choose as per your requirement.

The setting up process is also easy. Firstly, you need to link your calendar. After that, you need to input the days and times you are available. This is important as the software can schedule and book accordingly. You can also specify your meeting duration.

The scheduling software has a mobile-friendly interface as well. It is accessible across all mobile devices. Almost everybody has highlighted this feature in their review.


There are countless features that provide an unparalleled user experience. This includes appointment padding, customizable branding, cancellations and rescheduling, multiple bookings per time slot, multi-location SMS and email reminders, and so on. The list below has the primary features of explained in detail.

  • Customization. This is one of the most important features. You can decide how you would like to use confirmations and reminders and curate automated follow-up emails. You also get to customize your calendar events and booking page style. For instance, you can choose the colors, logo, brand, booking link, etcetera.
  • Collaboration and scheduling. The second most important features include collaboration. The software places a strong emphasis on team collaboration. You can share team availability in one place. You can also let bookers choose their team members and accept or reject bookings.
  • Integration. The software seamlessly integrates with applications that you are already usingYou can connect with Google, Microsoft calendars and Zapier as well. Automatic meeting links can also be created for Zoom and Google Meet. This is one of the most highlighted features in every review.

Support Quality

There are many support options for This includes email, help desk, Forum, online chat, and training. Moreover, the FAQ section has every query related to explained in detail. There are live online classes, webinars, documentation, and videos as well.

Almost every user has claimed that the Support’s response rate is good in their review. The ratings for support quality are above 4 stars. Live support and training opportunities are available to all customers. This is irrespective of whether they have a free or paid account.

Pricing pricing follows a simple structure. It is based on the number of calendars that you link on your booking page and features. pricing for the upgraded version includes many additional features. There is priority email support, unlimited booking pages, and many more. Every user has stressed on the affordability of pricing plans in their respective review. The table below has the pricing plan of explained clearly.

Free trial- Yes

Monthly pricing plan– $10 per calendar per month

12 Months pricing plan- $9 per calendar per month

24 Months pricing plan- $8 per calendar per month


After reading the entire article that has explained in-depth, we can conclude that it is one of the best scheduling software currently in the market. The software has higher score. This is in terms of the overall software product, ease of use, and customer service.

The software is easy to set up and user-friendly. There are multiple features that make scheduling quick and hassle-free. For instance, you can customize as per your brand and take complete control of the bookings. Besides this, you can also seamlessly integrate with multiple platforms, and access it across many devices. The pricing plans are affordable as well.

Overall, it is an efficient platform to manage client booking needs. Almost every review is positive. Therefore, we recommend you give it a try.

Try now! is an advanced scheduling tool that makes customer bookings easy and quick through seamless integration with the calendar.



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