hide.me is a secure and user-friendly VPN service that can protect your online privacy and security. With features such as high-speed connections and ad-blocking, hide.me is a great choice for anyone looking for a reliable VPN.




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Hide.me offers its users a VPN service with great speeds and a range of expert features, perfect for VPN users with lots of experience. Though the VPN service may not always be technically perfect, it gets good ratings from both experts and users.

Our Hide.me review covers everything from the usability and key features of the VPN service to the support quality and pricing plans. We have rated this VPN service highly, to find out why, why not read the rest of our review.

Pros and Cons

We have collated research on Hide.me from our own experience, user, and expert reviews, and below we have compiled a list of the most commonly reported pros and cons. To find out more, check out our lists below.

The pros are:

  • Above-average speeds – unlike many VPN services, Hide.me offers connection speeds that are above average over both short and long distances
  • Free version – the free version of the Hide.me app allows users up to 10GB of data per month for free
  • Streaming – Hide.me offers very good streaming capabilities to its users, allowing for uninterrupted streaming across a range of platforms

The cons are:

  • Kill switch – some issues with the kill switch have been reported by users
  • Desktop app interface – the desktop apps interface is hard to use


Our Hide.me review covers a range of categories including the usability of the app. In this category, we have scored Hide.me highly due to its relative ease of use.

Users and experts agree on the ease of installation that the Hide.me app offers. Though some users do not like the interface of the desktop app, generally, it is considered easy to use. Some features offer a more advanced utilization of the app’s features, but experts think this may cause some confusion in VPN novices.

Hide.me provides a browser extension for easy access to the VPN but some users have reported that this can be restrictive to use. This feature does, however, lend itself to beginner users of VPN services.


Hide.me features quite a range of features which is why it scores highly in this category too.

Hide.me features great connection speed across a range of platforms, including long-distance connections. This makes the app great for streaming as well as browsing in a secure way.

Hide.me is adept at allowing for streaming from a number of popular sites. This streaming is generally considered high quality and has few interruptions. The connection is also considered good enough for gaming.

The app offers users lots of privacy with a watertight no logs policy to ensure your data is kept safe and secure.

The VPN app offers users a free version that allows up to 10GB of data with one connection across five servers, helping users to test the service first.

Support Quality

Hide.me scores highly in the support quality category because of the high-quality support system it offers its users.

Hide.me provides its users with a support ticket system to allow them to submit queries and get support for individual issues. Users report fast replies from the support system on the app.

The Hide.me site also has a community section for use by users to find instructions on fixing key issues.

Hide.me Pricing – what does it cost?

Hide.me offers a premium subscription that grants users access to up to ten connections, with 75 locations and 2000 servers. We have summarized the Hide.me pricing system below.

PlanBilling schedulePrice per month
1 monthMonthly billing of £12.99£12.99
1 year£99.99 per year£8.33
2 years £119.99 every two years£4.61


Our Hide.me review has covered different aspects of the app, including its usability, key features, support quality, and pricing system. We have rated it highly in all categories and overall.

Hide.me provides above-average connection speed, allowing for uninterrupted streaming and browsing across a range of platforms. It can also be used for gaming.

Hide.me has a watertight no logs policy ensuring the safety of its users while browsing online. Though there have been some reported issues with the kill switch, the advanced features of this VPN are regarded highly among expert reviewers.

Overall, Hide.me gets good reviews from both users and experts and has garnered a high overall score from us for this very reason. For an easy-to-use VPN app with advanced features, Hide.me is the VPN of choice.

Try Hide.me now!

For VPN with high connection speeds and excellent streaming capabilities, try out Hide.me now. With good privacy features and advanced settings, Hide.me is a great option for seasoned VPN users.



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