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the logo for is a trusted provider of data-driven solutions empowering organizations to optimize workforce strategies. With advanced analytics and cutting-edge technology, Insightful unlocks employee potential, enhances productivity, and enables informed decisions for success in today’s changing workplace.




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Trusted by over 2,700 global brands, Insightful Workforce Analytics, and productivity software is a leading provider of data-driven solutions and services that empower organizations to optimize their workforce strategies. Their mission is to help businesses gain valuable insights from their employees’ data and make informed decisions to enhance their productivity, engagement, and overall performance.

With advanced analytics features and expertise, Insightful enables companies to unlock the full potential of their employees, aligning talent management with strategic goals. Insightful Workforce Analytics features include activity and time tracking, data collection, analysis, visualization, and reporting, providing actionable insights for human resources, talent acquisition, and executive teams.

At Insightful Workforce Analytics, they understand the importance of leveraging data to drive success in today’s competitive market and changing workplace. Offering cutting-edge technologies and methodologies to transform raw workforce data into meaningful information, enabling businesses to identify patterns, trends, and opportunities. Their solutions empower organizations. 

Insightful is built from the ground up with the latest enterprise-grade security and privacy standards. Plus, it comes with the ease of remote installation and convenient mass deployment options.

Simple, affordable, and available in the Cloud or On-Premise, Insightful scales up to support the size of your workforce. 


  • Employee productivity monitoring.
  • Productivity management and measurement.
  • Hybrid and remote work management.
  • Time tracking.
  • Operational efficiency and time mapping.
  • Automated time and attendance.
  • Employee experience and engagement.
  • Enterprise-grade security and compliance.

Pros and Cons 


  • Secure on-premise hosting on a network or private cloud. 
  • Simple installation: Easy mass installation options. 
  • Real-time activity tracking: Keyboard and mouse activity tracking and confirmation that employees are working. 
  • Home/office data segmentation: Segment data between office and remote employees. 
  • Stealth mode: Detect suspicious behavior in stealth mode. 


  • Multilingual support: This is not available. 
  • Mobile app: They don’t have a mobile app. 


Pricing starts at $8 per person for the monthly package and $6.40 per user for the yearly package. They also offer a 7-day free trial for new customers. 


They currently don’t have any interactions, but they are working on Jira integration. And are available on-premise and in the cloud for Windows, Mac, and Linux.  



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