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OpenPhone is a business phone system designed for entrepreneurs, remote teams, and small businesses. With its virtual phone numbers, voicemail transcription, and team collaboration features, OpenPhone simplifies communication and enhances customer experience.

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review new │ OpenPhone Overview

Business leaders must keep their work and personal life separate, especially on mobile devices. However, many find it inconvenient to invest in two devices. That’s where OpenPhone comes in. 

OpenPhone is a mobile application that allows users to operate from two different phone numbers with a single device, allowing business leaders and freelancers to keep their private and work life separate.

Want to learn more about OpenPhone? We have extensively researched the application and rated it highly using our Genius Score. Keep reading to find out what the fuss is about and why OpenPhone is the best business phone.

OpenPhone – Best business phone tool!
Try OpenPhone to keep your business and personal phones separate – without investing in another sim card or device!

pros and cons new │ OpenPhone Pros And Cons

To give you an idea about what works well with OpenPhone, and what misses the mark, let’s discuss the pros and cons of OpenPhone. Evaluate these pros and cons to determine whether OpenPhone is the best business phone for you.

OpenPhone Pros

Here are the pros of OpenPhone – what you stand to gain from downloading the tool.

tick new Separate Contact Lists

OpenPhone keeps your business and personal contact lists separate. This way, if you have more than one contact with the same name, you can avoid errors. Or, if you have relationships with coworkers or employees outside of work, you can distinguish between professional and private conversations.

tick new Windows Desktop App

OpenPhone doesn’t just operate on your mobile device. You can use OpenPhone on your desktop or tablet to communicate from whichever device you are working from.

tick new Support For Implementation

Customers are continually impressed with the service OpenPhone offers regarding implementation. OpenPhone supports customers and ensures that they can port their number with the app easily.

tick new Affordability

OpenPhone is priced competitively and offers excellent ROI.

tick new Quick Setup And Ease Of Use

OpenPath is quick to set up and easy to use. Users can easily switch between phone numbers without confusion or difficulty.

tick new Automated Texts In Business Hours

OpenPhone allows users to send automated texts and schedule them to ensure they are sent during business hours.

OpenPhone Cons

Now we’ve seen enough of the advantages of using OpenPhone, what are the disadvantages?

 cons new Dropped Calls 

Some users have complained about dropped calls and experiencing sound difficulties while using their OpenPhone business phone. However, it is difficult to determine whether these difficulties are caused by OpenPhone or service issues.

cons new No Customizable Ringtone

OpenPhone does not offer its customers the ability to set a personalized ringtone for their business phones.

OpenPhone AdvantagesOpenPhone Disadvantages
plus new Separate contact listsminus new Dropped calls
plus new Windows desktop appminus new No customizable ringtone
plus new Support for implementation
plus new Affordable
plus new Quick setup and ease-of-use
plus new Automated texts during business hours

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Try OpenPhone!
If you need a business phone but don’t want to carry around two phones – try OpenPhone. OpenPhone is the best business phone app to separate private and business communications.

what new │ What Is OpenPhone?

OpenPhone is a software business phone. The OpenPhone application was designed to fill a gap in the market. Business leaders and self-employed people found that using their mobile numbers for business left them working 24/7 and unable to switch off and disconnect at the end of the day.

The solution? OpenPhone allows business leaders and self-employed individuals to access a second mobile number without investing in a second device. For just $9.99 per month, individuals can access a second local or toll-free phone number in Canada or the US, which is comparatively cheaper than investing in a second device and phone contract.

Or, if the user already has another device, they can port their second number with OpenPhone and get rid of their second device.

OpenPhone offers light CRM and enables teams to communicate more effectively. OpenPhone also offers integration with Slack, Zapier, and HubSpot to allow cross-platform communication and resource access.

  • Use two mobile numbers on a single device.
  • Separate your personal and business communications.
  • Import your second phone number to streamline devices.
  • Use OpenPhone for light CRM.
  • Integrate OpenPhone with your workplace communication tools like Slack, HubSpot, and Zapier.

how new │ How Does OpenPhone Work?

OpenPhone allows users to choose a phone number that will be their business number. The user can select a phone number in the region from which their business operates, ensuring the number does not make potential partners or customers suspicious.

Or, if you have an existing business phone, you can import that phone number and streamline the number of devices you need to carry out daily operations. To do this, you simply need to fill out a form (which will take around a minute) and then OpenPhone will do all the heavy lifting for you.

