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Gorgias is a customer support helpdesk designed for e-commerce businesses. With its automation features, omnichannel support, and custom integrations, Gorgias simplifies customer support management and helps businesses enhance their customer experience.

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Pricing ModelSubscriber based
Free TrialYes
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review new │ Gorgias Overview

There’s no doubt that customer service has become an integral part of business operations that decides the overall satisfaction of the customers who shop online. If you want to elevate customer satisfaction for your eCommerce business, there are high chances that you’re looking for software that can assist you in the process. That’s where Gorgias comes to your aid. 

To let you know whether this customer relationship management platform is good or not, we’ve prepared this comprehensive Gorgias review. Gorgias is a comprehensive helpdesk platform that assists eCommerce stores in automating customer interactions and managing all communications to drive the best customer satisfaction result. So, let’s learn all about this software. 

Gorgias – The leading eCommerce customer relationship management platform for online sellers
Gorgias is an advanced, state-of-the-art eCommerce support platform that elevates the customer satisfaction level for any eCommerce business. 

pros and cons new │ Pros & Cons of Gorgias

Before diving into the features and tools that make Gorgias an excellent CRM software, let’s outline and learn some of its pros and cons. 


tick new Ease of Use 

This platform is too easy to use and integrate with third-party software. The platform enables a simple, streamlined workflow while enabling easy navigation to view total customer spending and customer orders. 

tick new Write Canned Response 

The platform allows you to write canned responses consisting of dynamic variables relevant to each customer. This saves a lot of time when responding and giving replies to customers with the insights they need. 

tick new Ability To Build Rules 

Gorgias allows you to build rules to detect emails and lets you prioritize matters. If you’re moving over from your existing platform, this can prove to be a compelling selling point. 


cons new Limitations On Automation

There are some limitations for the Rules and Macro engine when you consider automating the processes thoroughly. Before deployment, it would’ve been easier to test rule logic. 

cons new A Lot of Updates

The fact that this software comes with frequent updates is annoying. Plus, these updates sometimes disrupt the workflow while making the onboarding process slower. 

Gorgias AdvantagesGorgias Disadvantages
plus new The platform enables ease and convenience of use across different  channels.minus new Lots of updates make the onboarding slower and disrupt the workflow. 
plus new Plus, the views are easy to navigate and ensure seamless usage.minus new Rules and Macro engines come with limitations when you fully automate processes. 
plus new Seamless integration with front-end eCommerce stores like Shopify stores.
plus new Ideal for all types of eCommerce business.
plus new The platform lets you manage unlimited users.
plus new It enables you to create rules to set smart autoresponders.
plus new The platform offers dedicated automation specialists and boosts your productivity by 40%. 

Gorgias Logo

Gorgias gives you the opportunity to set rules and streamline work. Prioritize tasks and much more, get Gorgias now!

what new │ What Is Gorgias?

Gorgias is one of the best and leading eCommerce customer relationship management platforms that comes with helpdesk and live chat features. This software centralizes and manages the incoming customer requests from different sources like phone, live chat, email, Instagram, and Facebook in a single, intuitive dashboard. 

This enables your business to effectively and quickly respond to the customer’s queries. Plus, it facilitates quick customer interactions by letting you view the customer information right on the helpdesk. The best part is that you can automate replies and responses to the most commonly asked questions by creating macros and rules. It will help you elevate agent productivity. 

There are many more benefits and features of this customer support platform, which you shall discover in the following sections of this review. So, keep reading. 

Technology Easy to use eCommerce tech stack
Third Party IntegrationMagento
Facebook Messenger
Facebook Comments
Live Chat
Website LayoutSimple, intuitive, user-friendly
FunctionalityAll-in-one customer service and live chat helpdesk

how new │ How Does Gorgias Work?

Within the helpdesk, you can see the customer order information, edit the shipping details, adjust the loyalty points, and refund orders. This software collects and utilizes this information to tag and automate rules. 

The platform also helps your agents respond faster and better by streamlining the ticket responses. The best part is the revenue reporting stats. 

For instance, when your agent makes a presale conversation and the customer purchases from the store, you can trace it back to the agent and determine the ROI derived from real-time sales support. All-in-all, it works in a way that boosts customer satisfaction and reduces the resource costs of support agents.

feature new │ Features of Gorgias

Here, we have enlisted the most prominent features that Gorgias brings to you: 

  • Ticket Management 
  • Views
  • Tags and Rules
  • Live Chat 
  • Social Media Interaction
  • Customer Sentiment
  • Analytics  

point new Ticket Management 

The ticket management system in this software is powerful and effective and enables you to efficiently arrange, hierarchize, manage, and provide support tickets. However, the platform also lets you create your own ticket. You must go to the top right corner of the dashboard and click on the “Create a ticket” option. 

