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Postscript is an all-in-one SMS marketing solution that helps you grow your list, sell more, retain your customers, and deliver great customer experiences. Postscript provides everything your brand needs to win with SMS marketing.

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Pricing ModelSubscriber based
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review new │ Postscript Overview

There are many forms of marketing, and SMS marketing is sometimes overlooked, but can be one of the most profitable and engaging forms of them all. And if you’re looking to enhance your SMS revenue channel, Postscript may be able to help. 

A fully-featured SMS marketing solution aimed primarily at Shopify stores, Postscript makes it easy to make, manage, and implement engaging, conversational SMS campaigns to grow your brand, but is it worth a try? Read our full Postscript review to find out.

Postscript – Best for SMS marketingWhen it comes to SMS marketing, Postscript is one of the best tools to use, allowing you to engage with your customers and build stronger relationships with them, which can, in turn, lead to more revenue and better sales figures.

pros and cons new │ Postscript Pros and Cons

Later on in our Postscript review, we’ll look at some of the key features and use cases of this solution, as well as examining how it works and how much it costs. But before all of that, let’s look at some of the main pros and cons of this solution, allowing you to quickly and easily see if it’s right for you.

Postscript Pros

tick new Makes SMS marketing easy 

The main aim of Postscript is to help users make and manage SMS marketing campaigns with ease, and it certainly succeeds at that goal. This software is really easy to use and demystifies the world of SMS marketing for all.

tick new A budget-friendly tool 

Another great thing about Postscript is how affordable it is. There’s even a completely free plan you can try out to test the basic features and functionalities of the platform without having to spend a single dime.

tick new Excellent customer support 

Customer support is something that the Postscript team takes very seriously. For their premium subscribers, they offer rapid responses, live chat support, and even dedicated success managers to help you get the best value from the software.

tick new Ideal for Shopify 

If you’re running a Shopify store, Postscript is perfect for you. This platform was designed with Shopify businesses in mind, helping sellers attract more attention, build customer retention, and make more sales.

tick new Build stronger customer relationships

Ultimately, one of the best things about Postscript is how it gives you the tools needed to develop stronger bonds with your customers, through its clever automation technology and “conversational commerce” approach.

Postscript Cons

cons new Analytics could be better

While some other SMS marketing solutions have quite detailed analytics and reports sections to show you how well your campaigns are working, Postscript’s analytics are a little lacking and could use some expansion.

cons new Free plan is quite limited

Another downside with Postscript is that the product’s free plan is a little limited. It doesn’t have all the features of the paid plans, which is understandable, and you don’t get much in the way of customer support, either. 

cons new Won’t work well for non-Shopify brands

Postscript is a dream piece of software for Shopify stores, but if you don’t currently sell on Shopify, this may not be the platform for you, as you won’t be able to get maximum value out of its functions and features.

Postscript AdvantagesPostscript Disadvantages
plus new An all-in-one SMS solutionminus new Reports section needs improvement
plus new An affordable optionminus new Free subscribers miss out on key features
plus new Great customer care minus new Not ideal if you’re not on Shopify
plus new Perfect for Shopify stores
plus new Gain customer loyalty and retention

Postscript Logo

Try Postscript now!

If you’re looking for a way to build stronger relationships with your clients, while also letting them know about new products and boosting your sales figures, all through the power of SMS messages, Postscript is a great tool to use.

what new │ What Is Postscript?

The Postscript story begins in 2018. The company was founded by a small team consisting of Alex Beller, Adam Turner, and Colin Turner. Since then, the brand has grown from humble beginnings into a major SMS marketing force, serving thousands of businesses and boasting a team of over 150 employees.

When the original co-founders put the foundations of Postscript together, they were looking for a way to make SMS marketing more accessible and more effective for all. They knew how effective it could be, when done well, but they also understood that many businesses ignored or overlooked SMS marketing or couldn’t figure out the right strategies to use.

Postscript was therefore created as a way to demystify the world of SMS marketing, making it easier for Shopify store owners and other ecommerce businesses to make and manage strong SMS marketing campaigns. 

