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TimeCamp is a time-tracking software that helps companies track employees and improve their productivity. It has a user-friendly interface that tracks both billable and non-billable projects.

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review new │ TimeCamp: An Extensive Look Into Its Tracking Features

Improving employee efficiency is one of the primary ways a company can streamline its operations and increase profits. Therefore, a computer tracking software product like TimeCamp is an excellent idea for a company.

Just how good is TimeCamp, and can its features benefit a company?

Our TimeCamp review will detail all of the critical information and features of the product so you can determine if it fits your business.

TimeCamp – Best software for employee time management.
time tracking
Track employees in multiple ways using the extensive features of TimeCamp.

pros&cons │ Pros & Cons of TimeCamp

To start our TimeCamp review, we will list the pros and cons of the software. These features and elements make TimeCamp a fierce competitor in the time tracking industry. We will also highlight the parts of the software that need improvements.

Here are TimeCamp’s pros and cons.

The Pros Of TimeCamp

First, we will examine why any company should take notice of TimeCamp and invest in its services.

tick new It Has Easily Accessible UI

A high-level User Interface (UI) is essential to any software product; if the software isn’t easy to use, you will likely choose a different product for your company. 

Great UI is crucial for time tracking software because companies will have multiple employee tabs to check when managing their time.

Thankfully, TimeCamp has an excellent UI with easily accessible menus and tabs. Specifically, when you need to monitor a specific employee, you can see that employee on a clear tab on the time tracking menu.

tick new It Is A Fully Flexible Time Tracking Software Product

Flexibility is an advantage that TimeCamp has over competitors in the time management software industry.

For example, TimeCamp users can create customized time tracking tools that track an employee at specific times. Additionally, you can set up TimeCamp to track a particular aspect of an employee, such as how long they take to complete tasks.

tick new It Can Create Detailed Reports To Help You See The Productivity Of Your Workforce

Analytics reports are an essential feature of any software product designed to scale up a company. Time management software products specifically need reports because they are the most effective way that employers can see the level of their employees.

Reports can show employers how long an employee takes to do a task, the time of day when they are most productive and much more.

The Cons Of TimeCamp

Second, we will examine the TimeCamp aspects needing slight or significant improvements.

cons new The Setup Process Could Be Simpler

Although the user experience is easy to get to grips with once you set up TimeCamp, the setup process takes too much time because it is overcomplicated.

The setup stage is easy enough to understand, but the individual components take longer to set up than they should; TimeCamp should streamline the setup process to give a better first impression to customers.

cons new The Mobile App Is Basic And Needs More Complex Functions

The leading software for TimeCamp (for desktops) has all the best features on the software package, with easy access and a simple UI so you can understand the complex functions. However, the mobile app is a very different experience.

The TimeCamp mobile app has a few problems; the primary concern is that it lacks some essential functions (aspects of detailed reports, etc.) and oversimplifies others, like the time tracking tools.

Pros Of TimeCampCons Of TimeCamp
plus new It has an easily accessible UI, giving it a fantastic user experience.minus new The setup process could be more straightforward; it is too long at the moment.
plus new It is a fully flexible time tracking software that allows you to customize employee tracking.minus newThe mobile app is basic and needs more complex functions.
plus new It can create detailed reports to help you see and improve the productivity of your workforce.

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Try TimeCamp Now!

If you want a brilliant software product that helps you to manage your employees’ time more efficiently, TimeCamp is an excellent option with a high-level UI and intelligent tools (analytics, etc.)

what-new │ What is TimeCamp?

Before examining the top features and tools of TimeCamp, you need to know what it is and what its primary uses are (managing a workforce, for example). 

TimeCamp is a web app mainly for time management in a company. Specifically, it tracks employees and employee computers to measure their productivity levels. If used effectively, a company can improve the productivity of its workforce with TimeCamp, which can be beneficial for the growth of a company. 

TimeCamp started in 2009 and now has over 1900 customers (at the time of writing). Their main aim when they started the company was to perfect the concept of productivity in a business or company. 

Specifically, they wanted to show companies and businesses what their day-to-day operations look like to determine how they can improve or scale up. Some functions it has to achieve this end include extensive reports, complete visibility of time tracking features for employers, automatic time tracking, and more.

