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Shore is an all-in-one appointment scheduling and customer management solution. It helps business owners streamline business operations including scheduling, sales, marketing, employee management, and more.

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review new │ Shore Overview

The world of technology is constantly advancing, and many businesses rely on online systems that create office solutions to efficiently automate key processes. As the digital landscape continues to evolve, the emergence of new tools allows businesses to optimize customers’ accounts, manage data electronically, and cover all aspects of business management. 

These latest trends in technology help them compete more effectively, reduce costs, improve customer experience, and enhance employees’ productivity.

Shore is designed to help businesses of all sizes do all of these and more. With the ability to manage customer interactions more effectively, business owners can allocate time and resources to other areas of their business that require more attention. Shore offers a robust set of features that empower you to be in control of your customer experience. Take charge of your business with the most comprehensive and sophisticated customer interaction solution available in the market today. 

Shore – Best for businesses of any sizeShore is a cloud-based online customer management solution designed for small, medium-sized, and large businesses who want to digitally manage appointments, customer relationships, marketing campaigns, and payment processing.

pros and cons new │ Shore Pros and Cons

Before we dive into the nitty gritty of Shore’s features, let’s take a quick look at the main pros and cons of this platform so you can see if it’s the right fit for your business.

Shore Pros

tick new Modern Interface

Shore has a slick, modern interface that makes managing appointments and customer relationships much easier. Not only does this give you a clear view of each step of your process, but the design also means you won’t be overwhelmed with information.

tick new Paperless Workflow

Shore lets you capture data electronically so you can make faster decisions. This saves you from having to write down data manually and helps you streamline the customer’s journey at every stage of the sales funnel. This boost in productivity means that your business can grow at an even faster pace.

tick new Safe and Fast Payments

Shore’s newest POS system is secure and simple, which means that your customers won’t have to worry about giving you their credit card numbers. Not only does this give your customers peace of mind, but it also ensures that you never miss out on a sale because you weren’t able to accept credit cards. 

tick new Responsive Customer Support

Shore’s customer service team is known for being responsive and accommodating. When it comes to questions about how to best optimize your business, Shore’s customer support team is always there to help. They will happily walk you through each stage of the process and explain how you can use Shore to improve your business.

Shore Cons

cons new Some Unexpected Changes in the Website

Because Shore continuously updates its website with new features and functionality, there may be some unforeseen changes that cause the website to look a little different than what you originally signed up for. This can be a little frustrating, especially when you need to familiarize yourself with any new changes on a regular basis. 

cons new Software Bugs

Customers may sometimes encounter bugs in the appointment booking system, like automatic sign-outs and incorrect time slots. Some of these issues might not cause any serious problems for your business, but they are still frustrating nonetheless. If you’re ever faced with such a bug, it’s recommended to contact Shore’s customer support right away to address the issue.

cons new Lacks a Few Key Features

While Shore comes with a lot of useful tools to help streamline your appointment scheduling process, it lacks a number of key features such as detailed reporting and analytics, as well as review integrations. These missing features are present in other similar (yet more expensive) software, so you might want to consider whether they are worth the additional cost.

Shore AdvantagesShore Disadvantages
plus new Shore has a clean, modern-looking user-interface.minus new Occasional system bugs and glitches.
plus new Digital, paperless end-to-end appointment scheduling solution.minus new No free plan available.
plus new Prompt and responsive customer service team.minus new Some advanced features are lacking.
plus new Shore’s POS system accepts major credit cards like Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Google Pay, Apple Pay, etc. minus new Regular website updates cause some inconvenience to users. 

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Try Out Shore Now

If you are looking for a robust appointment scheduling tool that can boost your productivity and profitability, Shore is the perfect solution for you.

what new │ What is Shore?

Shore is an all-in-one appointment scheduling and customer management solution that enables business owners to manage all aspects of their business operations -including scheduling, sales, marketing, employee management, and more. It is designed to streamline and automate your business workflow while preventing human errors and reducing manual work. 

Shore also features a mobile payment solution through a cutting-edge POS system with no monthly or setup fees, which means you can quickly and easily accept card payments and other electronic forms of payment, including Apple Pay, Android Pay, and more. With over 9,000 businesses and retailers globally using Shore, it is the ideal tool to maximize the efficiency and productivity of your business and improve the way you interact with your customers.

point new Overall Rating4.5/5.0
point new FunctionalityShore is equipped with tons of features and functionality to streamline your business processes and reduce operational costs.
point new Top Feature for BusinessesShore’s customer management solution allows you to view and manage customer interactions in one place. With Shore, you can provide a more personalized experience by creating profiles based on customer behavior, preferences, and other factors.
point new Site PerformanceShore has a fast-loading and stable website, but it does have some noticeable slowdowns. They are mostly temporary and only occur when Shore is updating its system. 
point new Latest OfferingsShore offers a free 15-day trial and demo, so you can try out the platform without any risk. Shore also offers a EUR10/month discount for annual subscriptions. 

how new │ How Does Shore Work?