Once your number is imported to OpenPhone, you can use the app to switch between your business and personal phone numbers. So, you won’t be interrupted by a personal call during a Work call or vice versa. OpenPhone will also let you know whether your incoming call is coming from your business or personal phone to avoid confusion.

You can establish more than one phone number on OpenPhone, and treat each phone number like its own inbox. This feature can be beneficial if you have more than one business.

To help you get some peace and switch off at the end of the day, OpenPhone allows you to place your business accounts on ‘do not disturb’. If you have a persistent spam caller, you can block them through OpenPhone.

feature new │ What Are The Main Features Of OpenPhone?

If you invest in OpenPhone, you need to know which features you will gain and the different types of communication permitted by the software. Here are the main features of OpenPhone.

point new Phone Numbers

OpenPhone allows you to keep your number private, so you won’t get any spam calls or work calls on your mobile device – allowing you to switch it off at the end of the work day. You can store two numbers on the same device without buying another sim card. You must download the app, choose from their local and toll-free numbers, or port your phone number from your existing business phone. 

Phone Numbers

point new Calling

When you receive a call through OpenPhone, the app will let you know which phone is being called. You will know whether the call is to your business phone, personal phone, or any other number on the OpenPhone app. You can also improve your work-life balance by establishing working hours for your calls and using the do not disturb setting. You can also mute particular numbers.

point new Messaging

The messaging function on OpenPhone allows you to send SMS messages, MMS messages, videos, images, and files. You can even choose from OpenPhone’s wide range of gifs to express yourself in a fun way. You can establish group chats for work teams. To help you speed up your communications, OpenPhone also offers message templates and auto-replies. 

OpenPhone integrates with Zapier to connect you with over 3,000 other apps so you can spend less time writing.


point new Contacts 

OpenPhone automates the contact import process, allowing you to import your contacts from Google and through CSV. The app also connects with Zapier, allowing you to communicate with any data or CRM source. You can also share contacts through OpenPhone without using copy and paste.

Once you have uploaded your contacts to OpenPhone, you can add properties and notes to the contact. For example, you might note down a client’s holiday dates, reminding you to ask how their holiday was when you next contact them.

point new Teams

With the teams feature, you can establish a shared inbox with your team to avoid communication errors. Your team can text and call from the same number, and you can make multiple calls simultaneously from the number. 

You can send direct messages to your team through OpenPhone and view who is busy and working. You can also see the status of your teams to see who is online and who is AFK. You can easily set user permissions and effortlessly remove and add contacts to your groups. 

OpenPhone also allows you to use the phone number and user analytics to gain insight into how numbers are used and who communicates the most using the app.

point new Integrations

You can integrate OpenPhone with Slack, ensuring that missed calls, messages, and other notifications reach your employees via Slack. OpenPhone also integrates with Zapier, allowing you to automate workflows and log OpenPhone activity with even more tools. HubSpot is another useful integration that can help you to maintain oversight over your OpenPhone activity.


Why Should You Use OpenPhone?

point new To separate your business and personal phone numbers.
point new To automate contact imports.
point new To create shared inboxes your teams can manage.
point new To make multiple calls simultaneously from a single number.
point new To send automated messages.
point new To set boundaries for your non-working hours.

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Don’t Miss Out! Try OpenPhone Business Phone Now
If you need to separate your business and personal phone for a better work-life balance, try OpenPhone. You can keep multiple numbers on the same device!

who new │ Who Should Use OpenPhone?

Many different types of companies and enterprises would benefit from using OpenPhone. Here are the top business types that could use OpenPhone business phones.

point new Self-Employed Businesses

If you are self-employed, you will already be familiar with the daily struggle to maintain a solid work-life balance. Receiving work calls in your downtime can cause stress, and you will feel tempted to respond to these calls and perform more work. OpenPhone allows you to separate your phone numbers and place specific numbers on do not disturb, giving you peace of mind during your relaxation hours.

point new Startups

OpenPhone is ideal for startups as it facilitates shared numbers. Your team can split the communication workload and communicate from the same number simultaneously. Additionally, as you grow your business, OpenPhone allows you to keep your number private and avoid cold calls targeting your business.

point new Small Businesses

OpenPhone enables small businesses to appear more professional and improve the customer experience. You can establish auto-replies to customer queries that will help you to provide 24/7 attention to your customers, even when you’re not working.

point new Real Estate Businesses 

Real estate businesses can benefit from using OpenPhone to improve CRM. OpenPhone allows real estate businesses to store client information alongside their contacts and easily import contacts from various sources to streamline the CRM process.

point new Professional Services

Professional services need to keep on top of appointments and clients. When a client books an appointment, you can easily send auto-replies to ensure responsive service, even while you’re busy.

