SocialBoost is a marketing tool that helps real estate agents generate more leads. It uses images from real estate listings and compiles them into dynamic videos for social media marketing campaigns.

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review new │ SocialBoost Review

In the modern age, video marketing is essential to help generate more leads.

To reach your consumer base, you must ensure your social media content is engaging for your customer base. But, it can be pretty tricky to manage your video marketing campaigns, and keeping in touch with your customer base can be time-consuming. That’s where SocialBoost comes in!

SocialBoost is a powerful tool that you can use to upgrade your lead generation and increase your exposure. 

Do you want to know more about this fantastic software tool? Keep reading as we give you the ultimate SocialBoost review, and find out why we have rated SocialBoost so highly using our Genius Score.

SocialBoost – Best for real estate lead generation service!
Give your Facebook listings a lift with SocialBoost!

pros and cons new │ Pros And Cons Of SocialBoost

Let’s look at some of the pros and cons of this lead generation tool.

SocialBoost Pros

What do you stand to gain from investing in SocialBoost for your Facebook listing campaigns? Take a look at these advantages.

tick new Automated Video Creation

SocialBoost can help you create dynamic video content without any legwork! SocialBoost simply takes pictures from your MLS listings and uses them to create videos for your social media channels. 

tick new Automated Sharing

You can instantly upload and share your SocialBoost video campaigns on over 50 platforms. You can set up custom schedules easily and quickly to establish an automated sharing schedule for your content.

tick new Automated Boosting

When you share an Instagram or Facebook campaign with your following, SocialBoost automates the boosting process. You will generate leads from your target demographic with little to no effort.

tick new Simplifying Your Social Media

Social media exposure is what every real estate business needs to generate leads and sell more properties. SocialBoost automates social media processes to increase your exposure and get more engagement from your followers.

tick new User-Friendly

SocialBoost is simple to use and easy to manage. You can establish automated processes in minutes and reduce heavy lifting for your marketing staff.

tick new Competitive Pricing And Strong ROI

SocialBoost is competitively priced and can help you get a strong investment return. You can generate more leads and sales, benefitting directly from your investment in SocialBoost.

SocialBoost Cons

Now that we’ve covered the positive aspects of Social Boost, let’s take a look at some of its disadvantages.

cons new Can Make You Reliant

SocialBoost is a great tool to help you improve lead generation and automate social media processes. However, if you become too reliant on the tool, you can lose touch with your following and have less insight into your following.

Advantages Of SocialBoostDisadvantages Of SocialBoost
plus new Automated video creationminus new Can make you reliant
plus new Automated sharingminus new Unknown customer support options
plus new Automated boosting
plus new Simplify your social media
plus new User-friendly
plus new Competitive pricing and strong ROI


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what new │ What Is SocialBoost?

SocialBoost is a tool for real estate agents that helps them improve lead generation. SocialBoost facilitates the automated creation of videos for your social media marketing campaigns. To do this, SocialBoost gathers images from your MLS listings and compiles them to create dynamic videos for your social media.

Videos allow users to experience a kinetic advertisement, which increases engagement. You can add your logo to videos, add personalized intros, and the tool allows you to post professional-quality HD videos.

You can share these videos on Instagram, Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, and more social media platforms. You can also automate posting schedules for open houses, new listings, and price reductions.

SocialBoost even helps you boost your ads and push them towards your target customers for more successful advertising campaigns. You can boost specifically for lead generation, or you can boost to increase engagement and exposure.

What Is SocialBoost?
point new Creating videos for your marketing campaign.
point new Automating posting schedules.
point new Share to Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Youtube, and more.
point new Use logo stickers on your videos.
point new Boosting your target demographics.
point new Boosting lead generation and exposure.

how new │ How Does SocialBoost Work?

