Heimdall Data

Heimdall Data

Heimdall Data is a cloud-based database optimization software that helps businesses improve their database performance and reduce latency. It optimizes database caching, improves scalability, and enhances system security.

76% Genius Score

Heimdall Data Facts

Pricing modelSubscriber based
Free TrialYes
Free VersionYes

review new │ Heimdall Data Review

How do you improve response times for your website? Slow response times mean a reduction in sales and are, therefore, an important feature when developing infrastructure. 

Heimdall Data ensures you achieve a read/write split, replicating lag detection and improving overall performance. SQL performance analytics are improved, achieving high cache hit rates!  

Heimdall Data’s easy-to-install software application will optimize your code, offering you valuable insight into performance and satisfying users.

Heimdall Data is best for improving your SQL performance across your database and managing connections whilst making zero infrastructure changes.

Read our entire Heimdall Data review to find out how Heimdall Data software compares with its competitors! Heimdall Data’s Genius Score reflects its high ranking across the software market, showing you the best products to purchase!

Heimdall Data – Best for improving your database’s SQL performance.

Heimdall Data will help you to optimize your code, accelerating SQL.

pros and cons new │ Pros & Cons of Heimdall Data

Assessing the pros and cons of a software product is of vital importance before making your purchase. Here are the overall benefits and limitations of Heimdall Data, helping you to make an informed decision.

Heimdall Data Pros

tick new Easy to install 

It only takes a few minutes for most users to install Heimdall Data, helping you get back to work quickly and with minimized downtime.

tick new Single product

Heimdall Data offers one single software product that covers many bases. Using Heimdall Data helps with caching, distributing load, and failover automation.

tick Increase performance

Heimdall Data will help you to increase performance immediately with no need for code changes. Your database’s SQL performance is improved effortlessly!

tick new Query insight 

Achieve expert analytics and insight into your performance using Heimdall Data software.

tick new Read/Write split 

Eliminate the need for code changes with Heimdall Data, ensuring write servers are focused on queries rated highly and read queries are adhered to by replicas. 

tick new Faster raw SQL 

Eliminate the bottleneck and achieve a faster performance all round when using Heimdall Data, reducing query time and improving customer response times.

tick new Increase cache hits 

Performance is improved when using Heimdall Data software, increasing cache hits across the system.

tick new Integration 

Heimdall Data allows you to aid integration between different applications and the backend infrastructure.

tick new Support 

Heimdall Data offers support at any time and for any purpose, ensuring that support is there when you need it.

tick new Security 

When installing Heimdall Data, your system security will improve instantly, preventing data breaches and protecting your data in full.

tick new Improve response times

Improve the response times in your business and reduce the amount of time your customers need to wait.

Heimdall Data Cons

cons new Optimize code further

For the best performance when using Heimdall Data, you will need to use analytics after caching to optimize the code further.

cons new Manual set-up

The set-up procedures when installing Heimdall Data could be more straightforward, offering an easy-to-navigate alternative.

cons new Decentralized 

More resources may be utilized this way, in contrast with a centralized version of the software.

Heimdall Data AdvantagesHeimdall Data Disadvantages
plus new Easy to install and set upminus May need to employ analytics after caching 
plus new Single product covering many basesminus new Set up could be easier to navigate
plus new Increase performance immediatelyminus new Uses a lot of resources
plus new Query insight capabilities
plus new Read/write split to boost performance
plus new Faster raw SQL abilities
plus new Achieve an increase in cache hits
plus new Expert integration between applications
plus new Security is improved for your benefit
plus new Support is consistently available
plus new Improve response times

Heimdall Data

Try Heimdall Data Now!
Try Heimdall Data today and optimize SQL performance, ensuring that your database connections are smooth and without barriers. Lagging is a thing of the past, with zero code changes required to boost performance!

what new │ What Is Heimdall Data?

Heimdall Data aims to increase SQL performance through a database proxy, requiring zero code changes and saving you time and effort. Achieve automated caching, connection pooling, and a read/write split, gaining the most out of your IT system. Overall, the response times that your customers face will improve, and lag times will reduce.

