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Process Street is a business process management (BPM) software that allows users to create and manage all sorts of processes across various devices from any location.

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review new │ Process Street Overview

In today’s hectic world, the average business has hundreds of different processes to complete in any given day or week. From onboarding new employees to deploying new software or even simply cleaning up the office or arranging a meeting, there are lots of processes to get through.

This is where Process Street comes into play. Process Street is a process and workflow management system that allows you to manage and streamline your team’s checklists and procedures each day. Find out all you need to know about Process Street in our Process Street review.

Process Street – Best for optimizing workflowProcess Street is a very simple and efficient piece of software for optimizing processes and streamlining day-to-day workflows in any company. Trusted by big brands like Airbnb and Accenture, it’s the simplest way to manage recurring workflows.

pros and cons new │ Process Street Pros and Cons

Before we take a closer look at how Process Street works and who this software is aimed at, let’s first focus on the main pros and cons of Process Street to get a better idea of what it does well and where it needs to improve.

Process Street Pros

tick new Manage workflows with ease

One of the best things about Process Street is simply how efficient and effective it is at helping businesses manage workflows and processes. It can make complex tasks so much easier to keep track of, improving efficiency at every level of an organization.

tick new Integration with many apps

Process Street is ready to work together with other apps and services your company uses, including the likes of Salesforce, Google Mail, Dropbox, and more. In fact, it’s compatible with over 1,000 popular apps.

tick new Excellent customer service

Another advantage of working with Process Street is its customer service. This company cares about customers and goes a long way to helping everyone make the most of the software, with detailed demos, personal success managers for Enterprise subscribers, live chat support, and more.

tick new Completely free to try

Unlike a lot of other workflow management apps, Process Street has its own Free plan for users to try. And it’s not just a teaser; the Free plan comes with unlimited pages, 100 integration actions a month, and unlimited storage, too.

tick new Flexible to suit all sorts of processes

Whether you’re setting up a simple process to organize files in the office or something highly complex like a full-scale cybersecurity audit, Process Street is flexible enough to suit your needs and even has a massive template library to work with.

Process Street Cons

cons new A lack of pricing options

One of the downsides with Process Street is that it doesn’t offer too many different pricing plans. In fact, there’s only one main plan – the Pro plan – and it could be interesting to see a couple of other options with different price points to suit smaller businesses.

cons new Lack of languages

At the current time, Process Street’s many templates are only available in English. This can make it hard for companies that have remote teams in different locations, with different native languages, to get the best value out of this service.

cons new Mobile support could be better

For now, Process Street runs on iOS but doesn’t yet have an Android app. This limits the appeal of this service, as a lot of workers make use of Android phones and tablets but can’t use Process Street on those devices.

Process Street AdvantagesProcess Street Disadvantages
plus new Efficient optimization of workflowsminus new Not much flexibility in the pricing plans
plus new Works well with other softwareminus new Templates are only in English
plus new Excellent customer care standardsminus new No Android version yet
plus new A comprehensive Free plan
plus new Adaptable for different kinds of tasks

Process Street Logo

Try Process Street now!

Whether you’re running a small company or a big business, Process Street can help you manage and complete processes much more quickly, cleanly, and efficiently, and it’s totally free to try!

what new │ What Is Process Street?

Process Street is a business process management (BPM) application which allows users to create and manage all sorts of processes across a wide and varied range of devices, from any location.

The software is aimed at helping businesses carry out processes and procedures more effectively and efficiently, offering a range of advantages like saving time, boosting productivity, and making complex tasks more manageable.

For example, if your company regularly carries out on-boarding training for new employees, you can set up a process on Process Street (or use one of the templates) provided, customize it to your liking, break it down into a checklist of individual actions, and carry out your training in an easy and efficient way.

You can then reuse that same template for future training sessions, saving lots of time and making the whole process of on-boarding new talent significantly smoother and more convenient for all concerned.

The system has a huge library of pre-made templates, covering all sorts of possible tasks, ranging from relatively basic and mundane day-to-day activities to much more complex procedures.

And when it comes to those more advanced processes, Process Street also offers a range of advanced features to help you facilitate the workflow of each and every process. From conditional logic to multi-stage approvals, there are plenty of ways to customize each workflow.

point new Overall Rating4.5/5
point new SimplicityProcess Street aims to make process and workflow management as easy as possible
point new FreeThis software is available with a comprehensive Free plan for users to try out
point new IntegrationProcess Street is fully compatible with more than 1,000 commonly-used business apps and services
point new AdvancedVarious advanced features exist for more complex processes, like multi-stage approvals
point new CustomizableUsers are able to customize Process Street templates to suit their business structure and needs

how new │ How Does Process Street Work?

Process Street stands out for its simplicity, and even if you don’t have much or any experience of using a workflow or process management app, you should be able to get this software up and running without too much hassle.

First, users need to sign up for a Process Street plan and download the software to their device. Process Street is currently available on Mac, Windows, Linux, and iOS, so you can use it on a range of different devices.

