OpenVPN is a powerful and open-source VPN solution that can help businesses protect their online privacy and security. With features such as multi-layer encryption and clientless access, OpenVPN is a great choice for businesses looking for a reliable and customizable VPN solution.




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OpenVPN provides a means of connecting computers via a virtual private network (VPN) as a means of accessing the internet in a safe and secure way. With a flexible design and even a free version to help users test the waters, OpenVPN is a great choice for those in need of a VPN.

We rated OpenVPN quite highly. To find out why and to find out more about the features of this app, keep reading our OpenVPN review now. 

Pros and Cons

We’ve taken a look at both users’ and experts’ reviews and found a range of pros and cons of OpenVPN. 

The pros of OpenVPN are:

  • Better security online – OpenVPN offers a way for users to access the internet in a safe and secure way
  • Accessibility – OpenVPN is available across a whole range of platforms and operating systems, meaning it can be used by a wide variety of users
  • Free version – OpenVPN offers two VPN connections for free, meaning users can test the waters of OpenVPN before investing

The cons of OpenVPN are:

  • Initial setup – the initial setup of OpenVPN is considered to be quite difficult. Users and experts have commented on the difficulty of the setup, particularly for those not versed in the world of VPNs
  • Additional software client needed – OpenVPN is not built into a platform so an additional software client is needed for setup. This can make it more confusing for novices.


As part of our OpenVPN review, we’ve rated usability quite highly for its security and ease of use after setup. 

Some users have reported that OpenVPN may run slower on certain devices due to the level of encryption. Additionally, the difficulty in setup may be made more difficult without a VPN service to hand.

Though compatible across operating systems and devices, OpenVPN may run into some issues with servers that are aware of its protocols. These servers may block OpenVPN from access. There are always around this which have been detailed online by users who ran into this issue.

As we’ve discussed, OpenVPN is accessible on a variety of devices, but some users have reported issues when using the service on mobile devices meaning that OpenVPN may be better suited to desktop use.


OpenVPN offers a variety of features which is why we have rated it relatively high in this category. OpenVPN connects from a range of systems and operates across a range of devices and platforms making it incredibly accessible.

OpenVPN takes security seriously and multi-factor authentication (MFA) is supported by the services, along with a range of other security measures.

Access controls within OpenVPN are able to specify user and group access to IP addresses. This allows control of direct VPN connections.

OpenVPN also offers full tunnel and split tunnel redirection. This allows all client traffic to go through one VPN tunnel, or a specified tunnel depending on the option you choose.

And finally, users have reported great help from the professional support system offered by OpenVPN. Running a support ticket system, OpenVPN supports its users via its website.

Support Quality

OpenVPN is rated relatively high in the support quality section. This is due to its simple and professional support ticket system wherein users can submit their support queries.

In addition to this system, users can see other submitted support tickets for reference and help. They can also view how-to articles on the features of OpenVPN to support users in working with the service.

Generally, users are pleased by the support system, though it may lack some of the sophistication of live chat features found on other VPN software offerings.

OpenVPN Pricing – What does it cost?

OpenVPN offers two VPN connections for free and from there, users can cater their package to their own needs. With a sliding scale, users can input the exact amount of connections they need and see a price for each. For an overview of price examples, see below.

Number of connectionsPrice per monthPrice per year (saves 20%)


OpenVPN provides a secure means of connection, allowing users to access the internet in a secure and safe way. It offers a flexible design with two free VPN connections for everyone before payment.

OpenVPN offers a flexible payment plan where users can specify the exact number of connections required for a customized price. 

OpenVPN runs across a wide range of platforms and operating systems, meaning it is an incredibly accessible option for a VPN. There are some concerns about the setup process, particularly for beginners, which may make it more difficult for some in terms of accessibility.

There may be some issues with servers, where the OpenVPN protocols are blocked, but there is a way around this via instructions from other users who have experienced these issues.

OpenVPN offers a range of features, including full and split tunnel redirection and access controls, making it a customizable and secure connection for all users.

Overall, our OpenVPN review shows that the app gets pretty positive reviews but is considered better for those with experience with VPNs.

Try OpenVPN now!

OpenVPN is a flexible and free VPN service that allows users a secure and safe connection to use while online. With a variety of features and cross-platform accessibility, this VPN service is a great choice for those in need of one.



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