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Sortly is an inventory management tool designed for small businesses, warehouses, and e-commerce stores. With its user-friendly interface, barcode scanning capabilities, and custom fields, Sortly simplifies inventory tracking and management.

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review new │ Sortly Review

Keeping track of your business’ inventory can be a challenge, and it’s easy for mistakes to be made which could affect your bottom line later on. That’s why a lot of businesses are looking for inventory management solutions like Sortly.

Sortly is a simple system for businesses to keep track of their assets. Whether you’re running a healthcare company, a construction business, or a brick-and-mortar boutique, this software can help you manage your inventory with ease. 

Find out more in our Sortly review.

Sortly – Best for inventory management
Sortly is one of the top pieces of software to use for inventory management, designed to help small businesses and bigger organizations easily keep up to date with the movement of assets and the status of their inventories.

pros and cons new │ Sortly Pros and Cons

Before we take a closer look at the ins and outs of Sortly’s features, functions, and pricing system, let’s first focus on a few of this app’s main pros and cons. This should help you quickly and easily see if Sortly is the sort of thing you’re interested in.

Sortly Pros

tick new Simplifies inventory management

One of the best things about Sortly is how easy it makes it to manage your inventory. This entire piece of software is designed from top to bottom to help businesses stay on top of their inventories and assets, with alerts, reports, item tracking, and more.

tick new Works on different devices

With Sortly, you won’t have to worry about being limited to certain devices or systems, as this software runs on almost any device imaginable. It’s fully compatible with computers, tablets, and iOS and Android phones.

tick new Completely free to try

Unlike other apps in the same category, Sortly has a completely Free entry-level plan for users to try. This allows you to test out the software and see what it can do for your business before paying for a premium plan.

tick new A range of useful features

Sortly has some of the most useful features when it comes to inventory management, including QR and barcode scanning, custom PDF report generation, low stock alerts, date reminders, custom barcode creation, and more.

tick new Super simple to work with

Some inventory management apps can be quite complicated and intimidating, but that’s not the case with Sortly. This software is super simple to get to grips with, offering an intuitive user interface and easy-to-understand features.

Sortly Cons

cons new Lack of integration with other apps

One of the downsides with Sortly is that it doesn’t offer any real level of integration with other apps or systems. It is possible to do API integrations if you pay for the Enterprise plan, but it can be hard to make Sortly work with other software for most users.

cons new Missing some features

Sortly is quite simple software, and some might even say it’s too simple, lacking some of the key features that are present in other inventory management solutions like shipping features and accounting functions.

cons new Have to pay extra for priority service

With Sortly, customer service is generally good, with fast, professional responses. However, you will have to pay for one of the more high-end plans to get the highest levels of support and assistance.

Sortly AdvantagesSortly Disadvantages
plus new Makes inventory management easyminus new Doesn’t work well with other apps
plus new Compatible with many platformsminus new A little too simple for some businesses
plus new A free plan lets you try before buyingminus new Customer service levels vary
plus new Lots of handy functions
plus new Very beginner-friendly for inexperienced users

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Try Sortly now!
Whether you’re running a small store or a bigger business that needs help keeping up with inventory across different locations, Sortly can help you. It’s one of the easiest inventory management solutions to choose.

what new │ What Is Sortly?

Sortly is a simple inventory management system, aimed at helping businesses of varying sizes across different industries keep up to date and on top of their inventories and assets, and thousands of businesses are already using Sortly each day.

This software, which offers a range of scalable plans to suit different sizes of companies, works across a range of different devices, including computers, tablets, and phones. This allows workers and management alike to track inventory movements anytime, anywhere.

It allows you to create custom inventories of almost anything, from the clothing items in the back of a fashion boutique to the items in a warehouse. Sortly is even being used in all sorts of ingenious and unexpected ways around the world, like tracking plants in community gardens.

The fact that Sortly can be used in so many different ways shows just how versatile this app really is. It offers multiple methods of usage, including QR code scanning, barcode scanning, and even barcode or QR code label generation.