Once the software is installed and ready to go, it’s time to make a process. You can either do this from scratch, or you can speed up the process by choosing one of the many templates provided in Process Street’s own enormous library.

The template library is filled with templates of the most commonly-used processes from businesses all over the globe. And once you pick one to work with, you can customize it suit your specific business needs, dragging and dropping elements like text, images, files, and forms onto the workflow.

If you need to make things a little more advanced, Process Street also offers additional features like multi-stage approvals for tasks that need to be checked and verified by high-level figures and conditional logic for processes that have set conditions and stages.

Once the workflow has been perfected, it can be transformed into a quick and easy checklist, listing all of the individual “to do” elements of the process. Then, Process Street automatically sends the relevant task notifications out to each team or worker, keeping everyone on track and updating the checklist accordingly as tasks are completed.

feature new │ Process Street Features

Process Street offers various features to allow users to quickly and easily make and manage processes and workflows. Here are some of the main features of this program that make it such a popular choice among users.

point new Process Creation

Process creation is the key function of Process Street. The app allows you to make and modify processes however you like, featuring a simple drag and drop interface for users to add and remove elements accordingly. You can make processes as large or small as you like and use advanced features to customize each one.

point new Automatic Routing and Checklists

Once a process has been created, Process Street’s powerful automation generates a checklist of all the important elements of that task. It also automatically sends the relevant tasks to each team member, allowing them to get on with their part of the task, using the software they’re accustomed to, and updates the checklist accordingly.

point new Template Library

To speed up process creation for each user, Process Street also has a huge library of pre-made templates to choose from. There are countless templates in the library, based on all sorts of common and uncommon processes used by businesses of various sizes, and you can customize each one according to your needs.

point new Multiple Approval Methods

Process Street also offers a range of approval systems for different kinds of tasks that need to be approved by high-level figures throughout the organization. This includes single-instance approvals when only one person needs to check the process, as well as multi-stage and sequential approvals for multiple approval instances.

point new Conditional Logic

Process Street also understands that some processes are more complicated than a simple series of steps, so they offer conditional logic features for more complex procedures. This allows you to enter conditions, if/when scenarios, and other dynamic aspects to make your workflows more unique and detailed.

Why We Need to Use Process Street
point new Makes workflow management much easier
point new Boosts productivity by reducing wasted time
point new Automatic updates and routing for maximum efficiency
point new Streamline task creation and completion
point new Gives workers more time and freedom to focus on tasks

Process Street Logo

Use Process Street for your workflow management

If you’re looking for a way to make workflow and process management easier and more efficient, Process Street is the answer. It can completely transform the way you manage all sorts of processes across every level of your organization.

who new │Who Should Use Process Street

Process Street is a great choice for a wide range of business users, offering benefits to business of different sizes and across various industries.

In addition, despite the fact that this software is very advanced and effective, it’s also super simple to use, so you won’t need to worry about getting started with Process Street.

Here are some examples of businesses that can make this software work for them:

point new Start-ups

When you’re starting up a brand new business, it’s important to lean on technological tools and aids to help you save time and maximize efficiency as much as you can. Process Street can help with this for start-up founders and their teams.

point new Small businesses

Small business owners, too, can benefit from Process Street’s useful array of features and functions. It’s very effective at helping small businesses handle day-to-day processes efficiently, reducing the amount of wasted time for the whole company.

point new Mid-size companies

If you’re running a mid-size company, potentially with different teams in different locations, it can be tricky to keep up with your checklists and workflows. Process Street helps mid-size businesses have stronger control over process management.

point new Global enterprises

Global enterprises are perhaps the best possible candidates to use Process Street’s software, as it allows big companies with multiple teams and remote workers to all know exactly what they need to work on, automatically updating checklists and issuing alerts to relevant workers.

point new Useful for businesses of all sizes, from start-ups to global companies
point new A range of benefits for companies across almost any industry
point new Ideal for beginners and doesn’t require much training to start using

Process Street Logo

Make Process Street your go-to workflow management tool

No matter what kind of industry you’re operating in or how big your business is, Process Street can help you enjoy better levels of control over all of the many processes your company has to carry out each day.

cost and time new │Process Street Cost and Time

In terms of time, Process Street doesn’t take too long to get started with. It’s a simple piece of software, and the presence of a template library and drag & drop interface ensures that you can make and customize processes very quickly.

And when it comes to the cost and value for money of this service, it’s regarded by many as one of the best value options for workflow management, thanks to its low pricing and wide range of useful features.

usability new │Process Street Usability

So, how easy is Process Street to use? Well, this software is already being used by a lot of people and boasts over 450,000 users, including big brands like Accenture, with many user reviews and testimonials highlighting Process Street’s simplicity as a big selling point.

Even if you don’t have much experience with this kind of software, Process Street aims to make things as simple as possible for everyone, with lots of pre-made templates and an intuitive drag and drop system for moving elements around and customizing your processes, one by one.

