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NurseGrid Review


NurseGrid offers integrated staffing, schedule, and communication management options for nurses and nursing departments. This software solution empowers people to handle administration work efficiently and focus on providing top-notch care to patients.

Nurses can effectively see their shifts and schedules, find out who they’re working with that day, send messages to colleagues, and keep track of their credentials.

It works in conjunction with NurseGrid Manager, a web app that integrates with NurseGrid Mobile. The goal is to help healthcare facilities save time and money by making departments productive.

Please read the entire NurseGrid review to get a better idea of what it offers. Then, you may compare it to other products. Generally, we feel that this is a decent product with a good Genius score.

Pros and Cons


  • Easy to use – Nurses can quickly see when and where to be each day.
  • Various Exports – Add your shifts to Google Calendar, Outlook, and iPhone calendar apps.
  • Add other events – You can quickly add classes and meetings you have to attend.
  • Great asset – On-the-go nurses find information fast and can go about their day.
  • Quick editing and modifications as needed – Schedules change periodically, but you can modify anything to make it customized to your needs.


  • Can’t schedule recurring days off – No function lets you add specific days off that occur all the time.
  • Inconsistent customer support – You might wait minutes or days to hear back from the customer care team with questions.


When choosing any software to use, it’s ideal to focus on the usability of the product. Is it easy to set up and use? Do people like the interface?

This software has a good genius score, and that translates to decent usability. Let’s focus on that more:

The main functions of the app are:

  • Staffing
  • Scheduling
  • Communication 

Overall, the consensus is that this software makes it easier for people to create schedules, add and edit as needed, swap shifts, pick up extra jobs, and do it all from the app. It improves productivity because people aren’t spending hours looking at notes and different sheets to get the information necessary.

However, it isn’t necessarily the easiest to use. While most nurses can get information effortlessly, adding it into the system as a manager is a bit harder. Sometimes, it’s hard to log in, as well. That might happen when multiple people try to access the app from the same network.

The communication aspect is one that most people focus heavily on. You can quickly talk to colleagues about specific issues without having to track them down at work. Consider using this feature to discuss schedule changes or ask someone to take your shift.


This app has various features, but here are the most important ones listed in our NurseGrid review:

Single Platform Usage

The application allows managers and nurses to use one application. Know who’s working at a specific time, act quickly on shift change requests and staffing needs, and monitor credentials to know when they are set to expire.

Share Department Schedules Easily

Managers often find it time-consuming to distribute and organize each nurse’s work schedule. With this app, you can quickly and easily share them, whether you create them on Excel or paper.

Fill Open Shifts Fast

This application lets you alert nurses immediately when there are open shifts. Focus on their indicated availability and who is already working that day. Plus, the tool can automatically approve those who respond, or you can do that yourself. 

If the nurses aren’t using the app at the time, they still get text notifications.

Real-time Swap and Giveaway Requests

Everyone receives push alerts when a nurse creates a swap or giveaway request. That means they either can’t work the shift or don’t want to do so. Managers can review them and approve or decline them at will. Nurses instantly get a notification about the decision you’ve made.

Support Quality

Everyone has questions when they’re learning about new software. NurseGrid offers a large knowledge base to help you. It’s best to select whether you’re a manager or nurse, but you can search for anything on the company’s website under the “get support” tab.

If your question is too difficult to answer from the knowledge base alone, you must submit a ticket. There’s no phone or live-chat support option here. However, it’s possible to email the company with concerns ([email protected]).

Generally, the brand tries to respond quickly, but it could take a few days to hear anything from NurseGrid. 

Overall, this software has a good genius score. What could make it better is if the support quality was higher.

NurseGrid Pricing – What Does It Cost?

NurseGrid pricing is a bit complicated. The company doesn’t publicly list the cost, but a quick Google search provides some information. Overall, there are two pricing plans, though it’s unknown what the difference is between them. For example, you don’t know if you can have more team members listed, better features, or something else.

We’re not sure if you get a discount when you purchase an annual plan, though that could be a possibility. 

Free TrialYes (with the NurseGrid Manager Mobile App)
PremiumStarting from $349/month


NurseGrid helps managers and nurses keep track of their schedules. 

Typically, managers can automate much of the process and keep track of overtime. They also schedule each shift and can handle float pools as needed.

Things happen, so shift swapping is often a necessity. Nurses can request them, you approve them, and send push notifications to everyone who might help. It’s easier than ever to keep everyone on track here.

One great thing about the application is that people can talk to each other through in-app messaging. There’s no need to integrate another system. Discuss break times, schedule issues, and everything else without having to hunt the person down.

Overall, it’s easy to use, allows people to export the calendar to Google and Outlook, and lets you add other events as necessary. Plus, modifications and edits are speedy!

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NurseGrid is a SaaS scheduling management solution for nurses and managers. Simplify your staffing processes and make things more user-friendly for everyone. Try out NurseGrid now to enjoy everything it provides.