Ticket Management 

To enhance your routine workflow, here are some other crucial ticket management features you should know: 

  • Merging The Tickets: If you’re handling the same customer for various issues, you can merge them. Once merged, it can’t be undone. The result helps you avoid redundancy and increase productivity. 
  • Snoozing The Ticket: If you see that the customers are responding prior to the snooze interval or the snooze time interval has expired, you can reopen the ticket. 
  • Evaluating Ticket Events: Checking the ticket events will help you determine how a specific ticket got closed. This Gorgias option reveals the current rules, ticket status, the time, the way the ticket was assigned, etc.

Therefore, these ticket management features and potentials can help your eCommerce business efficiently manage every incident from the instance they got triggered till the moment they get rectified or resolved. 

point new Views (For Emails & Messages)

Views on this platform are quite similar to the ones you get in email inboxes. Our inbox consists of unread messages, opened, etc., right? The same approach is followed by Gorgias, only with a few distinctions. 

Gorgias Views are segregated rundowns that allocate your tickets as closed, snoozed, unassigned, and open. The dashboard view exhibits tickets that align with certain filters. These filters can be anything from the channel and the customer to the integration, tag, and status. Here is the “Open Ticket” view that showcases each of the unclosed tickets: 

 Views (For Emails & Messages)

Plus, you get to use the advanced filters to update the existing view or create a new view. After saving these views, you can set it to one of these options – 

  • Shared View: Visible to your teams or some specific people
  • Public View: Visible to all your customer support agents
  • Private View: Visible only to you

Also, simply dragging and dropping views can help you re-organize them easily. The alterations in the chronology of the views are visible to each and every agent in your customer support team. 

point new Tags & Rules

You can enjoy seamless identification and processing by sorting out the tickets with Gorgias Tags. Depending on certain conditions, the Rules get triggered and assist in automating the entire workflow. 

You can use tags as effective labels and make them by going to Settings → Tags. Like tickets, your eCommerce team can create, edit, merge, and delete tags based on your customer support requisitions. 

Moreover, you can check and determine the tag statistics that reveal the number of tickets made within a stipulated time span. Now, coming to the rules, things get simpler. Rules help your business automate certain repeatedly asked queries to save time and enhance agent productivity. To specify and point out the conditions of the rules, you must consider ‘contains all of’ and ‘contains one of.’ 

 Tags & Rules

For instance, you can devise a rule that automatically sends an email notification to your customer service representatives when you’re allocated a ticket. Another solution is adding a tag for all the VIP customers, depending on how much they’ve spent and what they’ve ordered from your store. 

point new Live Chat Option 

Gorgias is an excellent platform that enables you to use live chat and interact head-to-head with website visitors. A ticket will be opened for every customer interaction. On the right side of the interface, you’ll find an option “Connect to live chat.” Click on it. Then, go to Integration and click on Add New. 

After that, you’ll get to see a few short options that let you embed the live chat gadget onto your website like this: 

 Live Chat Option 

Once you fill out all the options, you can click on Add New chat. Subsequently, go for the single-click installation procedure. You can go for the custom installation procedure if you’re still not using Shopify and need to incorporate a widget into a web page manually. 

Plus, Gorgias enables you to perform chat campaigns. Sounds interesting, right? This feature lets you actively and seamlessly trigger live chat conversations with the customers by enhancing sales and recommending relevant products. It does so by leading them to the checkout procedure. 

point new Social Media Interaction

With more and more brands shifting to eCommerce trends, Gorgias lets you make the most out of this aspect by connecting your helpdesk and responding to every social comment. 

The platform lets you connect your Instagram and Facebook accounts and enables you to send replies to ad campaigns and post comments instantly. The interesting thing is you can send replies directly through Messenger, and there won’t be any need to leave the dashboard. 

 Social Media Interaction

Additionally, the platform enables you to receive and react to your brand mentions on Facebook. A ticket will be opened whenever a page or an individual mentions your brand on Facebook. Then, you can either like the existing comments or reply as a comment. 

For further capabilities, this software enables you to create rules for automating a few activities running on Instagram. Say, for instance, you can auto-assign Instagram tickets, auto-tag negative comments, and auto-close tickets for benefit posts. 

point new Customer Sentiment 

Gorgias comes with a unique gesture – the capability of knowing and understanding the customer sentiment. When having online customer interactions, it may get challenging to read and understand your customer’s thoughts; however, with Gorgias, you can make this possible.

Currently, this software supports the following kinds of sentiments: 

  • Promoter: Customer exhibiting enhanced satisfaction towards your eCommerce brand.
  • Threatening: When the customers think of taking some hostile action against your brand.
  • Offensive: The message sent by the customer is filled with abusive language.
  • Positive: Customers show their positive thoughts and views about your brand. 
  • Urgent: The customer wants to meet your brand’s instant demand or need.
  • Negative: Customers showing dissatisfaction with your brand. 

