NurseGrid is a cloud-based healthcare scheduling software that helps healthcare organizations manage their staffing and scheduling needs. NurseGrid simplifies scheduling, improves communication among staff, and enhances patient care.

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NurseGrid Facts

Pricing modelSubscriber based
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review new │ NurseGrid Overview

In the US alone, there are 2,986,500 registered nurses, ranking as the top-earning healthcare professionals. This number also puts the need for organizing the nurse workforce and workload as a top priority. 

NurseGrid is a software solution that integrates management options for scheduling and communication among nurses and nursing departments. The software allows professionals to be on top of the administrative work and shift their focus on patients so as to offer them the best care possible. 

Out of all other options out there, NurseGrid is the best for health facilities of all sizes as well as teams of nurses who need regular upkeep of their workflow and internal organization. 

In this NurseGrid review, we discuss the details surrounding the NurseGrid app and who should make the most use of it. We include pros, cons, features, prices, and alternatives to help you make the best-educated choice.

NurseGrid – Best Solution for Healthcare Efficiency! Nursegrid puts healthcare professionals first. Download the NurseGrid app to manage shifts and paperwork without hassle or delays! 

pros and cons new │ Pros and Cons of NurseGrid

Using the NurseGrid app can help nursing professionals stay on top of the paperwork and scheduling. This ensures a seamless workflow and spotless patient service. And because no platform is flawless, let’s look at the pros and cons of NurseGrid. 


tick new Ease of Use

Due to the user-friendly interface, the NurseGrid app makes navigation a simple process. Nurses can easily access information and see their upcoming and current shifts, laid out in a timetable, and easy to track and update. 

tick new Compatibility

Professionals can use the NurseGrid app to export their schedules to their Google Calendar, Outlook, and iPhone calendar apps. The syncing options in NurseGrid offer a great way to stay up to date with any changes across the aforementioned platforms.

tick new Customizability

The NurseGrid app allows nurses to set up their own worksites, and credentials, and also share their profile information with their colleagues. Nurses who work in more than one establishment can customize NurseGrid to integrate the schedules of each workplace and have all the information they need in one place. 

tick new Info-packed and Transparent

Nurses that use the app get insight into who will be working with them on the shift. This particular NurseGrid option allows nurses to see who they will be working with for the shift. They can share schedules with their attending colleagues and see each other’s timetables.

tick new Convenient

More or less, nurses do need to swap shifts, which NurseGrid also offers. Nurses can choose the days they want to be swapped after which the app generates a list of colleagues who are working that same day. Nurses can send swap requests as easily as a tap on a screen.


cons new Lack of Customer Support Options

Nurses or employees working in nursing departments might have to wait for hours or days to get a reply for a pressing matter. It is one of the major drawbacks of NurseGrid that customers would like to see changed.

cons new Limited Day-Off Options

If a nurse has been granted days off for specific times each month or week, there is no option to enter the data in the app. With this limited day-off tracking option, medical staff finds it challenging to keep up with the latest changes. 

cons new Frequent App Crashes

A number of NurseGrid users have reported the app crashing in the middle of entering shifts in the app. Having to force-close the app and restart it is a frustrating experience that many NurseGrid users point out.

cons new No FAQs Section

NurseGrid users that want to look up an answer to a question without contacting user services won’t be able to find any since the app has no FAQ section. If a user needs an answer to a common question, they have no way of getting it with the app. 

cons new No Payroll Management

Nurses that use the app notice the lack of payroll managing features as a drawback. Compared to its competitors, NurseGrid doesn’t offer an option to manage salaries, only technical aspects.

NurseGrid AdvantagesNurseGrid Disadvantages
plus new Easy to useminus new No reliable customer support
plus new Convenient minus new Restricted day-off entry options 
plus new Highly customizableminus new Unstable Dev Build
plus new Compatible with popular appsminus new Lack of FAQs
plus new Information-richminus new Missing payroll-management options


Best of Both Worlds? – Yes, Please! 

Stay on top of your shifts with NurseGrid! Compatible with Google Calendar, iPhone Calendar, and Outlook, join NurseGrid to manage your working schedule and a team of colleagues with a simple tap of a screen button!

what new │ What is NurseGrid?