SocialBoost helps you automate your ad campaigns and send them out to reach a more comprehensive network of potential leads. SocialBoost automates lead generation in three simple steps:

  • Automated video creation – SocialBoost gathers images from your existing listings on MLS and uses them to create dynamic videos displaying your current listings. You can add intros to these videos and also logo stickers.
  • Automated sharing – Once your video marketing campaign is set up, you can automatically share it on over 50 different platforms. All you need to do is establish posting schedules for your videos.
  • Automated boosting – to help you reach a wider audience of target demographics with less effort, SocialBoost allows you to automate promoting on Facebook and Instagram. You can target your ideal clients and generate more leads with less effort.

Since SocialBoost automates many lead generation processes, it is straightforward to use. Their user-friendly interface allows you to establish video creation, sharing, and boosting automation quickly.

Once you have set up your account, your existing media will be available to SocialBoost, allowing them to gather images from your current listings, advertisements, and more for video creation.

feature new │ What Are The Main Features Of Social Boost??

Now that you’re familiar with what SocialBoost is and how it works, let’s take a look at some of the main features of SocialBoost!

Video Editing And Enhanced Video Editing

point new Video Editing And Enhanced Video Editing

With SocialBoost, you can automate the video creation process. SocialBoost will gather images from your listings and compile them to create videos. However, SocialBoost also allows you to take matters into your own hands with video editing and enhanced video editing. You can access a video editing suite with admin control, or you can access improved video editing with user control.

point new Personalized Video Intros

If you want to make your videos more personal, you can add personalized video intros to your SocialBoost video campaigns. These personalized intros could be from your best agents introducing themselves and the company, or it could be an intro to explain the details of a particular listing.

Personalized Video Intros

point new Non-Listing Videos

You can create videos without using your listings on SocialBoost. If you want to make ‘get to know the team’ videos or any other content, you can use the My Content section to create non-listing videos.

point new Automated Sharing And Sharing Schedules

With SocialBoost, you don’t have to use manual sharing. You can share your videos automatically across 50 different platforms with minimal effort. Once you have established sharing schedules, SocialBoost will automate your sharing process.

point new Customer Satisfaction Surveys

Customer satisfaction surveys can give insight into how well your agents perform and the quality of service you offer. Surveys can also give you direct customer quotes to include on your website. SocialBoost helps you create customer satisfaction surveys using a wide range of templates and send them out to your customers easily.

point new Video FAQs And Tips & Tricks

You can implement video FAQs and tips & tricks videos on your social media using SocialBoost. SocialBoost will help keep these resources up-to-date as your company grows and evolves.

point new Boosting

SocialBoost helps you increase lead generation with boosting. You can use SocialBoost to help target FB ads, gain more views and exposure for your video content, and promote directly to your custom target client.

Why Should You Use SocialBoost?

point new Video editing and enhancement – edit your video campaigns easily and quickly.point new Automated sharing – reduce the manual effort required to share videos across your social media.
point new Personalized video intros – introduce yourself to your customers.point new Customer satisfaction surveys – gauge how your customers feel about your services.
point new Non-listing videos – create any type of video to engage your audience.point new Boosting – send your content out to the most engaged demographics.


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If you want to increase your content’s exposure and generate more leads, try SocialBoost. SocialBoost helps you create automated video content and boost it to your target client – without the legwork!

who new │ Who Can Benefit From SocialBoost?

SocialBoost is specifically tailored to meet the requirements of real estate companies looking to improve lead generation. SocialBoost can benefit the following businesses:

point new Real Estate Businesses Looking To Promote Listings

If your real estate business needs to promote your listings better, you would benefit from increasing your exposure and implementing video campaigns. SocialBoost can help you effortlessly implement video marketing campaigns and automate video creation to reduce the heavy lifting.

point new Real Estate Businesses Looking To Educate Their Audience

If you need to educate your audience with FAQs and tips & tricks videos, you can provide video content using SocialBoost’s non-listing video function. Provide your audience with instructional videos to help them prepare their home for sale and ace the moving process.

point new Real Estate Businesses Looking For Powerful Lead Generation Results

If you need to generate more leads, you can use SocialBoost’s powerful boosting features to get results. You can target your Facebook ads, video campaigns, and social media advertising to the right audience to achieve better results.