SQL performance is the central focus of Heimdall Data, achieving predictive scale and utilizing optimal performance. You can use Heimdall Data across many databases, working alongside your current processes.

Choose your preferred cache from a variety of options such as Redis, Amazon, and GemFire and use Heimdall Data’s invalidating logic as well as caching. You will not need to provide changes to the application, creating a fast and efficient process!

The Heimdall Data proxy will routes queries accordingly, ensuring to send write servers to attend to higher queries. Replicas are used to service read queries. Ensure that a read-write master is configured and is used in line with a read-only server. Furthermore, Heimdall Data is fully ACID compliant.

Accessing a 1000:1 ratio in reducing connections, Heimdall Data provides connection pooling at an advanced rate. Connections based on each user and each database can be limited, reducing the possibility that the database can become overwhelmed.

  • Advanced pooling connections
  • Increases SQL performance
  • Lag detection replication
  • Read/write split
  • ACID compliance
  • Neutral to vendor databases

how new│ How Does Heimdall Data Work?

Heimdall Data works to automate caching and improve the performance of SQL across your database. Cache nodes are aggregated and formulated as a single cluster, providing expert cache management across the servers.

Most databases are supported by Heimdall Data, offering a clear and visible solution that sees software added to servers. Heimdall Data will work to provide you with the caching logic for grid caches that already exist.

To decide whether Heimdall Data is the perfect software product for you, test the available live demo to discover the many features! A free download is also available as a trial across Linux, Docker, and Cloud, so you can try the software for yourself!

feature new │ Features of Heimdall Data

Heimdall Data will help your business optimize Structured Query Language performance, making your database connections flow effortlessly. Customer response times improve, increasing customer satisfaction and ultimately sales!

Install Heimdall Data in between your current SQL database and the application, achieving read/write split, pooling, and failover!

The increase in performance and insight into analytics offered by Heimdall Data has ensured a significant Genius Score is achieved! How else could this expert software application enhance your business?

  • Read/Write Split. Write servers attend to higher queries whilst read queries are serviced by replicas. Simply configure a read-write master, in conjunction with a read-only server. 
  • Reduce Lag. New data is routed for any read query possessing significant lag time. 
  • Analytics. Gain insight into performance issues using analytics tools, providing transparent SQL performance. 
  • Increase Performance. Improve cache hits!
  • Optimize Uptime. Install Heimdall Data in minutes with no code changes and reduced lag times, maximizing the uptime of your business! 
  • Support. A clear root of support is available in addition to a live demo and blog to answer queries.
  • Security. Prevent data breaches and create a substantial defense.

Why We Need to Use Heimdall Data

point new Operates a read/write split to improve performance
point new Zero code changes are required, saving you time
point new Acquire insight into performance using analytics
point new Uptime is optimized and lag time is reduced
point new Data breaches are prevented using expert security features

Heimdall Data

Heimdall Data works for all business sizes! 

Get in touch with Heimdall Data today, regardless of your business size! Small to medium businesses will thrive using Heimdall Data and can purchase the standard edition software product. Enterprises can utilize the enterprise edition and truly enhance their business performance.

who new │ Who Should Use Heimdall Data?

Heimdall Data is a great software product to use to troubleshoot SQL performance problems. But which users would Heimdall Data benefit the most?

Continue to follow our Heimdall Data review for a wider insight into how Heimdall Data can help you!

point new Beginners

Beginner application developers will thrive when face to face with Heimdall Data, allowing automated cache that immediately helps to improve SQL performance.

point new Experienced

Whilst experienced application developers, DevOps, DBA’s, and Architects certainly know their role, Heimdall Data will further improve SQL performance and prevent lagging through detection.

point new Small and Medium Businesses

Heimdall Data requires zero code changes whilst improves SQL performance, increasing scalability, and saving your team time and energy. Use Heimdall Data to include integration with grid caches and achieve optimum performance.

point new Large Enterprises

Large enterprises will benefit from using Heimdall Data on-site or through the Cloud, utilizing read replicas effectively, and ensuring to use of automated database failover. Conscientious customer support is available via phone or email.

point new Beginner application developers will attain automated cache and improve SQL performance
point new Experienced users will integrate grid caches and increase scalability.
point new Enterprises will use the software on the Cloud or on-site, automating database failover.

