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Pilot is a bookkeeping and financial management service designed for startups and small businesses. With its online bookkeeping, tax filing, and CFO services, Pilot simplifies financial management and helps businesses make data-driven decisions.

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Pilot Facts

Pricing ModelPackage Based
Free TrialNo
Free VersionNo

review new │ Pilot Review

How do you manage your business’ bookkeeping and tax requirements? One small error and your accounts will be inaccurate, forcing all records of transactions to be checked with a fine comb. Let the Pilot software take care of your bookkeeping, tax, and CFO management, ensuring complete accuracy for your financial records!

Pilot offers you the ability to secure an accurate financial picture of your business. The money coming into and out of your business will be recorded precisely, ensuring your records are reliable! Pilot will save you time when you let this software look after your bookkeeping!

Pilot is best for recording your financial information, providing a complete financial recording service that is respected globally. Gain links in the industry with Pilot community discussions, whilst achieving industry-standard financial records. 

Read our complete Pilot review to find out more about the Pilot software and how it compares to other services! Our Genius Score provides a clear assessment so you can decide how efficient the Pilot software is for you.

Pilot – Best for recording your financial information

Pilot helps you to record accurate financial information for your business.

pros and cons new │ Pros & Cons of Pilot

In what way could Pilot help your business to manage its financial recording? Here are some of the many pros and cons to think about before making your Pilot purchase!

Pilot Pros

tick new Effortless accuracy

Use Pilot to increase flawless accuracy for your financial records, removing the chance that human error will take up more of your time.

tick new Accrual basis bookkeeping

Pilot helps your growing business with accrual basis bookkeeping, along with burn rate.

tick new Integration 

Various software can be integrated to gain the most out of Pilot, including Gusto, and Stripe.

tick new Tax preparation 

Get your information reading for tax returns, using Pilot to save you time and resources.

tick new Dedicated support 

Pilot offers expert support for you when you need it, helping you attain secure financial practices.

tick new Pilot community 

Develop links and gain unquestionable support from the Pilot community discussions.

tick new CFO services

Gain complete strategic financial support with Pilot’s CFO services.

tick new Tax preparer 

Pilot provides you with a dedicated tax preparer, the person to contact when you have a question.

tick new Streamlined 

Pilot offers a seamless online solution to make sure your records are complete and on time.

tick new R & D credit

Let Pilot see if you are eligible for R % D credit for US companies, providing an end-to-end service that saves you money!

Pilot Cons

cons new Backup

The backup quality of the information offered by Pilot could be more thorough for an improved service.

cons new Automation

There are occasionally some kinks in the automation that Pilot offers.

cons new Expensive 

The pricing plans provided by Pilot are expensive and could be costly for a new start-up business.

Pilot AdvantagesPilot Disadvantages
plus new An unmatched accuracyminus new Back up of information could be better
plus new Accrual basis bookkeepingminus new Automation kinks
plus new Integrate with other softwareminus new Expensive pricing plan
plus new Prepare your taxes
plus new Dedicated support team
plus new Link up with the Pilot community
plus new Access CFO services
plus new Receive a tax preparer, just for you!
plus new Streamline your online services
plus new R & D tax credit assessment

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Try Pilot Today!
Pilot offers a precise recording of your financial information, making your business financials fully accurate! Try Pilot today to save you time and reduce the amount of time you spend on bookkeeping and tax requirements!

what new │ What Is Pilot?

Pilot is a strong software that offers assistance to your bookkeeping and tax requirements. Your business will receive accurate financials and recording of your business transactions, reducing human error. 

You can generate expert reports so you know your business’s financial strengths and weaknesses. Pilot understands that mistakes in your financials cost your business additional time and money. Eliminate the need to rectify mistakes with completely accurate information!

Pilot will provide you with multi-faceted support options. You can choose to contact your dedicated tax preparer who is dealing with your data, or a general Pilot support team member. Alternatively, you can link up with the Pilot online community to ask unfiltered questions to users directly.

You can utilize accrual basis bookkeeping, cash basis bookkeeping, and tailoring the software to your needs. An industry-standard format is provided, accessing Quickbooks Online to ensure your data is fully accessible. Furthermore, varying pricing plans mean that different businesses can acquire the services offered by Pilot.

point new Bookkeeping requirements
point new Perfect for your tax needs
point new Eliminate human error
point new Your own Tax Preparer is there to help you
point new Accrual or cash basis bookkeeping
point new Various pricing plans available

how new │ How Does Pilot Work?

Pilot offers your business a financial solution that can be tailored to your business. You can purchase Pilot bookkeeping as a core plan, accessing a specialist expert to help you and your financials. You can record accrual basis bookkeeping and prepare your necessary financial statements.

Complex packages are provided for businesses that are growing or that deal with complicated transactions. Financial ratios will be provided, in addition to monthly phone reviews and a priority support line. 

