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PureVPN for Teams

PureVPN for Teams

With PureVPN for Teams, you can ensure your team’s online privacy and security while working remotely. Find out how this powerful VPN service can help your business stay safe and productive by reading our review.




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PureVPN for Teams

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PureVPN for Teams is a fantastic resource for companies, businesses, and teams who are in need of lots of VPN connections. It provides a range of different features to users and is considered to be of good value for money.

Our PureVPN for Teams review covers the usability, features, and support quality of the service and will explore why we have rated this VPN app so highly. To find out more information on PureVPN for Teams, read on now.

Pros and Cons

Pros of the PureVPN for Teams app are:

  • Remote working capabilities – the app is perfect for those working from home or working remotely and allows users to access a range of connections
  • Dedicated IPs – one of the main reasons users chose PureVPN for Teams was because of the wide range of dedicated IPs it offers
  • Free trial – the app offers a free trial option to allow users a chance at testing its capabilities before purchasing

Cons of the PureVPN for Teams app are:

  • Server issues – there are issues with servers recognizing the PureVPN for Teams protocols, but instructions for overcoming this are available online
  • Disconnection – disconnection during the use of the VPN without warning, which leads to lost connection


As part of our PureVPN for Teams review, we have rated the app in a few categories, one of which is usability. In usability, this VPN service rates very highly due to its reported ease of use and interface.

PureVPN for Teams is very easy to use and had a sleek, neat, and clean interface which allowed for simplicity within the app. Users reported an optimal performance from the platform.

Both expert and user reviews agreed that bandwidth is generally uncompromised when using PureVPN for Teams, meaning it is a strong and stable connection, perfect for use by businesses. 

PureVPN for Teams can be used across devices to allow for access in various locations but some users have reported issues with public connections when using the VPN.


PureVPN for Teams has a huge range of features that make it so desirable to users, particularly those with businesses and large teams. Features include multi-device usage. This allows users to use their VPN connections on mobile devices too, allowing them access at a range of locations.

PureVPN for Teams offers unlimited bandwidth. Users have reported that their connection rarely slows when using the VPN, making it a really useful tool for businesses. Experts have commended the speed at which the connection runs when using PureVPN for Teams. PureVPN for Teams also offers varied server locations which users responded to positively.

Users were particularly positive about the PureVPN for Teams support system, regarding the live customer support as very useful when it came to fixing problems within the VPN system. Many users reported getting quick and helpful support for this service.

Support Quality

As discussed in the features section, the PureVPN for Teams support system is of a high standard. This is reflected in our high rating of the support system that comes with the app.

PureVPN for Teams comes with 24-hour live support. Customers simply have to contact PureVPN for Teams through their email system and they will be given specific support for their issues.

Most users report speedy and helpful feedback from this system and commend the support from the VPN service.

PureVPN for Teams Pricing – what does it cost?

The PureVPN for Teams pricing system offers a variety of different tiers for different users’ needs. We have summarized each pricing plan in the table below. Note that if paid annually, users save 30% on the reported cost.

TierPrice per month Features
VPN for Teams$8.455 VPN accounts and live support 24/7
Dedicated IP VPN for Teams$9.99All of the above along with dedicated IPs
Dedicated VPN server VPN for Teams$399All of the above along with dedicated VPN servers


Our PureVPN for Teams review has covered a range of different aspects of the VPN server. We have rated it highly overall, as well as in usability, features, and support quality categories.

The PureVPN for Teams service offers unlimited bandwidth and dedicated IPs making it perfect for those who are working from home or are working remotely. PureVPN also has varied server locations and works almost anywhere.

While some users have found issues with public connections, many issues with connection have been solved by PureVPN for Teams’ dedicated support feature. This 24/7 support has been commended by users and experts.

Overall, users and experts have rated PureVPN for Teams highly due to its ease of use, good user interface, and its strong and stable connection that allows for companies and teams to access the internet in a safe and secure way.

Try PureVPN for Teams now!

PureVPN for Teams is the perfect service for your business, whether small or large. Allowing for a safe and secure connection, PureVPN for Teams offers multi-device usage and unlimited bandwidth helping to support your team while online.



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