Shore has tons of tools and functionality that can help business owners operate and run their businesses more effectively. It simplifies the way you schedule and manage your appointments, communicate with customers, and generate new leads. Plus, with Shore’s powerful CRM feature, you’ll have a centralized database of all your customers’ contact information, appointment details, notes, and more.

At its core, Shore is a web-based platform that allows you to manage bookings, appointments, emails, and marketing from one place. With Shore, you can connect with your customers in real time, streamline your workflow, accept payments securely, and automate your daily operations with ease. 

The platform also offers various digital marketing services, including website building, business app development, e-commerce store development, and much more. 

Did You Know?
point new You can manage your team’s shifts/work schedule using Shore’s built-in employee management tool. 
point new Shore can help you launch personalized email campaigns. 
point new Shore has an extensive library of newsletter templates that you can choose from.
point new You can automatically send email or text reminders to your customers using Shore. 
point new Shore can provide you with a detailed view of each confirmed booking/appointment. 

feature new │ Shore Features

Shore is equipped with all the bells and whistles that you would expect from a top-rated online appointment scheduling platform. Here are some of the features that make Shore stand out from the crowd:

point new Card Reader

Safe, secure, and contactless – Shore’s mobile POS technology lets your customers pay with just a tap of their phone or credit card. Shore provides both the hardware and software required for you to accept all major payment methods.

point new POS System

Shore’s POS system works for restaurants, salons, gyms, spas, and any other type of business that needs to process payments and track bookings from customers. It can track inventory, generate reports, and keep a complete history of every single transaction that takes place. 

point new Online Calendar

Shore has a built-in calendar where you can set up appointments, meetings, and events. You can also use this calendar to manage your employee’s shift schedules. Shore makes it easy for you to stay on top of your customer’s bookings and staff scheduling.

point new Online Booking

With Shore, your customers can quickly schedule an appointment with just a few clicks. They can directly make reservations through Instagram, Facebook, Google, or your website. Shore makes it possible for you to take reservations at ease while providing a seamless customer experience. 

point new Customer Management

Shore enables you to know your customers on a deeper level. The platform allows you to save details about your customers, including email addresses, mobile numbers, names, birthdates, and more. You can also add notes and comments that will help you identify your customers’ preferences. 

Why We Need to Use Shore
point new Get your calendar ironed out by automatically tracking your appointments from every source.
point new Use Shore to safely and securely accept payments from customers.
point new Streamline your bookings and appointments using Shore’s in-app calendar.
point new Deliver a more personalized level of service to your customers. 
point new Shore’s POS system is responsive, secure, and easy to implement. 

Shore Logo

Try Out Shore!

Shore takes the hassle out of managing and running your business. If you are a service provider that wants to streamline your online booking system, get paid faster, and provide exceptional support, Shore is the right choice for you.

who new │Who Should Use Shore?

Shore is ideal for any business that wants to automate its business operations and make it easier for customers to book an appointment. Whether you’re a small family-owned business or a multinational chain, Shore has you covered. Here’s a list of businesses that can benefit from Shore:

point new Salons and Spas

If you are a salon or spa owner who wants to offer convenient online scheduling and payment processing, Shore is the perfect solution. Shore makes it easy to process credit cards and ePayments, track cash flow, and increase your bottom line.

point new Medical Practices

Healthcare providers such as dentists, podiatrists, ophthalmologists, and chiropractors can also benefit from Shore’s technology. Shore gives them a streamlined way to manage their business, accept payments, and provide a better patient experience. 

point new Fitness Clubs

Any fitness club looking to become more profitable can benefit from Shore’s unique and affordable service offering. Shore’s comprehensive suite of features, including online scheduling, payment processing, and customer relationship management, make it easier than ever for members to book appointments and pay for services.

point new Cafes and Bars

If you are a cafe or bar owner who wants a safe, secure, and hassle-free way to collect payment from your patrons, Shore’s POS system is exactly what you need. Shore makes it easy to accept payments, track inventory, build customer loyalty, and boost profitability for your business.

point new Any business in the service industry can benefit from using Shore’s online scheduling and POS system.
point new In addition to the businesses mentioned above, Shore is also suitable for coaches, fashion designers, jewelers, etc.
point new Shore’s POS system is also perfect for restaurants, convenience stores, and other service businesses that also sell tangible goods. 