There are also plenty of options for more intermediate and advanced users, too. From sequential approvals to Process Street’s smart conditional logic systems, it’s possible to create some very intricate and elaborate processes with this tool.

pricing new │Process Street Pricing

So, how much does Process Street cost, and what sorts of payment plans are available? Well, it’s important to note that there’s actually a Free plan with Process Street, which is mainly aimed as a way to test out the service and see what it has to offer before upgrading to the full service. There’s also a Pro plan and Enterprise plans for big businesses, too. 

Here’s how the payment plans all break down.

point new Free

Unlike many other similar pieces of software, Pricing Street actually offers a completely free plan. This lets you try out one workflow and enjoy unlimited pages and unlimited storage in your own account, giving you a taste of what could be possible for your company with a fully paid plan.

point new Pro

The Pro plan is the main paid plan from Process Street. It’s available for $25 a month per member if you pay yearly, or $30 per member each month on a monthly plan. It also comes with a 14-day free trial. With this plan, you get the full Process Street package, including unlimited storage, workflows, workflow runs, and pages.

point new Enterprise

If you’ve got a very big business and need a scalable solution to match your enterprise, opt for the Enterprise option from Process Street. This gives you all the features of the Pro plan, as well as extra services like team training, your own success manager, Salesforce automations, and more. Pricing for Enterprise customers is worked out on a customer by customer basis.

Free$0 per month
ProFrom $25 per user, per month
EnterpriseContact Process Street for a quote

tools new │Process Street Tools for Business

Process Street is a useful tool for all sorts of businesses, offering a plethora of features to help businesses improve their efficiency and productivity levels. Here are some of the key business-oriented features offered by this platform.

point new App Integration

In the modern world, the average business can make use of dozens of different apps and services, like Salesforce and Microsoft Office. Process Street is fully compatible with over 1,000 apps to keep your team working in the ways they’re used to.

point new Collaboration

Process Street is also fully supportive of collaboration and designed to facilitate the collaborative process, even for teams on other sides of the planet, allowing you to create and run processes as collaborative workflows.

point new Document Knowledge

Process Street also allows users to create an unlimited amount of Pages to document their team’s knowledge. These pages are free to create and fully accessible company-wide, perfect for writing up things like vacation policies.

Points to Note
point new An extensive workflow management app
point new Allows the creation of processes and pages
point new Integrates with your existing software stack

example new │Process Street Use Cases

There are thousands of companies already using Process Street on a daily basis to improve their own levels of efficiency and optimization. Here are a few examples.

point new Salesforce

Salesforce is one of the biggest CRM companies in the world, and it makes use of Process Street to promote agility and responsiveness for its teams all over the globe, helping workers complete processes as efficiently as possible.

point new BentoBox

BentoBox is a website building company aimed at those in the food and drink business. This company adopted Process Street’s software in order to speed up and streamline the tasks that its teams need to accomplish each day, as well as providing greater levels of transparency for clients.

point new Wodify

Wodify is a fitness and gym management platform. This company wanted to find a way to speed up on-boarding for new employees and help them settle in to the processes and systems of the company more efficiently. It decided to use Process Street, massively improving the on-boarding process.

support new │Process Street Support

In terms of customer support, Process Street makes it easy for customers to get in touch with the company at any time with queries and questions. There’s always a little “Help” button on-screen when using Process Street that you can use to start a chat with a support team member.

Process Street also offers various other methods for people to get in touch. There’s an email you can contact with any queries you have, as well as active social media accounts on sites like Facebook. The Process Street website also has a live chat function, too.

In addition, Process Street has an extensive guide section on its website with tutorials and step-by-step guides to every part of the software. This is really useful for initial training, teaching you how to build workflows, how to run processes, and more.

Live chat, email, and social media support
Rapid and professional responses
Get in touch at any time
Alternative to Process Street – Pipefy
Pipefy is another business process management (BPM) and workflow tool you can use to create and automate business workflows and processes in a matter of minutes, functioning in a similar way to Process Street.
Comparing Process Street to Pipefy
There are plenty of similarities in the ways in which Process Street and Pipefy function, and they both have similar goals and advantages for users. Pipefy has more payment plans but lacks some of the advanced features of Process Street.

conclusion new │Conclusion

If your company has to deal with countless processes and procedures every day and you’re looking for a way to get more control over those processes, Process Street needs to be on your list of considerations.

This app can completely transform the way your organization handles all sorts of processes, covering everything from the simplest and most mundane of tasks to detailed, intricate, multi-stage procedures.

Easy to get to grips with and suitable for a wide range of companies from small start-ups to big, global enterprises, this BPM solution is one of the top options for maximizing efficiency and optimizing workflow creation.

Process Street Logo

Try Process Street Now!

Process Street is an industry-leading BPM solution, making it easy to create, edit, and run all sorts of processes for businesses great and small. It can optimize your efficiency and raise productivity levels for almost any company.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Process Street is used for workflow management and business process creation.

Lots of different companies and even individual workers use Process Street.

Yes, there is a mobile app of Process Street available on iOS devices.

Simply open up the app and click on the "New" button on the top right corner, then click on "Workflow".



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