It also comes with other useful features like CSV and PDF report generation, precise user access controls, low stock alerts for stores, and handheld scanner compatibility for retail companies and warehouses.

With all of these features, Sortly aims to make management of even the biggest inventories much simpler for your business, reducing the risk of human error and allowing you to focus more time and effort on other matters.

point new Overall Rating4.5/5.0
point new SimplicitySortly is one of the simplest and easiest apps to use
point new VersatileSortly has many potential use cases, from retail stores to non-profits
point new FreeYou can use Sortly for free to see what it’s capable of
point new ScalableSortly is a fully scalable solution to suit companies of different sizes
point new CompatibleSortly works on almost any device, from your computer to your phone

how new │ How Does Sortly Work?

As stated above, Sortly is a scalable solution, and it works on a wide range of devices, so new users shouldn’t have too much trouble picking a plan that suits their needs and getting the software up and running on their devices of choice.

Then, once you’ve got Sortly installed and ready to use, you can start to see just how simple and intuitive this app really is, starting off with the Folder system.

Just like folders on your computer, Sortly allows you to make and manage folders of different items in your inventory. For example, you can have an “In Office” folder with all items that are currently at your main business location, as well as an “Out of Office” folder for items that are out on loan or being used elsewhere, for instance.

You can also create lots of subfolders within each folder to categorize items in greater detail, and you can add, manage, and move these folders around according to your business’ ever-changing needs.

Each item, too, has its own information page, with various data fields including photos, notes, quantities, and so on. Not only that, but Sortly allows you to add your own custom fields to enter even more details about each of your items.

And if all of that isn’t enough, Sortly is also fully QR and barcode compatible. It can work with handheld scanners or phone cameras to scan existing barcodes or QR codes to update your inventory quickly on-the-fly. Plus, it can generate new codes for your items and even let you create new barcode labels to print off and attach to your physical items.

feature new │ Sortly Features

Sortly comes with a wide range of features tailored towards inventory management. Here’s a quick breakdown of some of the key features of this app to help you understand more about how it works.

point new Folders and Items

Folders and items form the building blocks of the Sortly system. Every item in your inventory gets its own information page in the system, and you can create various folders to sort items as needed. You can also add custom fields to each item page to enter additional information which is relevant to your specific business.

point new Code Scanning

Sortly allows you to update your inventory automatically through quick and easy code scanning. It’s compatible with handheld scanners, or you can simply use the app on your phone to scan codes on your items and quickly send them to different folders within the system. This makes inventory updates extremely fast and efficient.

point new Alerts and Reminders

Inventories are always changing, and it’s vital to stay up to date with the latest developments. Fortunately, Sortly makes this easy. It allows you to set up your own custom alerts regarding items that are, for example, running low of stock, as well as alerts and reminders for key dates on your calendar.

point new Code Generation

Not only is Sortly capable of scanning codes on physical items, it can help you make them, too. This software lets you generate your own QR labels or barcode stickers for your items using affordable, off-the-shelf materials. These new codes are then automatically linked to your items and folders for efficient and accurate inventory updates in the future.

point new Reports

Every now and then, you may wish to carry out an audit of your inventory or analyze data regarding your company’s assets. Once again, Sortly is there to help out. The app allows you to generate both CSV and PDF reports for your perusal, and you can customize and filter which data is included in each report.

Why We Need to Use Sortly

point new Makes it much easier to keep track of your inventory and assets
point new Reduces the risk of human error when cataloging items
point new Minimizes the amount of time and effort you have to spend on inventory
point new Optimizes your business’ efficiency levels

Sortly Logo

Use Sortly for inventory management
If you’re looking for a simple and smart way to make inventory management easier than ever before, Sortly is the solution for you. With its intuitive interface and handy features, this app is the perfect choice for inventory control.

who new │ Who Should Use Sortly?