NurseGrid is a web and mobile app that helps nurses and nursing professionals keep their schedules and related paperwork in a single place. NurseGrid is a simple-to-use app that allows users to have uninterrupted access to their shifts and schedules, and have insight into their credentials. 

NurseGrid goes hand in hand with NurseGrid Manager, a web-based app that can also be used on mobile. NurseGrid offers healthcare professionals and facilities the chance to manage their workflow so as to ensure the utmost productivity and efficiency.

NurseGrid integrates a user’s calendar and schedules to ensure uninterrupted and timely communication across all departments and individuals.

As an app, NurseGrid is available for all mobile devices, both iOS, and Android. It offers syncing options and keeps nurses in the loop of any changes in their working hours, working locations, and more.

how new │ How Does NurseGrid Work?

Using NurseGrid is pretty easy and works similarly to other management apps. It focuses on managing the working responsibilities of nurses and makes it easier for them to follow working schedules and shifts across multiple devices – and for different worksites.

With NurseGrid, all nurses within a team get access to their working schedule which they can also share with colleagues. Before using the app, NurseGrid administrators need to fill in the schedule template and use color-coordinated sections for distinct working hours and workdays. 

Nurses will get a visually-pleasing overview of their schedule. If they need to request a shift swap, for example, they can do so easily. The shift will be registered in real-time, leaving no chance of miscommunication.


Did you know? 
NurseGrid was designed by an actual nurse! Today, there are 3.1 million registered nurses to the app in the US alone!

feature new │ NurseGrid Main Features

NurseGrid is a rounded work management app that boasts many features nurses find useful 

point new Simple Sharing of Department Schedules

Overloads of paperwork rendering workers inefficient inspired NurseGrid to offer managers a less time-crunching option for distributing work schedules. Thanks to NurseGrid, healthcare managers can organize and disperse whichever work-related documents they need to deliver to employees. Shift calendars and work schedules for each nurse can be easily distributed, regardless of their format (Excel or other). 

point new Real-time Swap Requests 

Whenever a nurse creates a request for a shift swap or giveaway, the department will be alerted via NurseGrid’s push notifications. Regardless of the reason for the giveaway or the swap, nurses are allowed to place a request and it is up to the manager to accept or decline it.

The reason why this feature stands out is because nurses like having the option to swap shifts without having to file a bunch of hard-copy requests and go knocking on doors. With NurseGrid, they can do it all with a click of a button. Even more, those looking to take on an extra shift can sign up for a shift giveaway, too.

point new Fill in Vacancies with Ease

NurseGrid allows managers to get instant notification in the case of an open shift. Next, managers can choose to notify the network of nurses when a shift is up for grabs, so the vacancy can be filled right in. 

Nurses will usually display their availability, so managers can get a better insight into who’s eligible to work the shift. Even when nurses aren’t actively using the app, they’ll still receive an open-shift notification. When managers get a response, they can approve them, or let the tool do it. 

point new Single-Platform Use

Successfully organizing and storing work-related info such as worksite information and working schedule is one of NurseGrid’s best features. Every bit of working information is available in a single platform – no need to open multiple tabs.

Thanks to the uniformity of the app, both health facility managers and nurses use one single platform. They gain insight into who is working at a certain time period, and managers can take action once a request comes in. NurseGrid is a platform that monitors changes in shifts as soon as they are registered. It also tracks staff needs and monitors employee credentials. 

point new Versatile Client Base

What makes NurseGrid one of the most downloaded apps for work management is the fact that the platform can be used by any healthcare establishment regardless of its size. 

Large corporations, mid-size clinics, non-profit organizations, or small businesses can reap the benefits of NurseGrid, seamlessly. Essentially, nonprofits and large enterprises are considered NurseGrid’s most prominent users. Sure, that does not mean other healthcare facilities can’t utilize the features of the app to their advantage for a time and cost-efficient workflow.