To assess how useful Pilot is to you, try the Pilot demo now! You will secure a clear idea of how the features offered by Pilot will help your business manage its financial data.

feature new │ Features of Pilot

Pilot is an extra software service that helps to manage your financial information. You can tailor the service provided by Pilot to meet the needs of your business. For example, are you entitled to R & D tax credits in the US? Or, do you need a dedicated Tax Preparer to help with your data?

The complex features offered by Pilot have provided a high Genius Score for this service! What features can your business expect when using Pilot?

  • Manage Bookkeeping. Whether you use accrual or cash basis bookkeeping, Pilot will manage your bookkeeping effectively.
  • Cash Flow. Track the cash flow of your business and assess cash inflows and cash outflows.
  • Flawless Accuracy. Remove human error and common mistakes, ensuring your information is fully accurate and reliable.
  • Professional Support. You will receive personal support from our team, as well as support from the Pilot Community discussion board.
  • Effortless Integration. Integrate different software packages into Pilot, such as Stripe.
  • Build Your Plan. Build the package you need to meet the requirements of your business.

Why Do You Need to Use Pilot?

point new Gain accurate information
point new Generate precise and reliable reports
point new Personalize your support from the Pilot team
point new Integrate Pilot with other software options
point new Build the package you need, depending on your business

Pilot logo

Pilot works for all business sizes! 
Get in touch with Pilot today, whether your business is a new start-up or a growing enterprise! Pilot will tailor a custom package to incorporate the requirements you need for bookkeeping, tax, and CFO services!

who new │ Who Should Use Pilot?

Pilot is a superb service for all types of business. But how could your business benefit from using Pilot?

Follow our entire Pilot review and learn the benefits Pilot can offer to your business!

point new Beginners and Start-Ups

Pilot loves start-up companies, guiding you through every stage of financial recording and reporting. Your personal expert will offer a clear and personal service for your business, ensuring you understand the necessary requirements.

point new Small and Medium Businesses

Secure accurate monthly reports and a monthly call for you from Pilot’s team of experts. Sync Pilot with other tools, integrating effectively. You can also acquire help with budgeting and other services.

point new Large Enterprises

Pilot is a great financial service product for large enterprises, taking care of a large number of transactions in and out of your business. Pilot can help your enterprise make smarter business decisions.

point new Small businesses should use Pilot to understand their financial requirements and needs.
point new Medium businesses need the Pilot service to attain accurate monthly reports and gain specialist support.
point new Enterprises need Pilot to make smarter business decisions and grow further.

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Try Pilot Now!
Pilot is a successful tool for your business, whatever the size! You can make sure your financials are accurate and timely, relieving pressure from your business when creating reports yourself. Try Pilot today and see how your business will benefit!

cost and time new │ Pilot Time and Cost

You will save time when using Pilot! Your financial information and business requirements are taken care of so you can get back to work and do what you do best. Human error is removed so there is no need to re-do your reports or check your information time and time again. 

A Pilot demo is available so you can see how the service works for you. If you wish to purchase Pilot, the Core package costs $599 per month and provides you with dedicated expert support.

Growing businesses can choose the Select package, priced at $849 per month. You will receive priority support and monthly phone reviews for increased personal service for your business.

Additionally, a Plus package is available, offering a custom pricing plan with various add-on features. Billable expenses are provided for, as well as inventory tracking and other features.

usability new │ Usability

A superb Genius Score has been achieved by Pilot! But, has Pilot met its own aims and USP? Read the full Pilot review and see for yourself!

The purpose of Pilot is to manage business financials and provide a complete financial service for your business. A dedicated expert is available to give your support as soon as your purchase is complete. 

You can receive expert support to manage your bookkeeping and your taxes. The most appropriate providers and processes are selected for you, adhering to the nature of your business.

Transactions are sent automatically to Pilot to ensure your financial records are fully accurate. 

Use Pilot to ensure your business financials are completely taken care of.

pricing new │ Pilot Pricing – What Does It Cost?

Pilot pricing starts at $599 for the Core bookkeeping package. The Core package will provide expert support and world-class advice for your business. You can upgrade your package to the Select option, enhancing your support to include a priority line and industry standard financial ratios.

For larger, complex businesses, a custom Plus package is available to purchase, tailored to the needs of your business requirements.

There are additional package options if you need tax support. The Essential tax package is priced at $1,950 per year and offers federal and state corporate income tax filing. US companies with foreign subsidies can opt for a Custom tax package, with prices starting at $4,950 per year.

Furthermore, Pilot offers CFO support, with the Monthly Engagement package costing $1,350 per month. This includes monthly forecasts and business metrics. Enhance your CFO package further with the Annual Budgeting & Forecasting option, costing $8,100 per year.