Who Should Use SocialBoost?

Businesses looking for a tool to help them with:
Promoting listings – real estate businesses looking to promote listings with video campaigns.
Educating the audience – real estate businesses looking to provide customers with tips, tricks, and FAQs resources.
Powerful lead generation – real estate businesses looking to boost their campaigns to the right audience.


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cost and time new │ How Long Does It Take To Set Up SocialBoost?

To set up SocialBoost, you must first decide how you would like to pay for the software. You can pay for a year’s subscription in one, or you can pay every month. If you’re still unsure whether this is the right software for you, you can download a free demo of SocialBoost and try it out before you make a purchase.

To set up your account, you will need your name, company name, and company email address. You will also need to give your card details and the cardholder’s details.

Once you have set up your account, you will be able to link SocialBoost with your company accounts, including:

  • Any sites that your listings appear on.
  • Your social media accounts.
  • Your company websites.

You can instantly access photos from your listings and other resources for automated video creation by linking your account with these company accounts.

Once you have set up your account and related accounts, you can begin to create videos, content, and ads for your real estate agency.

usability new │ How Easy Is It To Use SocialBoost?

Using SocialBoost is simple. Once you have allowed SocialBoost to access resources on your social media, MLS, and website, you will be able to create videos without all the manual input. 

SocialBoost provides a user-friendly platform that allows you to create video campaigns, content, and advertisements in one place. You can establish schedules for your posts and launch your marketing campaigns ahead of time for more convenience.

SocialBoost is designed to automate the lead generation process, so using SocialBoost is simple and requires less manual effort than a hands-on approach to lead generation.

pricing new │ How Much Does SocialBoost Cost?

Now that you know everything about SocialBoost’s features, pros, cons, and ease of use, let’s talk pricing. How much does SocialBoost cost, and is it a worthy investment for your real estate agency?

Before you commit to a SocialBoost pricing plan, you’ll need to know if the product is right for your business. So, we recommend that you download a free demo of the product. Knowing how committed you are to the product will help you decide between pricing plans. Regarding pricing, you have two main options:

  • An annual pricing plan – with this plan, you pay a lump sum of $199 for a year’s subscription to SocialBoost.
  • A monthly plan – with this plan, you pay $29/month for your subscription, which totals $348 per year.

Since it is more cost-effective to opt for the annual plan, we recommend using the free demo to decide if you’d like to use the product for a year. You can opt for the annual membership and save around $149. Once you invest in SocialBoost for your business, you gain unlimited access to upgraded features.

SocialBoost Pricing PlanCost
point new Annual Pricing Plan$199/year.
point new Monthly Pricing Plan$29/month or $348/year.


Try SocialBoost ASAP

Are you ready to take your lead generation to the next level? Try SocialBoost today and automate your successful lead generation campaigns.

tools new │ SocialBoost Benefits And Features For Real Estate Businesses

SocialBoost has many features that can benefit your real estate business. This section will cover the best benefits of SocialBoost for real estate companies. 

Simpler Creation Of Video Campaigns

point new Simpler Creation Of Video Campaigns

One of the most difficult challenges for real estate companies is allocating the time to create video campaigns. If you are a small business, you will likely not have an advertising and marketing department, which means you will struggle to implement successful marketing campaigns by devoting time and energy. SocialBoost automates the creation of video campaigns, allowing your team to focus on more pressing and essential tasks.

point new Video Editing Features

SocialBoost doesn’t just offer you compilations of your listing photos in videos; it allows you to get creative and tailor your video marketing campaigns to suit your individual needs. Video editing with SocialBoost will enable you to add your logo sticker easily, add personalized intros, and create your video content.

point new Boosting

When you create any marketing campaign, whether videos or Facebook ads, you need to ensure the right people see these campaigns. SocialBoost has built-in boosting, allowing you to get the most out of your advertising campaigns and generate more leads.

point new Customer Satisfaction Surveys

Keeping up-to-date with your customers and receiving honest reviews about your services is essential for business growth. SocialBoost allows you to create customer satisfaction surveys using pre-made templates. You can use the information you gather from these surveys to update the testimonials on your website.