Reasons to Use NurseGrid

point new UsabilityNurseGrid is a highly functional app with a diverse usability scope. It manages scheduling, communication, and staffing. Managers can use it to track employee certificates and fill in open shifts quickly.
point new AccessibilityNurseGrid works on major operating systems like Android and iOS. Supported by the NurseGrid Manager, the app can be synced and made accessible across all devices.
point new All-in-One SolutionDue to the app’s comprehensiveness, you won’t need any add-ons to find schedules. Work schedules, shift swaps, chatting, or placing requests – it is all done within the app. 
point new Time-efficientUpdating and dispersing work schedules and timetables are time-consuming and inefficient. Filling open shifts, managing requests, and noting the availability status of employees are made easy with NurseGrid. It makes scheduling simple, fast, and accurate.
point new CompatibilityLink existing spreadsheets and calendars to the app. You won’t have to use different apps to check the schedule or see who’s working the next day. NurseGrid allows users to connect their Google Calendar, iPhone calendar, and Outlook to the app, and stay on top of the workflow.

who new │Who Should Use NurseGrid?

NurseGrid is designed to fit the needs of healthcare professionals, particularly nurses. Moreover, anyone who is part of a nursing department can make great use of the app, too.

Simple to use, NurseGrid can be used by anyone, regardless of age or tech-savviness.

point new Nurses

Nurses are the focal target group of the app. NurseGrid allows nurses to browse through work schedules, communicate 1 on 1 with a colleague, or message a group of coworkers within the app. Since nurse schedules are always packed, frequent shit swaps and changes are expected. 

Nurses of every proficiency level can use the app seamlessly and without hassle. 

point new Healthcare Managers

Managers in a health facility can make the most use of NurseGrid since it will make their day-to-day work management much easier. Distributing work schedules, tracking employee availability statuses, and approving/declining requests can be made from within the app in a timely fashion. Every time a manager changes the work schedule for a single nurse or a group of nurses, everyone involved will get real-time notifications. 

point new Establishments

Different-sized healthcare establishments can make great use of NurseGrid. Whether the establishment is a non-profit with as few as 5 nurses on board, or a large corporation with 50+ nurses, everyone will get the same level of efficiency and quality assurance.

Who Can Use NurseGridCorresponding Features and Tools
point new NursesFollow schedules, receive notifications, place requests, and communicate with a group or a single user.
point new Healthcare ManagersManage workflow for every employee, monitor open shifts and employee availability, manage requests, and disperse schedules.
point new Different-size Establishments Manage the entire workflow of a nursing department, enter employee data, and stay in control of vacancies.


Stay on Top of Your Game with NurseGrid! 

Ensure maximum efficiency and an uninterrupted workflow – join NurseGrid for a wholesome service that lets you manage your workforce in a single click!

cost and time new │Time and Money Consumption

Both aspects of using NurseGrid will take virtually nothing out of your pocket and time.

Installing NurseGrid takes a minute or two and costs nothing. 

There are no hidden costs or in-app purchases. NurseGrid is a 100% free-to-use app. Time-wise, downloading and installing NurseGrid will take no more than a minute. Thanks to the app’s user-centered functionalities, setting it up is also made easy.

usability new │Is NurseGrid User-Friendly?

NurseGrid prides itself on being a user-centered app that puts the users’ requirements first.

The app’s simple UI allows users to navigate it without any issues. And, with everything clearly labeled and categorized, users can quickly find what they are looking for. Whether a nurse needs to place a time-off request or offer to swap shifts, it can be done in a few clicks.


NurseGrid is compatible with both iOS and Android systems, meaning it can be used on:

  • Android
  • iPhone/iPad
  • Web-based
  • Apple Watch

Other than using the app on your smartphone, you can easily carry it with you on the go, right in your smartwatch. NurseGrid is available for both iOS smartwatches and Android ones, which you can link to your main NurseGrid account and get all the recent newsletters and work-related info from the get-go.

pricing new │Pricing

NurseGrid is a free-to-use app that nursing professionals and healthcare managers can download free of charge.

In-app purchases are also not an option in NurseGrid – you won’t get interrupted managing the work schedules of the nurses in your team, nor will you be asked to pay for extra features. What you see is what you get, no hidden fees.

Since there are no monthly subscriptions, once you download the app, you are free to use it for as long as you want, there are no limitations to the period of free use.

NurseGrid Pricing

point new DownloadFree
point new Premium Accountfrom $349/month


Improve Your Workflow Today! 