TrialNo! A demo is available
Bookkeeping CoreStarting from $599/month
Bookkeeping SelectStarting from$849/month
Bookkeeping PlusCustom price
Tax EssentialsStarting from$1,950/year
Tax StandardStarting from$4,960/year
CFO Monthly EngagementStarting from$1,350/month
CFO Annual B & FStarting from$8,100/year

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Discover your Pilot package today!
Find out which Pilot package is the best option for you! Contact a Pilot expert today!

tools new │ What Tools Are Included With Pilot?

Pilot offers you a range of different tools when purchasing this service.

point new Insights

Monitor the recurring expenses in your business with Pilot, budgeting and cancelling unnecessary subscriptions and expenses. Discover the whole, complete insights of your business’s finances, including new vendors that have been set up on the system.

point new Analysis

Assess an analysis of your financial data, with visual representations that highlight your spending across a specific period. Set your insights to incorporate a particular month or time period so you acquire the information you need.

point new Platform

View your platform to gain an overview of your spending and transactions at that moment in time. You will also find contact details and insights for that month, along with anything that requires your attention.


point new Categorize Transactions

Organize and monitor your transaction, categorizing them accordingly. You can choose different filters and requirements to find the transactions that you need, fast!

Points to Note
point new Gain a variety of different insights to help you make important business decisions. 
point new Analyse your information and create visual representations. 
point new Manage and organize your financial information with Pilot’s dashboard.
point new Categorize and search through your transactions and transaction history.

example new │ Pilot Use Cases

Which companies are using Pilot to take care of their financials?

point new CoinTracker

CoinTracker loves the service Pilot provides, utilizing accrual-basis accounting and being responsive to their business needs. Forecasts and analyses can be generated, informing the next steps in business decision-making.

point new Pinch of Yum

Pinch of Yum is a food blog that has expanded to include subsidiaries. The business loves that Pilot provides them with a bookkeeping ecosystem for their subsidiaries. Founders save time and energy by allowing Pilot to take care of their financial information. 

point new Online Stampede

Online Stampede is a content marketing and SEO service that loves the flexibility that Pilot offers. Adaptable pricing plans with various add-on features are a plus for this business, with overspending flagged up by Pilot.

support new │ Support Quality

The support offered by Pilot is unique, with a dedicated expert being assigned to your business when your package purchase is complete. Such excellent support quality has resulted in a great Genius Score for Pilot!

You can access your dedicated support from Pilot whenever you need it. You can also contact the Pilot Community discussion board and talk with other users about the product and service.

You can also email [email protected] if you have any general queries or support issues and go through the Pilot website for support, too.

However, the varying price plans offered by Pilot are quite expensive. Particularly when you add on additional options, you can pay a high price for a full service.

Pilot Support
point new Support is available from your dedicated support expert.
point new Access the Pilot Community discussion board for user support.
point new Email [email protected] for general support and queries.
point new Access support through the Pilot website.

conclusion new │ Conclusion

Pilot takes care of your financial information, automatically accessing your latest transactions. Your financials will be fully prepared, with analysis with an insight dashboard.

You can use Pilot to inform your next decisions, using up-to-date and real-time information from your business. 

A variety of pricing plans are offered by Pilot, ensuring add-ons for tax and CFO services are credible and adaptable. 

Furthermore, Pilot ensures world-class support options. You will receive a dedicated expert support member who will be your constant contact. You can also access the Pilot Community dashboard and email support.

But, how does Pilot measure up against its competitors? A significant competitor is Bench, offering a similar service to Pilot in providing tax-ready financial statements. 

However, Bench only deals with cash basis bookkeeping. Pilot will handle both accrual and cash basis bookkeeping, providing the perfect service for all businesses.

Another Pilot competitor is Sage 50cloud Accounting. Known by many as the original computerized accounting option, Sage 50cloud Accounting is a high-quality system. 

Although, this product does not offer the personal support service and dedicated team members that Pilot provides as a standard.

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Try Pilot Now!
Pilot is a high-quality service that aims to take care of your financials. Perfect for start-ups and large enterprises alike, your Pilot package will be tailored to meet the needs of your business. 

Try Pilot today and let bookkeeping experts get your financial statements tax ready!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Pilot can help your business in many different ways. You can add features to your Pilot package tailored to what you need Pilot to help you with.

Do you need Pilot to take care of customer invoices? Or perhaps you need help organizing and paying your own bills on time? Pilot can help you with whatever you need!

Pilot deals with both forms of bookkeeping. Remember that accrued basis bookkeeping takes into account money when it is earned or owed. Cash basis bookkeeping only focuses on cash entering and leaving the bank.

Pilot offers various pricing packages for bookkeeping, taxes, and CFO. The Core bookkeeping package starts its price at $599 per month. More advanced options with additional features can be added to tailor a custom package for you.

You will need to pay an onboarding fee when you first join Pilot, equivalent to a one-month bookkeeping subscription payment.



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