Part of what makes Sortly such an appealing piece of software is its versatility. It can obviously work for the likes of brick-and-mortar stores and warehouses, but it’s also fully adaptable for other sorts of businesses. Here are a few examples of types of businesses that can use Sortly to manage their inventories and assets.

point new Events

If you run an event company, you’ll know how important inventory management can be for your business. It’s vital for event hosts and organizers to remain up-to-date with the movement and location of items like props, décor, audio-visual equipment, and so on, and Sortly makes it happen.

point new Healthcare

Those in the healthcare business, like hospitals, labs, and pharmacies, can also benefit greatly from Sortly. It allows you to track medications and medical instruments, issuing alerts when stocks are running low.

point new Construction

There are many construction companies that are already using Sortly, and it’s easy to see why. Sortly makes it easy for construction businesses to track tools, machinery, vehicles, and more across multiple locations, like warehouses and worksites.

point new Education 

Even in the field of education, Sortly can be of assistance. It lets schools and colleges keep track of their many assets, from individual items of classroom stationery to bigger and more expensive items like computers and laptops.

point new Useful for businesses and organizations of various sizes
point new Works across a myriad of industries, from retail to automotive
point new A simple piece of software which requires only minimal training

Sortly Logo

Make Sortly your inventory management provider
Whether you’re setting up a small retail store, running a food and drink business, or operating a healthcare organization, Sortly is ready to help out with all of your inventory management needs and make your business much more efficient.

cost and time new │ Sortly Cost and Time

In terms of cost and value, Sortly stands out as one of the best value for money inventory management solutions available today. It has fair monthly rates and even a completely free plan for users to try out before committing to something more serious.

And when it comes to time, you won’t have to worry about spending days and weeks training your team how to use Sortly, thanks to the fact that it’s so simple and beginner-friendly. In fact, it’s capable of saving your company much more time than you might imagine.

usability new │ Sortly Usability

Sortly is already being used by thousands of businesses across different industries, from retail stores that need to keep track of their stock levels to construction companies for monitoring the location and usage of different tools and machines.

And one of the key things that stands out in case studies, user reviews, and testimonials of this software is the fact that it’s really simple to work with. Even companies that have never used an inventory management solution before didn’t need long to get to grips with Sortly.

The whole system is designed with ease-of-use in mind, from the simple folder creation process to the rapid inventory updates every time you scan an item; it’s all very easy and intuitive to use, making it a great choice for businesses that want to save time and improve efficiency right away.

pricing new │ Sortly Pricing

So, how much will you have to pay to bring Sortly’s benefits to your business? Well, there are actually multiple payment plans provided by this company, including a completely free starter plan for beginners. Here’s how the plans break down.

point new Free 

The Free plan is the base-level option from Sortly, and it’s great to see that this software is available as a free offering to try out. It’s not fully-featured and only gives you 100 entries, as opposed to the thousands available in the full plans, but it’s a good way to test out the application and see what it can do for you.

point new Advanced

The entry-level paid plan from Sortly is the Advanced plan. This plan costs $29 a month if you pay yearly or $49 if you pay monthly. It gives you three user licenses, 2,000 maximum entries, and unlimited QR code label generation. It’s an ideal plan for start-ups to begin with, letting you see exactly what Sortly has to offer.

point new Ultra

The Ultra plan is the next level up, aimed at larger, growing businesses that need more help managing their inventories and assets. It costs just $71 per month when paying annually or $119 on a monthly payment plan. You’ll get 10,000 entries with this plan, as well as five user licenses, 25 custom fields, unlimited QR codes, and priority email support for faster responses.

point new Enterprise

Sortly also offers an Enterprise plan. This is a scalable solution to suit your organization, and we can’t provide any prices for this one, as Sortly’s team will actually work out a custom price for each enterprise, based on the organization’s needs and demands. This plan comes with unlimited entries, multiple user licenses, and advanced features like API access. You also get custom training with this plan to get your workforce up to speed with Sortly.