Here are the best aspects of TimeCamp to show you what it can offer a company.

point new Time tracking tools to track what an employee does in a day. For example, how long they take to finish a specific task.
point new Timesheets log the data that the time tracking app gathers; you can use these to notice patterns and decide what needs to happen to change those patterns.
point new Reports that go into more detail on individual employees.
point new Specific computer tracking focuses on computer use (time away, website time, etc.).

how │ How Does TimeCamp Work?

TimeCamp works by automatically recording any data that links to time management. You can connect TimeCamp to all employee computers so they complete tasks with TimeCamp recording data in the background.

When TimeCamp automatically records data, it sends it to employers through timesheets and reports. Additionally, employees can view timesheets to see their progress and if they have any time off coming soon. 

The software can automatically compile multiple reports daily to handle a larger workforce. 

For employees, the time tracking feature is relatively simple to use. For example, when you need to start a task, you can start a timer in TimeCamp to get your exact completion time. Then, when you stop the timer and state that you completed the task, TimeCamp will automatically log the time. Alternatively, you can manually input the time it took if you prefer that method.

To start using TimeCamp, you must have the web app available on your computer. You must set up the platform and add all your employees if you are an employer. Employees can log in to TimeCamp and add any necessary personal details before using the software while completing tasks.

When using TimeCamp for your company, you should read the reports the software generates. These will inform you on how employees manage their time. Additionally, it can provide advice and potential next steps if an employee isn’t performing to the correct standard.

feature │ What Are TimeCamp’s Key Features?

Now you understand what TimeCamp is and how to use it, we can go into more detail on the software’s best features.

All the best features of TimeCamp improve employees’ productivity, whether tracking their time or creating detailed reports of their performance (based on the time they spend on tasks).

Here are the best features of TimeCamp.

point new Excellent Employee Time Tracking Features

The primary feature of TimeCamp that employers will find the most useful is the employee time tracking feature. 

The employee time tracking feature is flexible because it can track employee time across multiple platforms, including desktops, mobiles, and other integrated apps.

One of the best elements of the employee time tracking tool is its timer. It is as simple as pressing start on the timer when you begin a task and pressing stop when you finish it. After this, the software will automatically log the time you took into the system so your employer can view it.

Additionally, you can manually enter time into the app if you prefer.

The tool will also track billable hours, which is beneficial for invoicing and payroll.

point new Detailed Timesheets

After inputting time data via the time tracking feature, employees, and employers can view the data on timesheets. You can view daily and weekly timesheets.

On the time sheets, the primary data you can see is the hours you worked in a day. Additionally, you can see your exact start and end times, whether the hours are billable or not, and much more.

Another element of timesheets is data entries. For example, if you started on a specific task and stopped it temporarily to do something else, you can add that as a data entry if you forgot to do it on the day.

point new Extensive Reports And Analytics

Reports are the most crucial element of TimeCamp for employers because they contain critical information that can increase productivity in a company and change it for the better.

One of the best parts of TimeCamp reports is that you can customize how you view them. For example, you can view the reports as a summary or in full detail. Additionally, you can choose to view monthly, weekly or daily reports.

point new Computer Time Tracking Features

As well as extensive employee time tracking capabilities, TimeCamp also has features for tracking computing systems.

For example, TimeCamp can measure how long a user is on a particular website, how long they spend away from the computer, their idle time, and more.

TimeCamp also has a mode for private time; this will turn off computer tracking so you can complete a private task without TimeCamp tracking it.

point new Invoicing Features

A helpful feature of TimeCamp is invoicing, which is not a typical feature you would expect to see in a time-tracking software product.

First, TimeCamp will create billing reports based on billing activity; you can track billing via a specific project or user.

After you create a billing report, you can make an invoice on TimeCamp. They are as easy as filling them in with the information from a billing report and sending them.

Why Do You Need To Use TimeCamp?

point new You can track employees and computing systems to determine and improve user productivity.
point new You can see all the tracked data on extensive timesheets (employees can read and add to their timesheets).
point new You can bill and invoice users, which adds extra value to the service.
point new You can use detailed reports to improve employee productivity.

TimeCamp Logo

Why Not Use TimeCamp To Improve The Efficiency Of Your Employees?

TimeCamp’s various features are excellent for improving the productivity and efficiency of your employees; you can use time tracking and reports to determine and improve the productivity of your workforce.

what │Who Should Use TimeCamp?

You may want to invest in TimeCamp now that you know the key features. However, before you do, you need to know the companies that should use TimeCamp.

Because TimeCamp is a versatile software product, it has a large audience. However, some companies will find it more useful than others.

