HMA VPN is a robust and easy-to-use VPN service that can help you stay safe and secure online. With features such as lightning-fast speeds and no-log policy, HMA VPN is a great choice for anyone looking for a reliable VPN.




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HMA VPN Overview

Hide My Ass (HMA) VPN is a great VPN platform for those looking to successfully stream using the app. Though it is not available in China, HMA VPN can be used by torrents in some cases. Mostly, it is best used for those looking to browse and stream in a secure way.

Our HMA VPN review covers a number of aspects of the app, including its usability, key features, and its support quality. We’ve rated it highly overall and across various categories. To find out why, why not check out the rest of our review.

Pros and Cons

The pros are:

  • User-friendly – the HMA VPN user interface is considered incredibly user-friendly by both users and experts
  • Geoblocks – HMA VPN is successful when it comes to bypassing geo-blocks, even those on streaming services like Netflix
  • Speed – multiple expert reviewers have run speed tests that show the HMA VPN app to have excellent speed scores

The cons are:

  • Expense – the subscription is considered quite expensive for a VPN service and is not available across all regions
  • Privacy issues – there have been past reported issues with privacy when using HMA VPN, including kill switch malfunctions and breaches


Our HMA VPN review research has shown that the app has one of the best user experiences among VPNs which is why we have rated it highly in this category.

The user interface is considered clean, simple, and easy to use by a variety of users and experts. It is also a beginner-friendly layout, allowing VPN novices to use this service. Features on the HMA VPN interface are very clearly labeled and a free trial version is offered, helping users get used to the system first.

HMA VPN is very quick to set up with experts commenting on the ability to subscribe, download, and use HMA VPN within five minutes.

Though there are fewer privacy features on the HMA VPN app, it is still usable for those looking to stream and browse securely online.


HMA VPN rates highly in the key features section because of its variety of usable and helpful aspects.

HMA VPN offers incredibly high speeds making it great for streaming across a range of platforms. It is also adept at bypassing geo-blocks on a range of streaming platforms, meaning you can browse and stream a range of catalogs.

HMA VPN has a large network of servers that supports a strong and stable connection, though it is based in the UK. HMA VPN does not store identifying logs but being based in the UK means it is vulnerable due to the Five Eyes Alliance, of which the UK is a member.

HMA VPN offers a kill switch but some users have found issues with this feature malfunctioning. It also provides IP shuffling, meaning users can change IP after a specific amount of time to avoid tracking. This feature is not available on the IOS app.

Support Quality

HMA VPN is rated relatively high in the support quality section of this review.

The service offers a live chat feature but this is not a 24-hour service meaning wait times can be longer than with other VPN services. 

Users have praised the app’s email support service for its quick reply time and it’s helpful advice, and the HMA VPN site offers tutorial videos as well as online resources.

HMA VPN Pricing – What does it cost?

When upgrading to a premium subscription, HMA VPN offers high speeds and privacy features. It also offers users the choice between five and ten connections. We have summarized the app’s pricing plans below.

ConnectionsBilling schedulePrice per month
5Every 12 months£3.29/mo billed at £39.48 per year
5Every 36 months£2.39/mo billed at £86.04 every 36 months
10Every 12 months£5.99/mo billed at £71.88 per year
10Every 24 months£4.99/mo billed at £119.76 every 24 months
10Every 36 months£4.59/mo billed at £165.24 every 36 months


Our HMA VPN review has covered a range of aspects of the VPN service, including the pros and cons, the usability, and the key features this app offers. It has been rated highly by us in all categories and most users find this app service easy to use.

The app features a simple and easy-to-use interface with clearly labeled features and clean and simple space, particularly helpful for new users. It offers incredibly high speeds and provides a good connection for streaming and browsing.

After a range of privacy issues, HMA VPN does not keep identifying logs but still operates out of the UK. It provides a kill switch but some users have reported issues with this feature.

Overall, the HMA VPN app is best suited to those looking to stream and browse online in a secure and safe way.

Try HMA VPN now!

HMA VPN offers a safe and secure connection for those looking to stream and browse online. With an easy-to-use setup and a simple interface, this is a great option for VPN novices.



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