Best SocialBoost Features For Businesses
point new Simpler video creation – use SocialBoost to automate video creation for your property marketing campaigns.
point new Video editing features – SocialBoost allows you to personalize your video campaigns with filmed intros, logos, and other features to ensure your content best represents your brand.
point new Boosting – SocialBoost boosts your video content to the right demographics.
point new Customer satisfaction – stay engaged with your customers and improve your service with customer satisfaction surveys.

example new │ SocialBoost Use Cases

Let’s take a look at some of the businesses that have benefitted from using SocialBoost for their video marketing campaigns.

point new Benjamin J

Benjamin J is the marketing manager for a non-profit organization management company. When the business implemented SocialBoost, they noticed that their ad campaign creation was much more efficient, and that they could reach their target audience without faffing over analytics.

point new Jorg H

Jorg works for a supply chain and logistics company that uses SocialBoost for their marketing campaigns. The company noted how user-friedndly the software was, and how it allowed for easier customer interaction – they were pleased that they could view when the customer was typing.

support new │ SocialBoost Customer Support

SocialBoost offers customer support via an email helpdesk. However, very little information is available about what other customer support SocialBoost offers. 

However, access SocialBoost’s social media resources. You will find many helpful videos discussing how the tool works, the onboarding process, and the benefits of using SocialBoost for your real estate video campaigns and Facebook advertisements.

SocialBoost Customer Support
point new Social media resources – you can find many resources to help you use SocialBoost on their social media pages.
point new Onboarding tutorials – SocialBoost offers video tutorials to help you onboard new employees to the software.
point new Video content discussing how SocialBoost works – learn how to use SocialBoost to your advantage with their extensive video content on how the tool works best.
SocialBoost Alternative – Intercom
If you’re looking for a way to streamline your customer interactions and improve your customer relationship management, you might consider using Intercom. Intercom helps you unify your dialogue with customers and gain more insight into your business’ customer relationships.
Intercom – Compared With SocialBoost
Intercom allows you to implement customer surveys but does not have the unique video creation automation features of SocialBoost. Consider whether your business would benefit more from Intercom’s CRM or SocialBoost’s video campaign automation.

conclusion new │ Conclusion


SocialBoost is a marketing and advertising tool that can help you generate more leads for your real estate listings. Whether you’re looking to diversify your content with automated video creation or looking for a way to keep in touch with customer feedback, SocialBoost is just what you need!

When you opt for SocialBoost, you get to boost your content and Facebook ads directly to your target audience – you can generate more leads with less effort! The more leads you generate, the more your real estate business will grow! SocialBoost is the ideal tool for marketing properties on Facebook. Try it now to generate more leads!

You don’t need to put in hours of work and pore over analytics to have successful video marketing campaigns – all you need is a powerful marketing tool like SocialBoost.


Need To Generate More Leads? Try SocialBoost!

If you need to generate more leads and expand the reach of your marketing campaigns, give SocialBoost a try. You can achieve great results without fiddling with data analytics!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

SocialBoost is a marketing and advertising tool tailored to suit the needs of real estate businesses looking to generate more leads. SocialBoost provides real estate companies with automated video campaigns based on their listings and allows them to edit and create video content.

Video marketing is essential in the real estate industry. Real estate is a visual enterprise, and your customers need to see what kind of properties are on offer at your agency. One of the best ways to do this is with a video marketing campaign.

SocialBoost can help you generate leads by allowing you to create Facebook ads and boost your advertising content to your target demographic. Simply set your posting schedule, and let SocialBoost handle the rest.

SocialBoost costs $199 for a year’s subscription, or you can pay $38 monthly. You should consider how committed you are to using SocialBoost, as the yearly subscription is more cost-effective.


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