LiveChat is a powerful live chat software that helps businesses to engage with their website visitors in real-time. With features like chatbots, ticketing, and analytics, LiveChat provides businesses with the tools they need to improve their customer service and increase conversions.




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LiveChat Facts

Pricing modelPer User
Free Trial14-day
Free VersionNo


LiveChat is leading the live chat software industry. It allows users to connect to their customers on their website with support staff. Even though this feature is available in all web chat software, LiveChat is different because it really goes all-out with its software. There are a lot of customization options available as well, and integration is possible. However, the price can be off-putting for some. 

To learn more about LiveChat and what it has to offer, keep reading our LiveChat review down below.

Pros and Cons


  • Sharing – Instantly begin sharing documents and photos through a single link.
  • Constant communication – There is constant communication with external and internal collaborators.
  • Protection – Many files and other forms of company information are protected from loss of access from unauthorized users.


  • More admins – There should be more than one person who can be at admin level.
  • Graphic design – The dashboard could be laid out simpler for users, so it is easier to adjust.


The layout is very similar to Facebook Messenger, which can be useful for those who do not want anything complicated for their web chat options. Many users are able to see which chat they are currently in and have a complete overview of all the information provided by the customer.

LiveChat also allows users to track hundreds of customers on their website in real-time. This is useful because it allows conversation to be initiated by an individual, so responses can be personalized.


Next in our LiveChat review, we will see details about its features. LiveChat gives you many features to use and enjoy, but these are the top four features available to you:

  • Chat Box – The chat box is versatile and allows files, links, or a calendar to be shared with customers. 
  • Seamless Integration – It can be used on multiple platforms, so the user can use it anywhere.
  • Your Customer Support – Your customer support for your customers is consistent every time with premade surveys.
  • Scheduling Prediction – Users are able to see past surges in business, so they can plan out whether or not they need more people during a certain period. 

Support Quality

The support provided by LiveChat is excellent. It uses its own product to provide users with chat support 24/7. It is also impressive to see all the information that is provided in the online help center. The LiveChat team is extensive and thorough with their information, so many users can find out what they need within a few minutes. 

Also, there are video tutorials available for those who like to continuously learn about the program. They are very detailed and include many screenshots from every step, so users know exactly what to expect.

LiveChat Pricing – What Does It Cost?

There are four pricing options here, and each one builds upon the last. However, the features from the free package are also found in the other tiers. There is a free 14-day trial for those to start with, and there is a more expensive version that is paid depending on what products the user wants to add. Here is a breakdown of all the tiers:

StarterStarting from $16 /user/moWebsiteApps
Direct Chat
Canned responses
Agent rating
Up to 100 customers tracked
TeamStarting from $33 /user/moPre-chat surveys
Post-chat surveys
Ticker form
Multiple website support
Up to 400 customers tracked
BusinessStarting from $50 /user/moApple business chat
1000 customers tracked
Chat takeover
Chat tagging
Work scheduler
EnterpriseStarting from individual contract /user/moAudit log
Security assistance
HIPAA compliance
Single sign-on ready
Product training
Software engineer support


Overall, LiveChat is leading the web chat software industry with its features and great support. If a company is going to use its own product to help, then it is definitely one that the team believes in. Also, the pricing is straightforward to understand, so all users are able to pick the right one for them.

 Try Out LiveChat Now!

With a web chat software that is effective and works well, LiveChat is definitely great software to use for any business. Try it now.



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