Vyond is a video creation software that can help businesses create engaging and professional videos. With features such as pre-built templates and drag-and-drop interface, Vyond is a great choice for businesses looking for a comprehensive video creation solution.




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Vyond Facts

Pricing modelPer User
Free Trial14 day
Free VersionNo

Vyond Review


Vyond is an online animation software that allows businesses and educators to create videos for marketing, eLearning, or training. The software was launched in 2007 under GoAnimate until it was rebranded in 2018. People who use this software have attested great results since using visual communication is prolific during training and eLearning.

Besides, storytelling and customized content have proved effective in marketing campaigns. This software has a higher score, and this Vyond review discusses all the primary aspects of the site to help you find your way around it. Keep reading to know why Vyond is exceptional.

Pros and Cons


+Fast: In this Vyond review, you will learn that it is easy to use the site as it has thousands of templates and collaboration tools, allowing you to make videos faster using any Vyond feature.

+Flexible: Vyond can be used by small and established businesses or educators due to affordable and flexible Vyond pricing plans.

+Secure: Vyond developers use advanced tools to protect data. Therefore, you can be guaranteed that your data will be secured when accessing any Vyond feature.


Internet Dependent: Users need to have good internet speed for a better experience.

-Some characters and props are complicated for beginners


Making an animated video using Vyond is more manageable whether you want to start from scratch or use the ready-made templates. Besides templates, the site also has other pre-animated assets, including characters, text boxes, music, actions, props, and sound effects. With a drag and drop interface or composition tool, you will easily control the movement of these assets in your chosen Vyond feature.

Moreover, the site has a spoken dialogue and narration tool to allow users to record sound directly. You can also upload audio. Additionally, you can make the characters lip-sync a dialogue you assign to them. After editing the video, download it as an MP4, GIF, or video presentation. You can also export it to a video hosting site. Users can access Vyond on an iOS, Mac, Windows, or Android device.


Vyond has reliable features that make it one of the top animation platforms people gravitate towards. The primary ones are:

  • Lip sync: At the Vyond studio, you can make characters speak. This Vyond feature has made the platform unique from its competitors.
  • Three visual styles: This Vyond feature allows users to create videos in three styles: contemporary, business-friendly, and whiteboard. Thus, users can use the platform for different purposes.
  • Version history: With this Vyond feature, you can make corrections without difficulties as you can go back and check the older version of the video. This makes it simple to notice any changes made by your team members.
  • Keyboard shortcuts: Vyond accepts keyboard shortcuts that allow users to quickly copy and paste, undo and redo, or move assets. Users highly appreciate this Vyond feature.

Support Quality

In this Vyond review, you’ve learned that the site has a higher genius score. Thus, you can expect to reach out to the company’s support team. On the website, click the support option, which will direct you to a page you can get help. Type what you are looking for on the given search box, and the information will be provided instantly. Also, Vyond has tutorials that you can watch to improve your skills. You can also use the live chat option at the bottom, click the “help” button to get started.

Additionally, live chat support comes with all price tiers except Essential.

Vyond Pricing – What does it cost?

Vyond pricing is affordable to accommodate the needs of every user. The Vyond pricing plans offered are essential, premium, professional, and enterprise. The services offered in these Vyond pricing plans differ. The Essential is a single-user plan, but the software will imprint the logo on your designs. The premium is also a single-user plan but lacks the watermark and has live chat support. The professional Vyond pricing plan can be used by a team and has advanced features. Here are the Vyond pricing plans.

Free trial: Yes

Essential: $49 billed monthly.

Premium: $89 billed monthly.

Professional: $159 billed monthly.

Enterprise: Contact the Vyond sales team for custom pricing.

Additionally, Vyond uses a per seat-based and Tiered pricing structure.


This Vyond review has discussed how the platform works in-depth. As you can see, it is easier to use it since all the required information is available on the site. Besides, it is easier for users to make their animated videos with thousands of premade assets. However, it’s also possible to make your videos from scratch and edit them using the platform’s advanced tools.

Furthermore, Vyond uses advanced security measures to protect user’s data., If you want to reach out to the support team, use the live chat, write your question on the help center, or join the Vyond community. Also, as stated in the Vyond review, you can go through training through the tutorials offered to improve your skills.

Try out Vyond now!

Vyond is a reliable online animation software used for business and eLearning purposes. This Vyond review has provided you with adequate information about the site. Now it’s time to try it and enjoy affordable Vyond pricing rates.



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