Who Should Use OpenPhone?
point new Self-employed businesses – OpenPhone helps self-employed people to switch off and unplug at the end of the day.
point new Startups – OpenPhone helps startups to avoid cold calls on personal numbers and share the communications and CRM workload.
point new Small businesses – establish auto-replies to improve the customer experience without the manpower.
point new Real estate businesses – keep all client information at hand to provide a more personalized experience.
point new Professional services businesses – use automated replies to confirm bookings and ensure responsive service.

OpenPhone Logo

OpenPhone – Give It A Try!
If you’re looking to manage your communications better, why not give OpenPhone a try? OpenPhone is the best business phone app for small businesses, startups, and self-employed businesses.

cost and time new │ How Long Does It Take To Use OpenPhone?

OpenPhone has gone to great lengths to ensure its onboarding process is as simple and easy as possible.

How long does it take to set up a new number with OpenPhone? A matter of minutes. You simply need to select a regional number, and you can start importing your contacts. OpenPhone automates the contact import process to eliminate hours of work copying and pasting numbers. You can import your Google contacts by simply connecting accounts.

If you need to port an existing number with OpenPhone, their customer support team is there every step. Customers have remarked about the excellent customer support for the number import process and found that OpenPhone made the process as smooth as possible.

usability new │ How Easy Is It To Use OpenPhone?

OpenPhone makes switching between numbers as simple as possible. With OpenPhone, you can use each of your stored numbers like inboxes, keeping clear distinctions between business interactions, customer interactions, and personal interactions.

When you receive a call through OpenPhone, the software will tell you who is calling and which phone they are calling. So, you’ll always know which phone is being called to avoid mistakes.

Setting up team functions and automated replies using OpenPhone requires more input but is still straightforward – OpenPhone offers a user-friendly and intuitive service.

pricing new │ How Much Does OpenPhone Cost?

The monthly cost of OpenPhone depends on your needs, how many numbers you would like to store on the application, and the integrations you wish to use.

OpenPhone offers a free trial to test the tool before investing. Each pricing plan with OpenPhone is charged annually, so you must be prepared to pay the cost of a year’s subscription up front.

OpenPhone has three pricing tiers, structured as follows:

  • Standard

One standard toll-free number per user, voicemail to text transcripts, an auto-attendant, call recording, free messaging to Canadian and US numbers.

  • Premium

Call transfers, group calling, advanced auto-attendant, analytics and reporting, HubSpot integration. Plus all standard features.

  • Enterprise

Custom contract, pricing, priority support, dedicated account manager, audit log.

You must pay an additional $5 each month for additional phone numbers. Each tier is priced per month per user, and you may only access up to 10 users on the standard tier. You must also pay $0.01 per automated message via Zapier. 

If you wish to make international calls using OpenPhone, please be aware that you will be charged in credits for these calls and messages.

OpenPhone PlanOpenPhone Pricing
Free TierNone
Standard$10 per user/month
Premium$20 per user/month
EnterpriseContact OpenPhone

OpenPhone Logo

Looking For A Business Phone? Try OpenPhone!
OpenPhone is the best business phone app. Import your existing business phone or create a new number – manage two numbers on a single device!

tools new │ OpenPhone – Best Features For Businesses

Now that you know what makes OpenPhone the best business phone app, we can take a further look at the OpenPhone features that are most suitable for businesses!

point new CRM

Most businesses need to perform some kind of customer relationship management. If you’re using OpenPhone’s business phone, you can ensure that your customers’ information is readily available in their contact profiles. You can make notes for each contact to ensure you remember personal details about each client. And this information will be accessible to your whole team!

point new Shared Inboxes

Your teams can take a united approach to customer communications and access the most up-to-date information with shared inboxes. Your team can message and call clients simultaneously from the same number. And, if you receive a call, the line is never busy.

point new Automated Contact Import

OpenPhone allows you to automatically import your contacts from Google and other applications. So, if you add a new contact to Slack or Google, the contact list on your OpenPhone business phone will automatically update, too.

point new Customer Support

OpenPhone offers customer support for the onboarding process to ensure you can port both your existing numbers and contacts with the software. If you opt for the enterprise tier, you gain an account manager that will help you to manage your account with up close and personal oversight.

point new Automated Workflows

If you integrate OpenPhone with Zapier, you can establish automated workflows for your customer response protocols, eliminating administrative procedures that could consume your time and your employees’ time.