You can create a rule to automate all these customer sentiments with the help of Gorgias. For instance, you can develop a rule that automatically identifies and tags a negative sentiment (comment), enabling you to take an instant action to resolve it. 

point new Analytics 

Gorgias lets your brand enjoy a 360-degree view to measure the impact and effect of the customer service based on all significant parameters. You can divide the Analytics into three segments: 

  • Support Performance: Revenue, Agents, Satisfaction, Channels, Tags, and Overview.
  • Live Statistics: Agents and Overview
  • Automations: Macros, Overview, and Intents.

Now, let’s sort out the various metrics related to every section: 

For Live Statistics: 

  • Unassigned and assigned open tickets
  • Number of agents offline/online
  • Real-time tracking agents

For Support Performance: 

  • Tickets that are made per tag or per channel per day
  • Tickets are closed every day by each agent.
  • Track revenue generated by every agent
  • Customer satisfaction metrics

Why Should You Use Gorgias?

Gorgias is the one-stop destination for eCommerce businesses!
There are various reasons to use Gorgias for your eCommerce business:
point new It enables you to provide enhanced customer service to the customers. 
point new It helps your business’s customer support team work more like sales associates who can provide better options and solutions to customers instead of sending repetitive emails all day. 
point new It saves time and lets you invest in activities that can generate revenue for your brand. 
point new It automatically sends replies or gives answers to basic customer queries. 
point new It helps you boost sales rates and track the effect of customer service on revenue generation.

Gorgias Logo

Skyrocket your ecommerce business with enhanced customer service! Go Check Out Gorgias Now!

who new │Who Should Use Gorgias?

Gorgias is an excellent CRM software and should be considered by every eCommerce website owner who wants to sell their products and maintain strong customer relationships. 

It is a challenging and troublesome task to reply to customers’ queries and regular demands, especially when all queries involve similar types of questions. It is a waste of time and resources for both you and your support team. 

This platform assists you in saving time as it responds to those similar queries automatically. Subsequently, it forwards those queries to your customer service team when the customer needs human interaction. 

This effectively focuses your resources and time on more money-generating ideas instead of responding to the same old emails. 

Gorgias Usage
point new If you’re an eCommerce business that wants to sell products while maintaining a good customer relationship, the Gorgias CRM software is for you. 

Gorgias Logo

Install The Gorgias Software Now for streamline CRM and operations. Focus on your resources and generate more revenues each day.

cost and time new │Time and Cost

The Gorgias software takes less time to proceed payments than any other CRM software. All its pricing plans come with reasonable prices for the users. 

usability new │Usability

Gorgias is undoubtedly one of the most powerful CRM tools to enable automatic text distribution across channels like LinkedIn and Gmail. This tool lets you create HTML shortcut templates via keywords with a simple, intuitive graphical interface. 

When you invest most of the time in responding to emails daily, you can efficiently utilize your solutions or answers to instant text messages or pre-use responses. If you work using LinkedIn, Facebook, or Gmail, you can use Gorgias’s free chrome extension to make work simpler and better. 

Thanks to the free add-on, your Gmail will get some basic templates like subscription/termination or greetings. To fill in emails incoming from individuals who work as professionals, use shortcuts via email. You can simplify and streamline the project flow by considering the email templates you can easily make with Gorgias. 

Once you install the extension, ensure to enter the link and press on the Tab key. It will insert the defined text automatically into the template. 

pricing new │Pricing

Gorgias comes with different plans: one is a monthly subscription plan while the other is a yearly one. The difference is that once you opt for the yearly subscription, there’s no way you can cancel it before the expiry period. And with a monthly subscription, you can cancel it in a month. 

In both scenarios, you have to pay the platform fee every month. The enticing part is that they come with a free version and let you take a demo. For the yearly subscription, you get a two monthly discount, which means you won’t have to pay a single penny for two months. Here are the pricing plans of Gorgias:

Subscription Fee(Billed Annually)$50 per month$250 per month$625 per monthCustom-made plan (contact their team to know the price)
Number of UsersUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimited
Number of Tickets350 per month2000 per month6000 per monthCustom tickets number
Price for Extra Tickets$25 for 100 extra tickets$23 for 100 extra tickets$14 for 100 extra ticketsDedicated automation specialist

The most amazing thing is you only have to pay for the tickets you respond to. It means you won’t have to pay for every ticket you get. 