Shore Logo

Use Shore to Streamline Booking and Payment Processing

With Shore, you can offer online booking and payment processing with ease. This makes it easy for your customers to choose an appointment time, make payment, and prevent double bookings and no-shows.

cost and time new │Shore Cost & Time

Shore comes at a lower cost compared to other booking and appointment scheduling apps in the market today, making it an ideal choice for small to medium-sized enterprises. The good news is that Shore does not skimp on features and functionality, so you can be sure that you are getting the most out of your investment. If you want a cost-effective way to improve customer retention, increase revenue, and build a positive customer experience, Shore is right for you. 

You’ll also be pleased to know that Shore is a completely cloud-based solution, so there are no upfront costs associated with acquiring or installing the software. You just need a web browser and an internet connection to get started. 

usability new │Shore Usability

With a wide range of tools and features, getting started with Shore can be quite overwhelming during the first few days of using the platform. But once you get the hang of it, you will quickly see how simple it is to manage your appointment calendar, take payments, track bookings, and send automated reminders to your customers. Shore also offers you real-time notifications when it comes to booking cancellations, no-shows, and other important events that can affect your business – so you can always stay on top of things. 

You’ll also be pleased to know that in addition to the 15-day free trial, Shore also offers a free live demo of the platform to help potential customers familiarize themselves with all the features and functionalities that Shore has to offer. The Shore platform is also available in multiple languages, such as English, French, Spanish, and German, making it more accessible to users worldwide. 

pricing new │Shore Pricing

When it comes to pricing, Shore’s monthly subscription plans are highly competitive, given that many of its competitors charge higher prices for similar services. Below is a quick overview of the various plan options that Shore has to offer:

point new Shore Booking Basic 

If you only have a small team of up to five people, Shore’s Basic Plan is right for you. It comes with all of the core features, including 24/7 online appointment scheduling; online booking via Facebook, Google, and Instagram; a detailed customer database; an online calendar; email reminders; customer feedback; and insights. The Basic Plan also includes appointment and customer management tools. 

point new Shore Booking Plus

Perfect for any size business, Shore’s Plus Plan comes with all of the core features under the Basic Plan, plus appointment and customer management tools as well as advanced marketing features. 

point new Shore Booking Premium

The ultimate solution for service providers and larger businesses, Shore’s Premium plan comes with all of the features under Basic and Plus Plans, plus Shore’s state-of-the-art POS system. 

point new Shore POS Basic 

If you are only interested in Shore’s POS system, you can also subscribe to a POS-only plan from Shore. The Basic Plan comes with all of the core features, including a full range of payment options; returns, exchanges, and discounts system; email receipts; accounting tools; tax compliance; DATEV compliance; inventory tools; and POS data archive. The Basic plan comes with payments, accounting, and inventory management features. 

point new Shore POS Plus

The Shore POS Plus Plan offers all of the core features under the Basic Plan, plus the following functionalities: payments, accounting, inventory management, gift cards, and customer display.

point new Shore POS Premium

The Shore POS Premium Plan offers all of the core features under the Basic and Plus Plans, plus the following functionalities: payments, accounting, inventory management, gift cards, customer display, appointment and customer management, and marketing tools.

point new Additional Packages

Shore also offers additional standalone packages, which include professional website building, business app development, and e-commerce site design and development services.

Shore Booking Basic PlanEUR 39.90/month (annual billing)EUR 49.90/month (monthly billing)
Shore Booking Plus PlanEUR 59.90/month (annual billing)EUR 69.90/month (monthly billing)
Shore Booking Premium PlanEUR 109.90/month (annual billing)EUR 119.90/month (monthly billing)
Shore POS Basic PlanEUR 39.00/month (annual billing)EUR 49.00/month (monthly billing)
Shore POS Plus PlanEUR 59.00/month (annual billing)EUR 69.00/month (monthly billing)
Shore POS Premium PlanEUR 109.90/month (annual billing)EUR 119.90/month (monthly billing)
Additional Packages 
Website Development ServicesEUR 65/month
Business App Development ServicesEUR 40/month
E-Commerce Site Design and Development ServicesEUR 40/month

Shore Logo

Try Out Shore Now

Take advantage of Shore’s 15-day free trial to see whether Shore’s cloud-based booking and customer management software is right for your business. You can also schedule a free live demo to get a bird’s eye view of what Shore can do for you.