OpenPhone Tools For Businesses
point new CRM – add details to your contacts for a personalized approach.
point new Shared inboxes – allow your team to share the customer communication workload.
point new Automated contact import – eliminate hours of copying and pasting to update contact lists.
point new Customer support – get assistance to port your numbers, and invest in the enterprise tier for your own account manager.
point new Automated workflows – automate CRM workflows with Zapier.

example new │ OpenPhone In Action – Best Use Cases

Wondering what it’s really like to use OpenPhone? Check out these real-life examples of OpenPhone in action!

point new NewZip

NewZip is a startup retail business that benefitted from implementing OpenPhone for customer communications. NewZip noted that OpenPhone allowed them to set boundaries with customer communications while still providing an attentive service that allowed customers to communicate with them over the phone, via SMS, and through emails.

point new The Strength Co.

The Strength Co. is a small gym business that has used many business phone services in the past, finding that OpenPhone was the best business phone they had used. They found that it streamlined all of their customer communications and rated it 10/10.

point new McKnew Realty Group

President of the McKnew Realty Group, Frank McKnew, found that his role as a real estate agent left him fielding calls 24/7. With OpenPhone, he could delegate communications to his team and ease the burden of client communications.

point new Coterie Insurance

Coterie Insurance evaluated all of its options before investing in OpenPhone, finding that it was the best all-around business phone service. Coterie Insurance particularly likes the round-robin feature of OpenPhone that sends calls to each team member if one person is unavailable.

support new │ OpenPhone Customer Support

If you’re considering using OpenPhone for your business phone, you need to know what support is available to help you get set up and to help you with any queries you might have while using the service.

OpenPhone offers live demos of the tool on their website, along with a Q&A section containing frequently asked questions for self-serve customer support. 

The Help Center on the OpenPhone website also offers various guides to help you learn about the software and how to use it. The help center also offers a troubleshooting guide to help you with any technical difficulties along the way.

You can email OpenPhone directly for more extensive support. Or, with the enterprise tier, contact your account manager with any queries you might have.

What Support Is Available With OpenPhone?
point new FAQs
point new Instructional videos
point new Email helpdesk
point new Account manager (enterprise tier only)
point new Troubleshooting support
Alternative To OpenPhone – Google Voice
This alternative to OpenPhone is a business phone application that allows the user to port numbers and make voice calls to users with compatible devices. Google Voice filters spam calls, and integrates with hangouts, meets, and calendars.
Google Voice – Compared With OpenPhone
When compared with OpenPhone, Google Voice does not offer the same quality of call forwarding features. Additionally, Google Voice does not offer a clear way to distinguish between personal and business calls, whereas OpenPhone makes it clear which phone is receiving the call.

conclusion new │ Conclusion

OpenPhone is an application that helps business leaders and entrepreneurs separate their business phones and personal phones on a single device. Self-employed individuals and business leaders can often find it difficult to switch off once they’ve finished the day’s work. Especially if their phone is buzzing with messages from clients.

OpenPhone allows you to keep your business contacts, calls, and messages separate from your personal phone number. You can seamlessly switch between phone numbers and treat each number as a mailbox. Mute contacts and place your phone number on do not disturb to maintain your work-life balance.

OpenPhone also allows teams to work together on client and customer communications with shared inboxes and round-robin call forwarding.

If you’re overwhelmed by business communications – OpenPhoneis the best business phone service for you.

OpenPhone Logo

Don’t Let Business Calls Ruin Your Free Time – Try OpenPhone
OpenPhone is the best tool to help you manage business communications, automate messages, and keep your business and personal phones separate.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

OpenPhone is a SaaS platform that allows you to host more than one phone number on a single device. You can easily switch between your private and business phone numbers and place your business phone on do not disturb for some R&R.

To import contacts to OpenPhone, you can connect the app with your contact lists on Google and other platforms. The software will do the work for you, eliminating the need to copy and paste thousands of phone numbers.

OpenPhone’s service plans start at $10 per user. If you need to add an additional phone number to your plan, you must pay $5. OpenPhone charges annually.

Any business leader, entrepreneur, or self-employed individual would benefit from using OpenPhone to improve their quality of life with a better work-life balance.


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