Heimdall Data

Try Heimdall Data Now!

Use Heimdall Data to improve your SQL performance and increase scalability today! Whether you are a new or experienced user, a small or medium business, or a large enterprise, improve speed and performance without any code changes.

cost and time new │ Heimdall Data Time and Cost

When buying the Heimdall Data software product, you can purchase a standard edition or an enterprise edition. You will receive phone and email support as a standard so that you can get the most out of your purchase.

Test the free download and the live demo before purchasing Heimdall data and see if this software product meets your needs. You will then need to purchase either the standard edition for $900 per user per month, or the enterprise edition for $2,100 per user per month.

Lagging detection and increasing SQL performance saves you time and achieves faster results. The installation of Heimdall Data is quick and simple to understand, reducing possible downtime and making sure that queries are resolved fast.

usability new │ Usability

Heimdall Data has achieved an impressive Genius Score! Read our entire Heimdall Data review and uncover how this software application meets its USP and overall purpose!

The purpose of Heimdall Data is to enhance the scale of your database whilst achieving a fast implementation. 

There are zero application changes for you to deal with, ensuring a reduced lag time and a faster performance. Heimdall Data is simple to use, offering a hybrid cloud approach. You can split read/write queries and provide caching SQL query responses.

Above all, zero code changes are required, enabling you to make improvements to your performance and cache hits instantly! Backend bottlenecks are reduced, optimizing your platform with caching and pooling features.

Heimdall Data easily monitors and evaluates traffic flowing through your database. Support is instant and increases the usability of this specialist software application further.

Use Heimdall Data and integrate this software application into your platform, reducing lag time and increasing performance today!

pricing new │ Heimdall Data Pricing – What Does It Cost?

Heimdall Data pricing provides two options in their annual subscription offerings, the standard edition, and the enterprise edition. 

The standard edition of the software application includes 32 database CPU cores and can cost from $900 per month per 8-CPU capacity of proxy cores. Alternatively, subscribe to the enterprise edition for $2,100 per month.

Heimdall Data is suitable for small and medium businesses, and large enterprises. Contact your Heimdall Data software provider today and receive a tailored quote!

point new TrialYes!
point new Standard editionStarting from$900/user/month
point new Enterprise editionStarting from$2,100/user/month

Heimdall Data

Discover your custom Heimdall Data quote today!

Discuss with a Heimdall data expert today about the standard and enterprise edition software packages, and find the best option for you!

tools new │ What Tools Are Included With Heimdall Data?

When purchasing Heimdall Data, you will receive various tools that help you to increase the performance and efficiency of your business. 


The Heimdall data dashboard is your one-stop shop for all queries per second data and average query time analytics. Discover the origin of each query and the analysis behind the numbers to assess your automated query caching.


Connection Pooling

Using Heimdall Data proxy, assess your enabled pooled connections to open connections upfront. Connections are borrowed from the pool and ensure that connections are not left idle, returning the connection when it is not needed.

Read/Write Split

When achieving a read/rite split with Heimdall Data, assess the analysis to determine which queries have gone to the master or the reader. Inform yourself with the knowledge required to enhance and improve SQL performance. 

Read/Write Split


Determine the status of your database, discovering the data source and the server name. Use Heimdall Data to find out the queries per second dealt with across each server as well as the connections and replica lag.