tools new │Shore Tools for Business

Shore is equipped with all the bells and whistles that can help you build a successful business from the ground up. Below is a quick overview of some of the most powerful and valuable features that Shore has to offer.

point new Employee Management 

Shore’s employee management system allows you to manage all of the vital information about your staff, including their shift schedules. With Shore, you can keep track of all staff hours, assign shifts, match employees to clients, and monitor your team’s productivity in real time. 

point new Email Marketing

Shore’s email marketing platform provides a wide range of email templates that you can use to promote special offers or send out newsletters. You can use the built-in email editor to design your own personalized emails as well. Plus, you can track the performance of each campaign, so you know which ones are working best.

point new Website and App Development

For a small fee, Shore’s team of expert developers can help you create a professional-looking website, online store, and app for your business. They will also make sure that your site works great on both desktop and mobile devices.  

Points to Note
point new Shore lets you insert an appointment booking button on every email that you send. 
point new You can easily install Shore’s POS system on your iPad. Simply download the Shore POS app from the Apple Store, and Shore will provide you with the login details. 
point new With Shore, you can automatically find the next available slot for your appointments and book them on the spot.
point new Use Shore to offer loyalty discounts, freebies, promos, etc. 

example new │Shore Real-World Users

Shore is trusted by more than 9,000 businesses across the globe, from start-ups to established companies, such as:

point new Myssage

Myssage is a top-rated medical spa and massage parlor with locations in Cologne and Düsseldorf that offers facials and massage therapy services. They use Shore to efficiently book client appointments, manage their employees’ schedules, and more. 

point new Bestsmile

Dental clinics are some of the most in-demand service providers that can greatly benefit from using Shore. Bestsmile, a Switzerland-based dental practice, uses Shore to help patients schedule appointments quickly and easily.

point new Oliver Schmidt Hair Design

Hair salons and studios must ensure that clients can find an empty chair quickly to protect their brand and reputation. Oliver Schmidt Hair Design uses Shore to prevent double bookings and remind clients of their appointments.

support new │Shore Support

When it comes to customer support, Shore is prepared to handle any inquiries or issues you may encounter. Shore’s dedicated customer support team is fully committed to helping you use the platform to its full potential. From the moment you sign up for a live demo to requesting support once you are already using the system, you can rest assured that your questions and concerns will be answered promptly and efficiently.

Shore’s customer support team can be reached via email at [email protected] or by calling +44-1466-455003. They are available from Monday to Friday, 9:00AM to 5:00PM. Furthermore, Shore has an extensive support center where you can find useful articles and tutorials to help you learn about the many features and settings of the platform.

Email:[email protected]
Support center: Articles and tutorials
Alternative Shore Software – Coconut Software
Coconut Software is another popular appointment scheduling software that helps service providers manage their bookings and customer interactions more efficiently. It comes with advanced features like two-way calendar sync, role-based access control, text and email reminders, etc.
Comparing Shore to Coconut Software
Although Coconut Software is a robust booking management solution for service providers, Shore offers a more comprehensive set of features that can help you manage and grow your business. Plus, the recent addition of Shore’s POS system makes it easy for businesses to securely collect payments from their clients. 

conclusion new │Conclusion

There is no doubt that Shore has already positioned itself as one of the best platforms for appointment scheduling in the industry today. By taking advantage of Shore’s many features, your business will be able to save time and money by automating manual tasks such as managing appointments, communicating with customers, collecting payments, setting up email marketing campaigns, and more. 

Shore is the perfect choice for service providers who have limited resources but need a powerful, feature-rich tool that provides them with a complete set of tools to run and manage their business more efficiently. Furthermore, Shore has a responsive and friendly customer support team that is always ready to help if you encounter any technical issues while using the platform. 

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Try Shore Now

If you’re looking for a fully featured and affordable appointment scheduling solution for your business, Shore is equipped with all of the tools you need to grow and succeed.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Not at all. Unlike other appointment scheduling platforms that charge a service fee for every confirmed booking, Shore does not charge any fees whatsoever. You'll only pay for the monthly subscription fee, and that's it.

Shore uses SSL encryption technology to protect your data from unauthorized access. Shore's ISO-certified servers are also constantly monitored and maintained to ensure your data remains safe.

Shore accepts major credit/debit cards and e-wallets, including Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Google Pay, Apple Pay, and so much more.

Yes. Shore already has a native system calendar, but if you wish to use Google or Apple Calendar, you are free to do so. Shore seamlessly integrates with these calendars and can sync your events and appointments in real time.



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