The result is a fully-featured, all-in-one solution for SMS marketing. Postscript doesn’t just let users create and implement SMS marketing campaigns, but it also allows you to grow your subscriber list, have real conversations with your customers, set up automation to save time, synchronize your store data, and so much more.

When used well, Postscript not only opens up a whole new channel of marketing and revenue for businesses, but it also allows them to strengthen their relationships with customers, build up a great brand identity for their audience to connect with, and deliver the best possible levels of service.

point new Overall Rating4.0/5
point new SMS MarketingPostscript offers a range of features to manage SMS marketing
point new SimplePostscript was designed to be as simple and seamless to use as possible
point new ScalableYou can choose from various Postscript plans to suit your business budget
point new FreeThere’s even a completely free Postscript plan, as well as a 30-day free trial

how new │ How Does Postscript Work?

So, how does Postscript work? Well, the first thing to note about this software is that it’s online-only. So you don’t need to actually download anything or install any files to your device; all you have to do is head over to the Postscript platform and set up your account.

Postscript makes it easy to make a new account, and you can choose from one of the four different plans available. Or, you can start off risk-free with a 30-day trial to test out the software and see what it has to offer.

Once you’re set up with an account, you can log in to Postscript and get to work. One of the first things most users focus on is building up their subscriber list, and Postscript gives you a few ways to do this, such as converting an existing email list, asking people to text a keyword to opt-in, or sharing opt-in links via social media sites like Instagram.

Once you’ve got a decent list of subscribers to contact, you can start creating campaigns and writing the messages you want to send out to them. Again, Postscript makes this all really straightforward, and you can make new messages, reuse old ones, or customize previous messages to suit each situation.

From there, you can go even deeper into Postscript’s features and functions, setting up automation processes so that messages your subscribers send receive automatic responses, or automatically sending out alerts and reminders when new products are launched. 

You can also set up custom segmented campaigns and maximize ROI with targeted campaigns to ensure that your subscribers get the right messages at the right times.

feature new │ Postscript Features

Postscript has many interesting features and functions, making it one of the most fully-featured SMS solutions on the market at the moment. Here are some of the key features of this program and brief descriptions of how you can use them.

point new List Building   

One of the main functions of Postscript is list building. This is when you grow your subscriber list, and Postscript gives you a few ways to do so, including social media links to share on platforms like Twitter and Instagram, keyword-based opt-ins to send to your customers, and email list conversions.

point new Campaign Building

Once you’ve got a list of subscribers, you’ll want to actually start using SMS marketing to target them. Postscript lets you do this, with an in-depth SMS campaign builder tool. You can create custom campaigns to suit your needs and then send out messages either nationwide or internationally, depending on your audience.

point new SMS Creation

Message creation is another fundamental feature of this SMS marketing solution. Postscript provides you with various custom fields, letting you get creative with how you make your messages. You can insert your own text, add shop links, insert photos and GIFs to make your messages more fun and dynamic, and so on.

point new Segmentation 

Segmentation is one of the strongest features of Postscript, and it’s key for making unique, targeted campaigns. With this feature, you can divide your subscriber list into small segments or categories based on factors like location, activity, demographic, and more. Postscript makes it easy to split your list into segments to use later on in your future campaigns.

point new Automation 

Finally, we come to automation. Automations are a big part of the Postscript experience, designed to help users save time and get more done with minimal effort. The system lets you set up certain triggers that will automatically lead to SMS messages being sent, such as the creation of a new account or the delivery of an order. Automations are very impressive in Postscript and work well with the other features, like segmentation.

Why We Need to Use Postscript
point new Make SMS a major revenue stream
point new Save time on your SMS marketing
point new Strength customer loyalty and retention
point new Develop your brand’s identity and persona

Postscript Logo

Use Postscript to get more from SMS marketing

If you’re looking for a way to take your SMS strategy to the next level or to simply start off with SMS marketing for the very first time, Postscript is a simple and intuitive tool you can rely on.

who new │Who Should Use Postscript?