Download NurseGrid for free and enjoy a range of nifty features to ensure a smooth and uninterrupted workflow!

tools new │Most Notable NurseGrid Tools

NurseGrid is packed with handy tools and features that allow both managers and nurses to stay on top of what’s happening in the workplace. 

From tracking employee availability and performance to managing communication, let’s discuss the neatest NurseGrid tools in more detail.

point new Activity Tracking and Management

Healthcare managers can use NurseGrid for tracking and management purposes. Namely, the manager can use the app to monitor the professional engagement of an employee, whether they have been working enough shifts or would they use it to take on more. 

Moreover, managers are in control of how the working schedules are dispersed, and who should be included in the schedule. By monitoring employee activity, managers get insight into who’s been working overtime and who can be assigned more shifts.

point new Activity Dashboard

The activity dashboard in NurseGrid allows nurse managers to review every shift-related activity within the department. Namely, the dashboard enables managers to gain fast access to features like Flex Staff Off, Fill Open Shift, and Call Shift, all of which can be found as buttons on the top right-hand side of the screen.

Daily Details are also available on the right-hand side of the screen and let managers get to the most pressing matters at once.  In case of any swap requests or pending open shifts, nurse managers can get all the info right there in the Daily Details. Also, managers can click on the History button and see logs and records of past activities like approved/declined requests, flex offs, swaps, and so on.

point new Automated Scheduling

NurseGrid allows managers to save time on manually updating the schedules for the entire department by automating the scheduling process. Namely, managers can add multiple shifts within one calendar that applies to all nurses.

To do so, use the “+” button located in the corner of the calendar, and add as many shifts as needed at a specific time interval. Tap on the “Add Events” button at the bottom of the calendar and then tap all days you wish to add. And you are done. 

point new Event Management

Adding and managing events for a specific employee or a whole department is a rather simple functionality in NurseGrid. Managers can access the Schedule tab on the left-hand side of the screen and navigate to Week>Draft Schedule.

Afterward, managers can choose to upload their own excel or .csv file and manage events.
After clicking on the Add Draft Event, managers will see the Add Draft screen, where they can select the date or multiple dates, assign shifts and specify the details, like Event Type, start and end time, add notes, and so on.

Once the above process is completed, managers can proceed to assign one or more shifts to as many staff members as needed. Just select the Assignees button on the left-hand side of the screen and check the box next to the assignee’s name. To complete the process, click the Save and Close button.

point new Department Control

NurseGrid allows nurse managers to gain access to the activities of an entire department and monitor the daily activities. To be able to do so, managers should first add the staff members comprising the department. Click the Staff tab on the left-hand side of the screen and select the names of staff members. This will create a list of staff members, labeled as Staff Directory.

Whenever you would like to make a change in working hours or worksites, you can select the Staff Directory and have everyone on the list notified.

To wrap up the aforementioned details, these are the NurseGrid tools that stand out the most:

Best NurseGrid ToolsWhy Do You Need It? 
point new Real-time notificationsWhenever you need to fill an open shift, nurses will get a push alert and be able to respond right away, in real time.
point new Shift-SwappingEspecially beneficial for nurses, the shift-swapping option in NurseGrid allows them to swap shifts seamlessly.
point new Mobile AccessStay on top of what’s happening at work even when you are out and about. Nurses and managers can access NurseGrid on their smartphones, both Android and iOS.
point new Free to UseProbably the number 1 reason why many users enjoy NurseGrid is that it’s free, there are absolutely no charges for downloading and using the app.


Become Part of the NurseGrid Community! 

Incorporate all of your work-related spreadsheets and staff directories in a single platform. Create and follow workflows without interruptions, hassle, and free of charge – download NurseGrid today!

example new │NurseGrid Usage: Real-Life Examples

Using a work-management app like NurseGrid, aimed at easing the scheduling and tracking process of nurses and healthcare facilities has been an enjoyable experience for many.

For instance, Courtney C. a nurse manager in a mid-size healthcare establishment says that employees love how simple and easy to use NurseGrid is. Courtney continues explaining how NurseGrid has helped increase the efficiency of the scheduling process by sharing notes and tracking the availability statuses of the employees. 