Points to Note
point new The Heimdall Data dashboard includes all query information and how the queries are dealt with.
point new See your connection pooling options available to you.
point new Analyze the read/write split and the query destination.
point new Find out your database status, data source, and server name.

example new │ Heimdall Data Use Cases

Which companies are using Heimdall Data at present to enhance their SQL performance?

point new Timesheets

Using Heimdall Data, Timesheets are able to identify any inefficiencies in their databases, resolving the problems that arise. Operational costs are reduced and a great deal of development time is saved as a result of using Heimdall Data.

point new Selling to Zebras

Selling to Zebras use Heimdall Data due to the easy setup and installation. SQL performance can be improved instantly, with no code changes needed. Selling to Zebras love the ‘superb implementation support’ that Heimdall Data offers, providing the right level of support when you need it.

point new Bayer Corporation

Heimdall Data is used by the Bayer Corporation across many projects, discovering the issues causing a slow database performance. SQL performance was increased immediately, utilizing Heimdall Data in a simple and quick process.

support new │ Support Quality

How does the Heimdall Data team support you and your software application purchase? You can secure email support by opening a ticket at heimdalldata.com or calling 1-866-HDDATA4/1-866-433-2824!

Furthermore, a 24/7 live support option is available, in addition to a blog of knowledgeable resources. You can also refer back to the live demo on the Heimdall Data website to refresh your awareness of the software.

Support is universal, regardless of whether you use the standard edition or the enterprise edition of Heimdall Data. However, when purchasing the Heimdall Data enterprise edition, you will receive enhanced world-class support, complete with SLAs.

When purchasing the software application, Heimdall Data offers a variety of options to ensure you gain the most out of your purchase. Receive webinars and live online training, as well as videos and in-person training!

Heimdall Data Support
point new Support is available 24/7 through live support
point new Bank of knowledgeable resources
point new Call 1-866-HDDATA4/1-866-433-2824
point new Open a ticket at heimdalldata.com
Comparing Heimdall Data with Other Software
However, Heimdall Data is not the only software that will improve SQL performance. So, how does Heimdall Data compare to its competitors?

Microsoft SQL Server is a popular alternative, providing an easier platform to use for beginners, and promoting Cloud Azure integration. Although, Microsoft SQL Server does not offer a tailored restore option, instead defaulting to recovery, unlike Heimdall Data.

A further alternative to consider is SQL Developer, offering a more detailed analysis of the data provided. Although Heimdall Data is a much faster software to use, SQL Developer taking a while to export data. 

So, which SQL performance software deserves your purchase? If a simple platform is what you are looking for, then Microsoft SQL Server delivers. If a detailed analysis is more your speciality, then try SQL Developer. However, for an overall, high-quality software to improve your SQL performance, Heimdall Data certainly ticks all the boxes.

conclusion new │ Conclusion

Heimdall Data will enhance your SQL performance and strengthen its database connections. Zero codes or changes are required, saving you time and money! Improve the scale and sales in your company through improved customer response times!

Your business database scale could improve by up to 20%, with database costs decreasing  by an additional 50%! Achieve connection pooling, a read/write split, and failover automation with one simple installation.

A consistent support team is offered by Heimdall Data, ensuring that you are never alone should a problem occur. Receive 24/7 live support in addition to expert phone and email support! 

Receive effortless training from webinars and live online training options, in addition to video help and in-person training. 

Increase security with access controls and prevent data breaches, whilst achieving a powerful insight into levels of performance through valued analytic tools!

Heimdall Data

Try Heimdall Data Now!
Heimdall Data will save your business a significant cost in maintenance through an all-in-one approach to improve SQL performance! 
Utilizing a database proxy function, Heimdall Data splits read/write to enhance both aspects. Configure a read-write master and a read-only server and let this essential software application get to work!
The Heimdall Data pricing plan is tailored to your database CPU cores, forming a standard or enterprise package. Training and support are provided so you can achieve optimal SQL performance levels!
Try Heimdall Data now, enhancing SQL performance and reducing lag in your business!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Heimdall Data improves SQL performance, managing connections and requiring no code changes at all. You receive a faster performance with no lag, saving time and increasing uptime.

Yes, Heimdall Data offers you the chance to download a free trial from the website. You can also watch a live demo to discover if the Heimdall Data software is the right choice for you!

Purchase the Heimdall Data software directly from Heimdall Data by subscribing across the year. You could also purchase this software from Google Cloud, Azure, or AWS, operating on a per-usage basis.

Heimdall Data is supported in on-site environments as well as in the cloud, providing SQL optimization as soon as the installation is complete!



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