Gorgias Pricing

Gorgias Logo

Reap the benefits of as many as 20 plugins! Get Access To This Amazing Tool Now and also resolve operational issues. 

tools new │Tools

Gorgias is an adaptable and versatile platform as it functions with more than 20 plugins. Furthermore, it comes with the maximum reviews on Magento and Shopify. This software can help you resolve issues on other platforms. Here is a comprehensive list of the third-party plugins it is integrated with: 

  • Magento
  • Shopify
  • Gmail 
  • Instagram
  • Facebook Messenger
  • Facebook Comments
  • WooCommerce
  • Live Chat
  • Twitter 
  • Slack
  • Klaviyo
  • MailChimp
Gorgias Tools

The best part is that the platform incorporates more applications daily. They also enable a mobile application to let you deliver customer service instantly and seamlessly while assisting multiple brands. 

Here are some other significant tools offered by the platform for better effectiveness and functionality:

point new Macros

Give faster responses to the most commonly asked, repetitive questions by creating template answers. Use custom data variables to write a message only once and reuse it automatically.  

point new Auto Responder 

Make rules for handling common queries like “where is my shipment?” Integrating macros and rules allows you to ensure automation for up to 40% of customer support tickets by using personalized, optimized answers. 

point new Intent Detection

Gorgias is an excellent platform that uses machine learning to determine the customer’s intentions like an exchange, refund, shipping, and many others. Then, you can route the tickets with tags or set up automated replies. 

point new Revenue & Support Stats

It lets you track customer support representatives’ metrics like resolution time, response time, and ticket volume. Calibrate your revenue generation strategies with statistics on total sales, converted tickets, and presale tickets. 

point new Multi-Store Connection 

Gorgias lets you connect all your Magento eCommerce stores. To save time, you can collect and manage all tickets from all the eCommerce stores in a unified place. 

point new The platform has several third-party integrations, including Magento, Shopify, Gmail, Instagram, Facebook Messenger, etc.
point new Gorgias is adding more and more applications onto its platform daily.
point new Some powerful tools offered by Gorgias are autoresponder, customer intent detection, multi-store connection, revenue and reports stats, and more. 

example new │Real-Life Use Cases of Gorgias

point new Shinesty

As per the reports, Shinesty underwent numerous customer inquiries via social media, phones, and emails. However, shifting from one channel to another was creating an obstacle in their scaling and growing process. 

This is when they switched to Gorgias, which turned out to be a beneficial decision for their organization. Now, they have access to a centralized platform for customer support service. Shinesty witnessed a significant boost in their customer satisfaction and reduced first response time. 

point new SuitShop

SuitShop switched from Zendesk and Gmail to Gorgias for their support tickets management. Previously, they lacked an eCommerce helpdesk that aligns with their eCommerce business model and assists them in constant growth. 

But after switching to Gorgias and leveraging their Shopify integrations. It helped them reduce their average response time to two hours eighteen minutes. 

support new │Customer Support

Gorgias comes with a responsive and friendly customer support team. All their customer reps are available 24/7, and you can contact them via a form. 

Phone+1 415-429-5934
Email [email protected] 
Live ChatAvailable
Alternative For Gorgias
If you’re having second thoughts about Gorgias, you’ve got nothing to worry about. If you want to consider something else that could be the right fit for your business needs, the next best alternative option is Zendesk.

While Gorgias is designed explicitly for eCommerce businesses, Zendesk is designed to meet the needs of a wide-ranging array of industries and is now the market leader in CRM software. Regarding features, they are true rivals, and both have thousands of clients worldwide. 
Comparison Between Gorgias And Zendesk
PricingStarts at $60 per month (unlimited user)Starts at $49 per month (per user)
Best For BigCommerce, Magento, and Shopify stores want to save time with a comprehensive, smart helpdesk solution that streamlines the customer service experience.More than 160,000 companies trust Zendesk’s CRM solution to ensure enhanced and better customer experiences. 
Support FAQs/Forum
Phone Support
Email/Help Desk
Knowledge Base
24/7 (Live Rep)
Phone Support
Email/Help Desk
Knowledge Base
24/7 (Live Rep)

conclusion new │Final Thoughts

To conclude, Gorgias ensures a comprehensive helpdesk solution to let you easily automate responses to the customer’s most commonly inquired questions. 

It ensures an optimized and unified customer service that not only elevates your customer experiences but also drives sales. So, are you ready to optimize your eCommerce store’s customer service? If so, consider Gorgias. 

Gorgias Logo

Looking for Unified as well as Optimized services? Gorgias is here to elevate your customer’s experience and make the most of your customer support unit! 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

To incorporate Gorgias to Shopify, go to Integrations on Gorgias website → Go to Shopify → Click on “Add Shopify.” Then, you will get redirected to Shopify.

Yes, Gorgias can detect more than 20 languages. Currently, it can detect over 54 languages in your support tickets.

When a customer service agent doesn’t use the software to give any response to the client, the Gorgias Bot steps up and sends the message to the customer.


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