Here are the types of businesses or companies that should use TImeCamp.

point new Non-profit Organizations

Non-profit organizations can heavily benefit from TimeCamp because they can receive 50% off (TimeCamp wants to support non-profit organizations).

They can benefit from the billable hour tracking function and the ability to create billing reports from a specific project or client (someone wanting to donate to the non-profit).

point new Small Businesses That Want To Scale Up

Small businesses with a workforce will find TimeCamp extremely beneficial because it can help them scale up their operations.

The main features of TimeCamp that can help small businesses scale up are the tracking features and reports. These features can identify the employees who are less productive and present ways to improve their productivity and efficiency. Doing this can allow business operations to scale up because you have a reliable and consistent workforce.

point new Large Enterprises

Although large enterprises don’t necessarily need TimeCamp to improve the productivity of their workforce (because they should already be highly productive), they can use it to maintain productivity and assess new hires.

The reports on TimeCamp are handy for assessing a new hire because they can give you an accurate indication of their ability level. The timesheets are also helpful for new hires because they can use them to improve the productivity of tasks.

Who Should Use TimeCamp?
point new Non-profit Organizations: They can get extensive use out of the billing and invoice features on TImeCamp.
point new Small businesses: They can use employee tracking and report features to improve employee performance and provide the opportunity for the business to scale up operations.
point new Large enterprises: They can use the tracking features to maintain productivity in the workforce and assess the efficiency level of new employees.

TimeCamp Logo

Use TimeCamp Now To Maintain Productivity In Your Enterprise!

TimeCamp can be an excellent tool for large enterprises because it can maintain high efficiency and productivity within a workforce. It can do this by tracking employees and computers.

cost-time-new │How Much Money And Time Do You Need For TimeCamp?

Before investing in TimeCamp for your business, you need to know how much money and time you’ll need. 

The cost of TimeCamp will depend on what type of company you have and the features you need. You can use the free tier with minimal features, the basic tier ($7 per user per month) with timesheets and standard reports, or the pro tier ($10 per user per month) with advanced features.

Additionally, you will need to dedicate time to set up TimeCamp because of the complex setup process.

use │How Easy Is It To Use TimeCamp?

After you set up TimeCamp, it is straightforward to use due to the excellent user interface. 

Every feature on the site is easy to access; the menus are clear and easy to find. For example, when you click on timesheets, you can see a clear menu of all employee timesheets with clear tables of tracked information. Employees who use TimeCamp will see their timesheets and will easily be able to edit them.

Additionally, reports are easy to read and access. For example, if you have a company, TimeCamp will send you time tracking reports that you can read. Additionally, you can choose different formats for reading them, including a brief overview of the information and a full report.

Overall, the user experience of TimeCamp will satisfy you and your workforce because of its accessible UI and simple features.

pricing │What Is The Pricing Structure For TimeCamp?

To give businesses and companies the widest variety of options, TimeCamp has multiple pricing structures. These pricing tiers cater to companies with different budgets and features.

Here is the pricing structure for TimeCamp.

point new The free plan

The free plan is ideal for a small team or a freelancer; larger businesses will need more extensive features. It includes basic timesheets, reports, limited integrations (one integration for the free plan), automatic time tracking, and more.  Because of the plan’s limited features, it is entirely free with no further costs.

point new The basic plan

The basic plan includes all the standard features you can find on the free plan but also includes some additional features to provide value for larger businesses. These features include unlimited integrations, custom reports, computer tracking reports, and more. The price is $7 per user per month.

point new The pro plan

The pro plan includes advanced features such as invoicing, timesheet approvals, custom user roles, and much more. Because of the advanced features, the price is $10 per user per month.

Free TierFree
Basic Tier$7 per user per month
Pro Tier$10 per user per month

TimeCamp Logo

Try TimeCamp For Free Or Pay A Reasonable Price For The Best Features!

Even the most expensive tier on TimeCamp is a reasonable price for most companies. Try the free version to test the features, and then upgrade accordingly.

support │What Are Some Specific Tools On TimeCamp?

Although we detailed the best features on TimeCamp, there are some specific tools you should know about before deciding on the software. 