Another satisfied NurseGrid user, Mary G, a nurse practitioner in a large healthcare facility, says she’s been able to swap shifts with her colleagues in a matter of minutes. Although she needed some training to understand everything NurseGrid can do, once she got a hold of it, she’s been using it every day, without any trouble.

support new │Customer Support at NurseGrid

NurseGrid can use some improvements in the Customer Support division. Namely, users have reported waiting for days for a correspondent to provide an answer to an inquiry. 

However, the website offers a ticketing system that you can fill out and wait to be served. Other than submitting a ticket, you can browse through the Blog section on the website and find a topic of interest that might offer a solution. Moreover, you can pay NurseGrid a visit at their office in Nashville, TN, or give them a call at 1 (866) 635-8151. 

Luckily, NurseGrid holds an active social media presence so you can easily find them on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, or Youtube and chat. If you prefer to send them an e-mail, this is NurseGrid’s address: [email protected]

NurseGrid Customer Support OptionsDetails
point new In person500 11th Avenue North Suite, 1000Nashville, TN 37203
point new Telephone1 (866) 635-8151
point new E-mail[email protected]
A Worthy NurseGrid Alternative: ScheduleFlex
ScheduleFlex is a cloud-based platform enabling online access to workforce management and scheduling processes across any device or user location. ScheduleFlex works best for businesses depending on an hourly workforce that finds accurate scheduling and real-time alerts crucial for their day-to-day operations. As opposed to NurseGrid, ScheduleFlex utilizes a subscription model, so users need to pay to use the app, whereas NurseGrid doesn’t charge anything to download and use the app.
How Does NurseGrid Compare to ScheduleFlex?
In essence, there are two major differences between NurseGrid and ScheduleFlex. One is the cost of the platform and the second is their customer support. To start, NurseGrid is free to use, whereas ScheduleFlex works with subscription plans. 

In all fairness, NurseGrid does offer a particular subscription model for Premium accounts, but that does not take away from the fact that everyone is welcome to use the free version at no cost. As for how well the two platforms deal with customer inquiries, NurseGrid falls into second place, compared to ScheduleFlex which boasts superb customer services. 

ScheduleFlex is at its users’ disposal through the FAQs/Forum sections and offers 24/7 client support, a searchable knowledge base, email or Help Desk support, chat options, and phone support. On the other hand, NurseGrid offers limited options for user support, sporting e-mail support, a ticketing system, and communication by phone. The app also lacks an FAQ section.

In terms of targeted audiences, ScheduleFlex isn’t aimed at a specific industry branch but is more of an open, HR, work management app. At the same time, NurseGrid caters to the needs of nursing professionals and healthcare establishments.

conclusion new │Final Thoughts

Considering all the major perks and drawbacks that come with using NurseGrid, it is safe to say that it is one of the most downloaded and trustworthy work management apps for nursing professionals.

Keeping its users in mind, NurseGrid is designed to offer smooth and uninterrupted app navigation and allows nurses to gain fast access to their work documents, schedules, and everything else that is work-related. From offering managers easy access to employee performance to allowing nurses to swap shifts with a single click, NurseGrid stands out as one of the best work management apps for healthcare establishments of all sizes.

NurseGrid brings together functionality and efficiency in a single platform, allowing medical professionals like nurses to be able to dedicate more of their time tending to patients, letting NurseGrid “do all the paperwork.”

By being part of the NurseGrid community, your business will boost its efficiency levels and maintain a spotless work environment.


Get in the Grid Now! 

Let NurseGrid take care of the scheduling, tracking, and monitoring of employee performance and help you fill open shifts as soon as they appear. Download NurseGrid free of charge, and boost your work performance like never before!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

NurseGrid is a free-to-use app - downloading it doesn’t cost anything. Ever since 2015, more than 400,000 nurses across the U.S. have used NurseGrid to navigate their work responsibilities.

NurseGrid was developed with medical professionals (nurses and nurse managers) in mind. Everyone that falls into the nursing category can use the app. Large healthcare corporations, non-profits, or small healthcare clinics can rely on NurseGrid for smooth work management.

NurseGrid is cloud-based software, which means it can be accessed on any device - desktops or smartphones.

Yes, NurseGrid is compatible with iOS systems, which means you can use it on your Apple Watch, or your iPhone.


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