Free is a powerful live chat software that helps businesses to engage with their website visitors in real-time. With features like automated messaging, chatbots, and customizable chat widgets, provides businesses with the tools they need to improve their customer service and increase conversions.




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Overview has many interesting qualities that have attracted individuals to its program. Also, its free service is one that people are raving about because it is workable, and they can use it properly. With accessible software for businesses to use, this one has people talking. There are many features to cover in this tawk-to review and add-ons available as well. 

To learn more about, continue reading this Tawk-to review down below.

Pros and Cons


  • Content – Individuals can see what the customer is typing before they send it, so they can prepare their answer in advance. 
  • Whisper – There is a function that allows users to keep their colleagues and staff up to date and training.
  • Ban – Being able to ban someone when they are being aggressive is useful in keeping individuals safe.


  • Quick access – It would be useful to access pre-prepared responses quickly.
  • Mobile – There are some complaints and bugs to work through with the mobile compatibility.


The overall setup is quick and easy. After providing your email and answering the basic questions, it is ready to get started. When a new chat is available, it begins to make a ringing sound, like a phone. This can be useful to grab an individual’s attention, so a customer is not waiting very long to speak to someone. However, if there are not enough people working, then it could get a bit loud.

It has everything that a live chat needs to function. Also, there is a section where agents can add notes about customers, so if they return, the agent already knows a bit about them. This is useful because it can customize responses to customers.

Features gives you many features to use and enjoy, but these are the top three features available to you:

  • Whisper – Work with other members of the team to speak to a client without them knowing. 
  • Notes – Add notes about a customer, so other agents can see them when they return.
  • Tag – Sort chats out by type.

Support Quality

Since is completely free, it is important to remember that it does not offer a guarantee when it comes to its continued service. Users typically know that they are going to receive continued service, but that is unclear when it comes to 

Also,’s customer service does not operate 24/7. Yes, there is a chatbot available, but it can only help you so far with certain problems. Otherwise, be prepared to wait for an individual to be awake to help you. Still, there are articles to read, so if you are confident in figuring out the problem yourself, then that is also an option. Pricing – What Does It Cost?

One of the most interesting things about is that it is completely free. Yes, it is free, and it has stated that it wishes to stay completely free. Here is a breakdown of what it offers:

Free PlanFreeMonitor traffic
Initiate a chat
Real-time monitoring
Native mobile apps
Automated triggers
Widgets that are customizable
Built-in ticketing
Branding can be removed
Canned shortcuts
Over 100 integrations
27 languages
Group messaging
Screen sharing
GEO IP tracking
Unlimited agents
Unlimited history
Track engagement


Overall, is a service that people may want to consider. As this tawk-to review has stated, it is completely free, and that is useful for businesses who cannot afford to pay for one of the more expensive counterparts at the moment. However, be prepared to wait for your customer support if the agents are not available. 

 Try Out Now! is accessible for many people who need a chat box feature but cannot afford one of the other competitors at the moment. Make sure to try this great option today!



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