Here are TimeCamp’s most popular tools and how they benefit a business.

point new Custom Reports

On the higher pricing tiers of TimeCamp, you can create custom reports; you can customize the information you want to see, such as task-time reports only, and customize the format (basic outline or detailed report).

point new Email Scheduling

To make reports even easier to access, you can schedule to receive them via email at specific times; many companies find this more efficient than manual access.

point new Time Budgeting

Time budgeting can be helpful if a company wants to become more efficient. You can set a time budget for a task, giving employees an idea of the productivity targets of the business.

point new Use custom reports to access the specific information you want (cut out the filler).
point new Use email scheduling for quick and easy report access.
point new Use time budgeting to improve tasking efficiency.

use case │Real-life Examples Of Businesses And Companies Using TimeCamp

Although detailing the best features of TimeCamp will give you an idea of its quality, the best way to find out how TimeCamp can benefit a company is to understand how other companies use it and how it helps them.

point new Adam Skrzypek

The Chief of Research and Development at Grupa Tense, said that TimeCamp automated and simplified time tracking within the company while providing helpful reports to introduce changes.

point new Maciej Bylicki

The Head of Data Analysts at Havas Media, said that TimeCamp helped by improving efficiency so employees could complete additional tasks (each employee now has one additional task).

point new Adam Wagner

The Chief Strategy Officer and Co-owner at Raindrop Marketing, said that TimeCamp helped the company scale up its operations by providing insight into employee efficiency and avoiding massive workloads by spreading them across multiple users.

support │What Are The Customer Support Options For TimeCamp?

Although the features on TimeCamp are excellent, you need to know what support options it has before making a decision. There are two main contact points for TimeCamp, the live chat system and the email support system.

The live chat system is available at any time when you access TimeCamp. It is excellent for asking quick questions and solving problems. When you access the chat, you can talk to an available customer support advisor; they can help with any solvable issue of the software and have quick response times.

The other point of contact is the email support system. You can input your name, email, subject, and full message to TimeCamp; they will email you a reply. These email support systems are handy for more extensive problems that aren’t solvable on the live chat.

Although these contact options are handy, there’s no contact number. A contact number would be helpful for those who want direct contact with the support team.

Customer Support OptionWhat Does It Do?
Live Chat It allows users to get quick fixes for problems with the software.
Email support systemIt allows users to send extensive email messages to solve more complex issues.
What Is The Next Best Software For Tracking Computer Users?
Toggl Track is the next best option for time tracking software because it can supply time tracking for massive teams. Additionally, it is cloud-based, so it runs smoothly and is easy to access.

It can also track profitability, which links closely to productivity in the workforce.
A Comparison Between TimeCamp And Toggl Track
Toggl Track has some impressive features for companies looking for time tracking software, including a cloud-based system and profitability tracking.

However, TimeCamp offers features that put it above Toggl Track, including fully customizable reporting features, extensive employee and computer tracking, and more. Additionally, it is more secure than the cloud-based system for Toggl Track.

conclusion new │Is TimeCamp The Best Computer Tracking Software For Companies?

Because of the various excellent features of TimeCamp, it is one of the best time tracking software products for larger and smaller companies. 

TimeCamp is an excellent choice for multiple company types, including non-profit, small businesses, freelancers, and large companies. They can all get great use out of the customizable reports, automatic tracking features, and invoicing features. 

Additionally, small businesses can find TimeCamp especially beneficial because they can use it to scale up operations; time tracking features and reports will increase productivity and profits.

Although many different businesses can make fantastic use of TimeCamps tracking features, some companies won’t find it as helpful. For example, a small business with little interest in scaling up operations will not use some of the software’s best features.

In summary, TimeCamp is an excellent option for many types of businesses, especially those that want to scale up operations by improving the productivity of their workforce and increasing profits. 

If you want the best features for time tracking for your business, use TimeCamp!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

One of the most significant features of TimeCamp is that you don’t have to worry about time tracking because it is automatic, making the software easy for employers and employees. Alternatively, you can manually start and stop time tracking to use it for a specific task.

Unfortunately, for most employees, you can only access the account setting on TimeCamp if you are an administrator. However, you can still access the settings on your profile; it is likely that you will rarely need to access any of the options on the administrator-only settings, so profile settings are all you need.

If you have foreign language employees or those who speak it as a second language, you can change the language settings to various languages. The languages on TimeCamp include:
  • English
  • German
  • French
  • Spanish
  • Polish
  • Portuguese
You can change the language on the settings page on TimeCamp.

You can use various features on TimeCamp to set up an effective payroll system. Specifically, you can set up payroll using the billing tracking system and attendance tracking (this is helpful because it shows employees working hours and billable hours). Using these, you can make a straightforward payroll system.


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