point new Free$0 per month
point new AdvancedFrom $29 per month
point new UltraFrom $71 per month
point new EnterpriseContact Sortly for a quote

tools new │ Sortly Tools for Business

is clearly a piece of software designed from the ground up to help businesses manage their inventories, and it comes with a range of useful tools and features that businesses can benefit from, including:

point new API

Ideal for bigger businesses, in particular, Sortly allows Enterprise subscribers to obtain an API (Application Programming Interface) for the software, allowing your business’ own IT team to integrate Sortly with your existing apps and digital infrastructure.

point new Permission Controls

You may wish to provide different access levels to Sortly’s files and folders for workers at different levels of your organization. Sortly makes this possible, providing precise, easy-to-understand permission controls.

point new Remote Management

In today’s world, many businesses operate with remote teams and multiple offices in various locations, and the need for remote management has never been higher. Thanks to its compatibility with different devices, Sortly lets you manage inventories from anywhere.

Points to Note
point new An intuitive inventory management solution
point new Suits businesses across dozens of industries
point new Scalable from start-ups to big enterprises

example new │ Sortly Use Cases

There are thousands of small businesses benefitting from the unique features and functions of Sortly on a daily basis. Here are a few examples of real-world case studies involving this software.

point new Outsnapped

Outsnapped is a photo booth company based in Brooklyn, organizing events and managing warehouses. Before Sortly, Outsnapped had no inventory management process in place and turned to Sortly to become much more efficient, saving time and reducing the risk of human error.

point new PowellsWood

PowellsWood is an example of a non-profit organization using Sortly. It’s a Settle-based garden which attracts visitors from all over and hosts events. The garden’s team makes use of Sortly to keep track of its plants, cataloging every species and specimen.

point new LED Advantage

LED Advantage is a provider of commercial LED lighting solutions, stocking and supplying various lighting products in large warehouses. The company uses Sortly to make management of its inventory so much easier.

support new │ Sortly Support

Since Sortly is such a well-designed piece of software that is so beginner-friendly, you may not need to worry too much about contacting the company’s user support. However, if you do need any help, the Sortly team will be there for you.

Sortly has a live chat help system, with a help bot and customer support agents standing by to answer questions and deal with queries you might have about the software. You can also submit a ticket via email and get a reply within a matter of days.

Over on the Sortly website, you’ll also find an in-depth Help Center section with multiple guides, tutorials, and FAQs to read through and learn more about how the program works, perfect for those who are just getting started

Sortly Support
point new Live chat and email support
point new A full Help Center online
point new Rapid responses to user questions
Alternative to Sortly – Zoho
Zoho is another popular inventory management solution aimed at small businesses. It alllows users to control inventory, manage and fulfil orders, manage warehouses, and more.
Comparing Sortly to Zoho
Both Sortly and Zoho offer intuitive inventory management services. However, they differ greatly in terms of features; Sortly is much more simplistic and beginner-friendly, while Zoho is more fully-featured with accounting and CRM integrations.

conclusion new │ Conclusion

Overall, if you’re looking for a simple and straightforward piece of inventory management software, Sortly is a super option to start off with. It’s really beginner-friendly, so you don’t need to spend too much time getting to grips with it, and it offers a range of useful features.

There are a few things missing from Sortly which could be added in the future, such as e-commerce integration and some accounting features, but as far as inventory management goes, this is one of the top options to choose.

It’s ideal for brick and mortar stores and small businesses looking to grow, with high standards of safety and usability, proving once and for all that inventory management doesn’t need to be complicated.

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Try Sortly Now!
Sortly is one of the best inventory management solutions available for modern businesses, making your inventory easy to track, audit, and manage. Give it a try and see how Sortly can improve your operations.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Sortly allows businesses to manage their inventory more easily across a range of different devices, generating reports and preparing inventory lists.

User reviews of Sortly suggest that it is relatively easy to use, and many people are impressed with its intuitive, beginner-friendly design.

There is a free plan with Sortly that allows up to 100 entries, best for beginners or very small businesses.

There are tens of thousands of business users of Sortly, including major companies like HP and Honeywell.


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