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Push Health is a legitimate healthcare app that safely connects medical providers with their colleagues and patients. The platform provides a secure space for patients to quickly and easily get in touch with their doctors if they encounter any immediate medical issues.

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Push Health Review Facts

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review new Push Health Overview

Push Health is a free healthcare app available for Android and iOS in the United States. Its primary purpose is to connect medical providers and patients in a secure and convenient manner.

The app has been designed through a joint effort between entrepreneurs and medical professionals, who recognized that the disorganization in the traditional healthcare system could be omitted. Since 2013, patients all over the United States can use the app to ensure they get treated quickly and with no hidden charges.

Read the rest of this Push Health review to find all the necessary information about the software.

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pros and cons new Pros & Cons of Push Health


Let’s dive deep into the benefits of using Push Health:

tick new Easy to download and use 

Push Health has many advantages; first of all, it’s free to download and easy to use. The user is able to connect from anywhere on their mobile phone or laptop. The process is quick and straightforward – you can use the app without leaving the house. And if you do, you can get notified on the go. 

tick new Helps with medical assistance

After registration, the patient is able to request medical services, and the providers can offer assistance, message through a secure network without sharing their personal information, send invoices, and approve prescription lab orders which are e-routed to a chosen pharmacy or Quest Diagnostics. 

tick new Provides an extension to offered services

The app creates a virtual extension to the medical provider’s practice and enables offering minor services in any venue. Push Health is a medical practice management solution that creates a safe space for doctors, physician assistants, nurse practitioners, and their patients. Medical records are stored within the app and can be accessed anytime. 

tick new Transparent pricing

There are no fixed fees when using Push Health. Charge as little or as much as you need for the services you provide. Patients can pay by PayPal or credit card, and with no insurance billing, you’ll be able to get paid quickly and easily.


What are the cons of using Push Health?

cons new Not covered by insurance

Unfortunately, health insurance doesn’t cover the costs of medical services. Therefore patients have to pay for any treatment and health assistance by themselves. 

cons new Inability of medication purchase

Patients can’t buy medications through Push Health; they can only request a prescription from a doctor, which, if granted, enables them to pick up medicine from a chosen pharmacy.

cons new Prescription can’t be edited

Once the patient is given a prescription, it can’t be changed or edited. It is advised to ensure all the necessary information is input correctly beforehand. 

cons new One source of support available

If you need assistance, you can only connect by email. Phone or live support is not available from Push Health.

cons new One support language

English is the only support language available on Push Health; no other languages are available.

In a nutshell:
Push Health AdvantagesPush Health Disadvantages
plus new Easy and free to download and useminus new Not covered by insurance
plus new Connects patients and doctors from anywhere as long as there is internet accessminus new Can’t pay for medications through the app
plus new Patients can easily request medical servicesminus new Can’t change or edit incorrect information on prescriptions
plus new Providers are able to offer medical assistance minus new Support is only available through email
plus new The app creates a virtual extension of a practiceminus new The only support language is English
plus new Transparent pricing

push health

With Push Health you’ll be able to check your patients’ medical records, offer medical assistance and you won’t even have to leave the house to do so. Download the app and try it for yourself today!

what new What is Push Health?

Push Health is an app that was created to help medical providers and patients connect through a few simple clicks on digital devices. All that patients need to do is input their email addresses, and they’re ready to request medical care. It’s the perfect medical practice management solution. 

Since 2013, the creators of Push Health have been working to make the process as affordable and convenient as possible for anyone using the app. So, if you’re looking for a healthcare software that has not only undergone rigorous review processes, doesn’t store credit card information, and has been on the market for years, then Push Health is the one for you.

how new How Does Push Health Work? 

To recap, Push Health connects licensed doctors and medical providers to patients through the software platform. After patients register on the platform, they can request medical services, message doctors, and request health assistance. Medical providers can send invoices after professionally judging the patient’s situation.

Any user of Push Health can access the app through a mobile phone or computer with internet access – through both Android and iOS systems. There is no download or registration fee, which means that anyone can easily use the app.

The traditional healthcare system has its faults – with Push Health users are able to focus more on treating health conditions, and less on worrying about the procedures and expenses.

