Access your personal or work files securely through a reliable VPN service. With NordVPN, you no longer need to worry about your privacy. This VPN hides you from ads and trackers, making your browser activity confidential. Moreover, its speed and stability are top-notch.

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NordVPN is a virtual private network service that can help to protect your internet connection and privacy online. You can use NordVPN for personal computers, smartphones, routers, and smart TVs.

If you are considering using NordVPN to protect your network, read our full NordVPN review. We have ranked NordVPN using expert analysis and user reviews. Keep reading to find out why.

Pros and Cons 

When researching expert product reviews and the user experience for our NordVPN review, we found that some of the pros of using this product included:

  • Zero-logs VPN service – when you use NordVPN, they will not store or share any of your online activities.
  • Kill switch – NordVPN has a kill switch feature to prevent users from gaining unprotected access to the internet.
  • Multi-factor authentication – NordVPN allows for the use of authentication applications or security keys to protect access to your account.
  • IP Masking – NordVPN will instantly mask your IP address, one of the fastest and safest ways to protect your privacy online.

In our research for this NordVPN review, we found that some of the negatives of using this product included:

  • No free trial – unfortunately, users must subscribe to NordVPNs services to trial their product.
  • Internet difficulties – NordVPN can disconnect automatically if there is a weak internet connection.


NordVPN claims that setting up their product privately and securely browsing the internet is ‘as simple as making your morning coffee’. Their setup process is limited to just a few simple steps for devices, and there are tutorials available to assist with setting up the VPN on all platforms. For this reason, we have rated NordVPN highly for usability.

NordVPN has a user-friendly setup that involves downloading the VPN, choosing the most suitable plan, and selecting which country’s servers you wish to use.

Our research found that NordVPN provides numerous setup tutorials for a wide range of platforms. The tutorials are specific to supported brands; for example, under ‘routers’, they have specific videos for ASUS, EdgeRouter, OPNSense, and more.

NordVPN has a user-friendly UI with clear instructions and offers a mobile app to help users browse using unsecured public WiFi networks without compromising privacy.


Users and experts are impressed with the features of NordVPN, like the vast range of servers available with NordVPN, allowing them to send their traffic through servers in any country of their choosing. For this reason, we have ranked the features of NordVPN highly. Some of the notable features of NordVPN include:

  • DNS leak protection – if you use NordVPN, all your online traffic goes through encrypted servers straight to your VPN provider’s DNS network. NordVPN can screen for DNS leaks to prevent your online traffic from going through regular DNS networks where it may be interrupted by third parties.
  • Double VPN – NordVPN offers double VPN, an advanced security feature that routes your traffic through two servers instead of one and encrypts your data twice.
  • Multiple devices – users may connect up to 6 devices when using NordVPN.
  • Built-in adblocker – once enabled using the settings menu, the built-in ad blocker with NordVPN prevents flashing ads from disturbing your browsing experience.

Support Quality 

Since there is no free edition of NordVPN, all customers are offered 24/7 live support. The support offered by NordVPN is rated highly due to their offering of a help center, live chats, and email helpdesk.

NordVPN’s help center has four main categories: FAQs, general info, billing, and connectivity. There is a search bar to make finding help more straightforward and more accessible. Support is available via email or live chat if your query cannot be answered using their help center.

NordVPN’s response rate for email help desk queries is usually less than 24hrs, and the live chat is instantly available to customers.

NordVPN Pricing – How Much Does It Cost? 

NordVPN pricing has only one payment plan, which includes a monthly rate and yearly rate for their services:

Monthly RateYearly RateIncludes
$11.95$99All features for up to 6 devices.

You may be offered a deal with NordVPN that offers a year’s subscription to their services for $59, but you will be charged the standard rate of $99 next time your subscription is renewed. NordVPN is expensive in comparison to most other VPN services, which are usually priced at a yearly rate of less than $70.


NordVPN is an easy to use and quick to set up virtual private network that allows users to browse privately on up to 6 devices using IP masking. Users are pleased with the amount of servers offered by NordVPN that offers them the ability to set up their VPN in any country of their choosing. 

A bonus of using NordVPN is their no-logs policy which means that none of your online activity will be stored or shared with anyone. Multi-factor authentication also allows users to secure access to their VPN using security keys and authentication applications. 

This product makes secure browsing accessible to all users, with a vast range of how-to guides and youtube videos in their help center. Their user-friendly interface is straightforward and provides clarity, meaning that customers do not have to be extremely computer literate to use and benefit from the online privacy of this product.

Try Out NordVPN Now!

If you’re looking to ensure complete privacy for your online activity, why not try NordVPN? Connect up to 6 devices and mask your IP address using servers in a country of your choosing.



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