Fiverr is an online marketplace that connects freelancers with businesses and individuals in need of their services. With its wide range of categories, competitive pricing, and quality assurance, Fiverr helps businesses and individuals find the right freelancer for their projects.

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review new │Fiverr Review

Fiverr is an online marketplace that links freelancers with paying clients. It’s an innovative platform that solely operates online, allowing users to generate flexible income.

Our trusty guide reviews Fiverr’s key features by identifying its pros and cons, describing how it works, listing Fiverr’s exclusive tools, stating user costs, and explaining how you, as a buyer or seller, might benefit from this site.

Fiverr – Best for freelancers and independent buyers.
Fiverr allows freelancers to sell their unique services to buyers with projects.

pros and cons new │ Pros And Cons

Fiverr is a super welcoming workspace that sellers and buyers access globally. Pros and cons can be subjective to the individual, as everyone uses Fiverr to align with their unique requirements.

Let’s look at some of the main pros and cons sellers and buyers may experience while using Fiverr:


tick new Opportunity to make passive income

Fiverr is handy for freelancers to earn additional income on top of their regular salary. It offers sellers the flexibility to market themselves at a price they feel best reflects their services.

tick new Great place for sellers to start a freelance business

Attracting new clients challenges aspiring freelancers when establishing their business. Fiverr offers these individuals a platform to connect with buyers without multi-channel promotion. Working with buyers helps freelancers build their portfolio, receive positive reviews from clients and attain organic business.

tick new Buyers can find freelancers with niche skills

Fiverr’s huge range of categories may feel enticing to buyers, as they’re more likely to find freelancers with expertise in a specific task or specialty. Demand can range from proofreading to astrology.

tick new Freelancers can broaden their skills:

Regular sellers can get plenty of practice in their trade and strengthen their business acumen. They’ll refine their communication style with clients, develop good time management to meet buyers’ deadlines, and improve accountability. Sellers may also feel encouraged to learn a new trade to broaden their services.

tick new Accessible and easy-to-use site:

It’s easy to become a buyer or seller once you’ve verified your account. Sellers can proceed to market their services, while buyers can browse subcategories freely or use the search bar to locate the required skills.

tick new Sellers can receive immediate payment

Fiverr processes invoices with the necessary deductions within 14 days. This advantage means sellers won’t have to wait 30-90 days, as they may have to on alternative freelance sites.


cons new Fiverr takes a cut of your earnings

Naturally, Fiverr takes a 20% cut of all profits for the convenience of using the site. For sellers, such as those that list cheaper or more minor tasks for a lower price, this deduction could significantly affect their total take-home pay, which could demotivate users.

cons new Unresponsive buyers

Freelancers must communicate with clients to ensure they deliver work that meets the client’s brief perfectly. Completing a good piece of work can feel like a real challenge when clients stop responding to queries.

cons new Room for deceitful behavior

Although Fiverr’s review section offers many benefits, it also allows deceptive buyers to leave negative reviews, even after receiving satisfactory work. In some circumstances, they may do this to avoid payment. Similarly, sellers can exaggerate their skill level to attract investors. These buyers may feel disappointed when receiving work, not of the desired quality.

Fiverr AdvantagesFiverr Disadvantages
plus new Freelancers have the opportunity to freelance full-time.minus new Getting the first gigs can challenge new freelancers.
plus new Professionals can make extra money/ income.minus new Dishonesty in reviews. 
plus new The broad range of skills to advertise or purchase.minus new Fiverr takes a 20% cut from sellers.
plus new Freelancers have full autonomy over pricing and service.minus new Fiverr can cancel orders if a customer feels unsatisfied.
plus new Encourages freelancers to broaden their skill set.


Explore Fiverr for free!

If you’re new to the freelance game, advertising your services on Fiverr can be a great way to build rapport with new clients and make additional money.

what new │What Is Fiverr?

Fiverr is a marketplace connecting freelancers with buyers looking to outsource a service. Its mission is to make buying and selling expertise as easy as purchasing common goods on familiar e-commerce sites.

Fiverr contains over 500 categories, including:

point new Writing Copywriting, translation, proofreading, and editing.
point new Graphics and design Branding, illustration, signage, website design, app design. 
point new AudioVoice overs, composers, singers, and vocalists.
point new Digital MarketingSocial media management, search engine optimization (SEO), and advertising.

