Intercom is a customer messaging platform that enables businesses of all sizes to communicate with their customers through targeted, personalized messages. With features like live chat, chatbots, email, and more, Intercom helps businesses build stronger relationships with their customers.




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Intercom Facts

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Intercom Overview

You have come to the right place if you are looking for a system that offers live support for your marketing and sales team. Intercom has three main modules: automated emails, a knowledge base, and an intuitive live chat function.

What’s excellent about Intercom is that it’s easy to use and is perfect for newcomers to help desk software. You can expect a great support application to help you deliver a service over and above your customer expectations. 

In this Intercom review, we are discussing some of the features of this platform and explain how it can benefit your business.

Pros and Cons


  • No wait times – Customers don’t have to wait for extended periods before getting help from your support staff or client relations department.
  • Automated responses – With automatic responses, the client can get an answer faster, and if the chatbot can’t help, they can be redirected to a representative.
  • Increased sales – Due to your team’s ability to reply to clients timeously, it helps to boost sales and gives your customer the feeling that you care about their needs.
  • Customer communication platform – Having a single place for all your client communications is crucial to delivering expectational customer service.


  • Report function could be more robust – The reporting function of Intercom works effectively but at times behaves a little buggy.


Delving deeper into this Intercom review we are exploring more regarding its usability and the easy-to-learn user interface.

You can use Intercom to perform dynamic conversation through its highly intuitive backend that makes it easy to manage customer care teams. It gives you a single place to work all your client tickets plus respond to them quickly and easily. 

When using Intercom, you can forget about boring ticketing systems as users appreciate the unique design worldwide. There is only a slight learning curve if you want to use this application, meaning team training can take an afternoon to complete.

Intercom makes it easy to separate team accounts to have specific people dealing with particular customers.

A fantastic email campaign manager built into Intercom includes push notifications and email tracking features.


Intercom is loaded with features that help your business grow regardless of the industry you’re in. It can offer your customers guided experiences related to your company’s products.

  • Integrations – A vast amount of integration can be achieved with Intercom, including social channels, mobile applications, and email.
  • Easy to navigate – The dashboard is easy to navigate and is one of the most seamlessly designed customer service products on the market.
  • Grouping Staff – It gives a company a place to collaborate their projects or support services in one flawlessly designed backend.
  • Automation – Automating responses through the backend of Intercom is a great feature that allows customers to get the answer they want within seconds.
  • Flexible – The user-friendly design makes Intercom highly flexible in multiple use cases for your business.

Support Quality

Intercom offers many forms of support for its clients. A responsive live chat service can help users get the answers they require. Generally, a bot controls it, but you are connected with a human counterpart if you don’t get the answer you expect.

If you prefer conversational support to have records for your business, you can contact Intercom through its website’s contact us page.

Pricing and Plans – What Does it Cost?

Unlimited access to all subscription plans makes it great for small businesses and enterprises.

Start$59 per month
Grow$119 per month
Accelerate$499 per month
Scale$999 per month


No matter how you look at it, Intercom is an excellent solution to help you market and grow your business. The customer support feature allows you to have your team in one place to manage tasks more effectively.

Intercom wanted to change the way people manage their business and has done an expectational job of achieving that. You can benefit significantly from using Intercom to grow and scale your business by supporting your clients and managing your team.

We hope that you enjoyed our Intercom review; you can now go forth and use Intercom as your go to customer support system.

Try out Intercom Now!

Intercom was designed to make your customer communication easy and simplistic. Signing up with Intercom allows you to manage all customer queries through a unique ticketing system. What are you waiting for? Get started with Intercom today!  



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