So, is Postscript the right choice for you? And who is this app really aimed at? Well, Postscript can work for all sorts of ecommerce businesses, and here are some of the key industries that can benefit from this solution.

point new Beauty 

Postscript has proven to be hugely successful for beauty brands, as it gives you a way to personalize your customer journey with beauty-related keywords that trigger certain responses and reactions in your audience.

point new Health and Wellness 

Many health and wellness brands are using Postscript to generate leads and turn those leads into paying, loyal customers. It allows you to inform people about what your products have to offer and why they should give your brand a try.

point new Fashion 

SMS marketing with Postscript works well for new fashion brands, too, giving you a way to advertise sales events and the latest collections, getting more customers to your store and generating additional sales with every text.

point new Food 

Food and drink businesses, too, can make the most of SMS marketing with Postscript. Keywords related to food and drink, delivered at the right times to the right audience, can quickly trigger surges in sales.

point new Works across many different industries
point new Only requires minimal training to get started
point new A crucial solution for Shopify stores 

Postscript Logo

Give Postscript a try today

If you’re ready to give SMS marketing a try or elevate your existing SMS strategy to a higher level, Postscript is ready to help. Give it a try today with the 30-day trial and see how Postscript can help your store prosper.

cost and time new │Postscript Cost and Time

Cost is something you always have to consider when using new marketing tools, as you have to weigh up whether or not the cash you invest will result in a profitable return. Fortunately, in the case of Postscript, the vast majority of users agree that this platform can pay for itself many times over.

And in terms of time, Postscript won’t take up too many of your hours. In fact, it’s capable of saving you lots of time in terms of setting up campaigns, responding to messages automatically, sending out alerts and reminders, and so on. Most of the platform’s features are fully automated, reducing the amount of effort you have to put in.

usability new │Postscript Usability

One of the things that puts many people off SMS marketing is how tricky and awkward it can be to make SMS campaigns, manage them effectively, and get results, all while remaining compliant with the strict rules and regulations enforced on text-based marketing.

So, how does Postscript get around all of this? Well, if you’ve ever struggled with SMS marketing in the past, you’ll be happy to hear that this app could change the way you think about future SMS campaigns.

Postscript is a joy to use. Every aspect of the platform, from its streamlined dashboard to its smart campaign set-up menus, is sleek and simple, ideal for beginners and requiring very little training to get used to.

pricing new │Postscript Pricing

So, Postscript is clearly a very useful piece of software for Shopify store owners and other ecommerce businesses that want to invest in SMS marketing, but how much will you need to spend on that investment? 

Well, like other SaaS companies, Postscript offers a range of different payment tiers to suit different sizes of businesses, and you’ll basically have to spend more if you want to send more messages and access the more advanced features. 

Here’s how the plans break down:

point new Free 

One of the best things about Postscript compared to so many other marketing platforms is that this one comes with its very own free plan. Costing no money except the actual SMS rates and carrier fees, this plan lets you test out the basic features of Postscript like campaigns, automations, and subscriber acquisition tools without needing a big budget.

point new Growth 

For the price of $100 per month, you can sign up to Postscript’s Growth plan. This plan is aimed at small businesses and startups that are hoping to build up their SMS marketing programs. It gives you everything from the free plan, as well as additional features like unlimited opt-in keywords, live chat and email support, and unlimited integrations.

point new Professional 

Next up, we have the Professional plan. Priced at $500 a month, this plan is aimed at brands that are already established but want to scale up their SMS revenue channels. It gives you everything from the previous plans, along with priority live chat support, tier 1 engineering support, your own onboard launch specialist to help you get started with the software, and a customer success manager to help you fine-tune your SMS strategy.

point new Enterprise

Last but not least, we have the Enterprise plan. This plan is aimed at big businesses that want to optimize their SMS revenue streams and make SMS their leading revenue channel. You’ll need to contact the Postscript team and outline your budget and needs to work out an appropriate pricing plan at the Enterprise level, and this will also give you priority support, a discount on Postscript Plus, and your own dedicated enterprise success manager.

