NetMotion is a comprehensive VPN and mobile performance management solution that can help businesses improve productivity and security. With features such as seamless roaming and end-to-end encryption, NetMotion is a great choice for businesses looking for a reliable VPN and mobile performance management tool.




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NetMotion Overview

NetMotion is a software company that provides high-quality network security software products to its customers. It offers three main software products: Enterprise VPN, Zero Trust Network Access, and Experience Monitoring. These software products are promoted together as the three pillars of NetMotion and exist to improve networking for a workforce.

Continue reading our NetMotion review to learn about its features, usability, and how it compares to its various competitors. The genius score for NetMotion is excellent; read on to find out why.

Pros and Cons

The pros we concluded in this NetMotion review include:

  • Full remote access: NetMotion’s VPN has full remote access, making it valuable post-Covid 19.
  • ZTNA security: NetMotion’s ZTNA has distinct and detailed security features for both the company and the employees.
  • Real-time employee data monitoring: Netmotion DEM allows employers to gain real-time and valuable data (network, app performance, device performance) to improve their employees’ experiences. 

The cons we concluded in this NetMotion review include:

  • Pricing: NetMotion’s pricing only has two tiers, nothing in-between the core and complete tiers.
  • Problematic connection to other networks: Connection to other networks gets interrupted often.


We have given Netmotion a very high usability score due to its beneficial remote setup and intuitive software.

From multiple customer reviews, we found that Netmotion’s software packages are well made and easy to use. Numerous reviews state that the VPN software loads very quickly and is easy to enable/disable. They also say that NetMotion is excellent on the go and a reliable option if you need to carry on a session out of the office.

Multiple companies have also concluded that NetMotion’s software intuitiveness and ease of use have been paramount when transitioning to a remote business model after the Covid-19 pandemic. Reviews state that the software was easy to transition and provides easily accessible security features to keep all remote devices secure and protected. 

NetMotion’s software is also available on mobile devices and is fully optimized and tested to work on that platform.


NetMotion users like the visibility they have on the network security features. They like that they can easily find the data and that it has a clear layout. In addition, NetMotion gives them excellent visibility on the connection to the network, wifi speed, and more.

In this NetMotion review, we gave NetMotion a high score for its multiple features. The main features on the NetMotion platform include: 

  • Enterprise VPN features: Fully remote VPN with capabilities of remaining functional during transit. There are also fully customisable dashboards for employers to monitor the network, application, and employee devices. You also don’t need to invest in extra hardware to set up the VPN.
  • Zero Trust Network Access features: ZTNA allows for added network security, reduces connection problems, and protects data (even if it’s in the cloud).
  • Experience monitoring features: Employers can see real-time data for their employees, and the software can fix issues as and when they happen.

Support Quality

We rate the support quality of NetMotion very highly because they have multiple options for users to contact them. For example, there are nine different toll-free phone numbers for various countries, including the UK, United States, Australia, etc.

There’s also a NetMotion email and an online maintenance support system that runs 4.00 pm PST on Sunday and 5.00 pm PST on Friday.

There’s also a premium incident report that runs 24/7, 365 days a year. However, this is an extra purchase for customers.

NetMotion Pricing – What Does It Cost?

NetMotion’s pricing is fully quote based, as it depends on the number of users you want to add to the subscription. There are two main tiers: NetMotion Core and NetMotion Complete.

NetMotion CoreYou need a quote for this tier (it depends on the number of users)Full remote VPN access
Cloud version available
Client and server access available
NetMotion CompleteYou need a quote for this tier (it depends on the number of users)Advanced analytics
Diagnostics on security and connection
Filters content on networks
Advanced system alerts

To get an exact quote from NetMotion, you need to contact them via one of their contact channels.


In conclusion, NetMotion is a great software provider with multiple software options, handy remote features, and secure network security.

The VPN software is especially impressive, as it allows for full remote capabilities, including access to a cloud server. As a result, users can use the network in transit or at home. In addition, the software is beneficial now that many companies have transitioned to being fully remote.

The software is intuitive, easy to set up, and loads quickly and smoothly. In addition, the customer support options for NetMotion are vast and expansive, with multiple contact options available and a 24/7 support system available at an extra cost.

Whilst there are fewer pricing options than some of its competitors, NetMotion has many great features for its complete tier whilst still offering enough for its core tier.

NetMotion has excellent software options for its users, and because of that, along with the support quality and usability, we have given it a high score.

Try Netmotion now!

NetMotion is a software provider that businesses can use to secure their network, go fully remote with an extensive VPN, and monitor employee network, app, and device data in real-time. 



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