At the moment, to use Push Health, patients need to be invited by a medical provider. 

feature new Push Health Features

point new Activity Summary

You’ll have all the information about your patient in one place, which means that you can keep track of them at all times.

point new Straightforward Invitation System 

Add patients to the system by email invitation or a custom code.

point new Secure Communication

Message in a private and secure manner with your patients and colleagues. Don’t worry about sharing any personal information.

point new Individual Payment System

You decide how much you want to charge your patients. 

point new Patient Records Management

The patient’s data, such as messages, results, and notes, is stored in charts, which you can easily access.

point new HIPAA Compliance

Push Health follows HIPAA regulatory guidelines for storing patients’ sensitive health data and abides to process security measures. 

point new E-Prescription

E-prescribing is an improvement in the quality of healthcare. E-prescribing ensures that the medical provider can send relevant information to the correct pharmacy for the patient to collect medications in an error-free way. In comparison to standard procedures, the process is exemplary and very understandable. 

point new LegitScript Certification

Certified by an organization that’s trusted by governments and businesses worldwide, Push Health is definitely considered a safe and secure platform.

point new Email Support

If you need assistance, you can send a message via the Push Health website, and they will reply directly to your inbox. You can also write to them on the following email address: [email protected]

Why do we need to use Push Health?
point new To consult quickly and conveniently
point new To attract new patients
point new To provide urgent care
point new To make patients feel safe with professional help
point new To extend office space virtually
point new To keep up with new ways of treating patients

push health

who new Who Should Be Using Push Health?

point new Patients

Push Health is made for anyone who wants to access various medical providers conveniently, communicate with them in a hassle-free way, and quickly request medical prescriptions. 

point new Medical Providers

The platform is also free for medical providers, such as licensed doctors, physician assistants, and nurse practitioners, who can treat the software as an addition to their practice and easily communicate with patients. 

The ability to send invoices, e-prescriptions, and lab tests through a safe and secure platform makes the process between the patient and medical provider very labor-saving.

What diseases can be treated on Push Health?
Acid Reflux
Back Pain
Celiac Disease
Ear Pain
Foot Pain
Hair Loss
Knee Pain
Lyme Disease
Neck Pain
Panic Attacks
Pelvic Pain
Pink Eye
Runners Knee
Sore Throat
Stomach Flu

pricing new How Much Does Push Health Cost?

Push Health is free to register for patients. It’s also free to use for licensed doctors, PA’s and NP’s. 

Patients will have to pay for services such as prescribing medications, lab tests and invoices. The prices will vary depending on the service provider. Patients can expect to pay anywhere from $0 to a flat fee chosen by the provider. 

example new Push Health Alternatives

point new Carecloud

Carecloud is a medical practice management solution which automates daily tasks managed by healthcare professionals. Optimize financial and administrative processes with Carecloud, starting at $349 per month. 

Similarly to Push Health, Carecloud is a system that enables healthcare professionals to manage documents, provide e-prescriptions and take care of billing and invoicing. 

Check out the main features and compare the benefits of both apps:

Push HealthCarecloud
Pricetick new Freetick new $349 per month
Featuretick new Patient Registrationtick new Case Management
tick new E-Prescribingtick new Document Management
tick new HIPAA Complianttick new Appointment Management
tick new Patient Portaltick new Mobile App
tick new Multi-Officetick new Email Management
tick new Multi-Physiciantick new Billing & Invoicing
tick new Patient Billingtick new E-Prescribing
tick new Patient Recordstick new HIPAA Compliant
tick new Patient Portal
tick new Scheduling
tick new Claims Management
tick new Client Portal
tick new EMR / EHR
tick new Insurance Eligibility Verification
tick new Multi-Office
tick new Multi-Physician

conclusion new Conclusion

To manage smooth and convenient connections between doctor’s, NP’s, PA’s and patients, download the Push Health app and communicate in a hassle-free way. 

The software has been approved by many reliable organizations, making it a safe and secure platform, where patients can request medical prescriptions and treatment. Push Health can be treated as a virtual extension to the medical providers’ practice, where they can perform services such as sending invoices, recording patients’ progress, or ordering lab tests.

Push Health has been on the market for over ten years, making it one of the most reliable apps that are highly beneficial to the patient and medical provider. All you need to use Push Health is a good internet connection and a mobile device. Healthcare services have never been easier to manage!

push health

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Push Health is a very safe and secure platform that is focused on great personal health data protection. Push Health works with Braintree to ensure that users' credit card information is not stored within the app. As well as Braintree, Push Health is cooperating with LegitScript – a health organization trusted by governments worldwide – and Surescripts – the largest e-prescription platform in the USA.

Push Health services include but are not limited to secure communication between medical providers, colleagues, and patients, the ability to send invoices, adding notes on patients' progress, e-prescription of medications, and ordering lab tests in most US states at assured prices.

You don’t need insurance to use Push Health. To access the services, you will have to have a valid credit card or PayPal account.

No, Push Health is not a pharmacy, and you can't buy medications through the app. The software is used to connect medical providers and patients more conveniently and efficiently. Doctors, nurse practitioners, and physician assistants can route prescriptions to licensed pharmacies through the app.



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