Free$0 per month
Growth$100 per month
Professional$500 per month
EnterpriseContact Postscript for a quote

tools new │Postscript Tools for Business

Postscript is a great solution for businesses that want to make the most of SMS marketing, and it comes with many built-in tools and features that can help your business grow and prosper. Here are some of the main business-oriented aspects of the Postscript platform:

point new Integrations 

One of the best things about Postscript is that it integrates very nicely with other platforms and pieces of software. Shopify is the obvious one, but there are more than 20 other popular ecommerce apps that run with Postscript, like OptiMonk, Yotpo,, and Malomo.

point new Analytics 

In the world of ecommerce, analytics are essential, giving you the data and reports you need to keep track of your sales, profits, marketing campaigns, and more. Postscript doesn’t have the most in-depth analytics, but it still lets you easily view the revenue generated by your SMS campaigns.

point new Compliance

Compliance is a big deal when it comes to SMS marketing, as you can’t simply send out unsolicited marketing messages via SMS. Fortunately, Postscript is fully compliant with all major regulatory bodies, like the TCPA.

Points to Note
point new Works well with other software
point new Compliant with SMS rules and regulations
point new Suitable for beginner businesses and established brands

example new │Postscript Use Cases

Over 8,000 Shopify stores are already using Postscript as their primary SMS marketing solution, including everything from coffee companies to skincare brands. Here are some examples of companies that are making Postscript work for them.

point new Death Wish Coffee

Death Wish Coffee is a coffee chain that stands out for its immense strength. The company decided to use Postscript to keep in touch with customers and alert them about new product releases, witnessing an incredible 64x ROI.

point new Lotus and Luna

Lotus and Luna is a bohemian jewelry and clothing brand. The company decided to focus on an SMS-first marketing strategy, and with the help of Postscript, Lotus and Luna has grown its subscriber list 18x bigger.

point new Apothékary

Apothékary is a health and wellness brand that liked the look of Postscript’s “conversational commerce” approach to SMS marketing. It decided to launch its own conversational SMS campaign, resulting in a massive 75% click-through rate.

support new │Postscript Support

So, how does Postscript cope when it comes to customer support? Will this company be able to answer your questions and guide you through the features and functions of its software? Well, the first thing to note about Postscript support is that it’s mostly excellent, but the level of support you get will depend on how much money you spend.

If you only sign up for the free plan, you won’t have much in terms of support outside of the dedicated help center on the Postscript website. However, if you purchase the Growth plan, you’ll get access to live chat and email support, with friendly, professional, and pretty fast responses most days of the week.

Those on the highest level plans – Professional and Enterprise – get the best levels of support, with their own dedicated onboarding specialists and customer success managers working with them to showcase the software and help the users make the most of it. This is really impressive, and it’s great to see a brand investing so heavily in customer support.

High levels of customer support
Email, live chat, and help center guides
Dedicated managers and specialist for premium users
Alternative to Postscript – SMSBump
SMSBump is an SMS platform that aims to help ecommerce brands on Shopify make the most of SMS marketing. It can help users drive additional revenue and boost sales figures through SMS messaging campaigns.
Comparing Postscript to SMSBump
Postscript and SMSBump have a lot in common. They offer similar features and target similar audiences. The plans for SMSBump are cheaper, but Postscript arguably offers the superior features and has some of the best customer support around.

conclusion new │Conclusion

Overall, there’s a lot to love about Postscript, and it stands out as one of the best SMS marketing solutions available today. So it’s no surprise that thousands of businesses are already using it and enjoying so much success.

SMS is sometimes overlooked as a marketing method, but it can be very effective, as long as you have the right tools at your disposal. Postscript is one of the tools you need, offering some particularly impressive automation and segmentation features to save you time while maximizing your SMS revenue channel.

The pricing is very fair with this SMS marketing tool, too, and there are lots of options available for store owners of different levels and budgets. So, whether you’re setting up a new Shopify store or looking for a way to expand your existing ecommerce business, Postscript is worth a try.

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Try Postscript Now!

Postscript is one of the top SMS marketing platforms available right now, making SMS marketing easier to manage and far more efficient for thousands of brands and stores. Give it a try with a 30-day free trial.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Postscript is mainly aimed at Shopify stores and similar ecommerce businesses.

There is a free plan of Postscript that offers most of the basic features for free, but you still have to pay carrier fees for messages sent. You can also try a 30-day free trial.

Postscript is an SMS marketing solution that helps ecommerce businesses create and implement SMS marketing campaigns.

Yes, Postscript has full integration with many other ecommerce solutions, like Shopify, Repeat, OptiMonk, and Privy.



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