Don’t be deceived. The site isn’t just for creatives! Although a big hit with media freelancers, services also branch out into

feature Business and consulting Market research, proposal writing, customer care, financial, human resource, and legal consulting.
function TechnologyCybersecurity, electronic engineering, NFT website development, and gaming.
performance DataData analysis, management, visualization, and optimization.

As of 2020, Fiverr hosts a community of over 3.4 million active buyers. This number has likely risen as the platform reports a consistent upwards trend in the number of yearly users that benefit from the site. Its international reach finds Fiverr in use in over 160 countries, predominantly in the US, UK, Pakistan, India, Bangladesh, and Nigeria.

Highlights Of Fiverr
point new Concept It’s easy for sellers of all backgrounds to market their expertise to an impressive community of active buyers.
point new Accessibility Fiverr welcomes professionals of all skill levels to list their services, allowing them to develop personally and professionally.
point new RangeFrom a buyer’s perspective, Fiverr’s outstanding range of categories means they’re likely to find a freelancer that meets their needs. Likewise, freelancers from all industries can make money.
point new DiversityFiverr’s international reach allows users to connect with others overseas, which enables buyers to receive fresh perspectives.

how new │How Does It Work?

Fiverr has two core functions: allow freelancers to sell services and help buyers to purchase services. You’ll need an account to access buying and selling features on Fiverr. 

Buyers and sellers exchange business using advertisements called Gigs. The number of gigs a seller completes depends on their level

point new 7 gigsStarting level
point new 10 gigsLevel 1 sellers
point new 20 gigsLevel 2 sellers
point new 30 gigsLevel 3, or Top Rated Sellers

Fiverr bases levels on monthly performance, time spent as an active seller, star-rating over a set period, and response rate. Fiverr uses levels to categorize high performers, commitment to Fiverr, and reputation. Climbing the levels is a good initiative for those looking to progress as a Freelancer. 

It’s possible to drop levels when a seller’s performance significantly drops, for example, consistently missing deadlines, late cancellations on orders, and decreased output quality.

Buyers use gigs to analyze these details and determine whether they want to invest in a seller’s services. Gigs also display the seller’s offerings, pricing strategy, and reviews. 

Buyers and sellers can communicate via Fiverr’s communication platform. Here, buyers can deliver specifics about their brief. For example, a Proofreader may need to know how many words buyers expect them to read.

Payment also goes directly through Fiverr, which takes a 20% cut from all earnings. Buyers pay per project rather than an hourly rate. There’s sometimes an option to subscribe to specific sellers if buyers have ongoing work.

feature new │Fiverr’s Primary Features

Gigs take center stage on Fiverr’s marketplace as the intermediary between seller and buyer. Gigs typically include the following information:

point new Packages

A basic, standard, and premium package with varying start prices.

point new Delivery

Highlights how many days the seller will take to complete an order.

point new Description

Discusses the seller’s expertise, what the gig includes, and the seller’s professional statement.

point new Ratings

Read reviews from previous clients and a five-star rating. Fiverr may highlight popular sellers as a ‘Top Rated Seller’ or ‘Pro Verified Seller.’ 

There are plenty of other ways you can interact with the site. The points below name and describe some of Fiverr’s core features:

point new Pro-Verification

Fiverr picks Pro-verified sellers via an application process. Applicants share their professional background, work history, education level, and portfolio details. Pro-verification is available in the following categories: Music and audio, video, programming, technology, graphic design, and writing.


features point Reviews

Positive reviews allow sellers to attract organic business and level up. Buyers can read reviews with star ratings to predict the reliability of a seller’s service. After paying for a service, buyers have 10 days to leave an honest review. Sellers can also review their experience with a buyer to help others determine whether they want to accept business from specific individuals.


point new Seller Plus

Seller Plus is an add-on feature that operates on a subscription basis. It allows freelancers to expand their reach and generate more sales. Subscribers receive a wealth of extra benefits, such as gaining a mentor, obtaining insights into their gig’s visibility through keywords and traffic, offering coupons to repeat buyers, and joining a wider community of like-minded freelancers.

Seller Plus

features point Fiverr Business

Fiverr Business is a separate entity to Fiverr’s marketplace exclusive to businesses that register for the program. It allows larger teams to work together on individual tasks of a shared project in a single space. ‘Higher-end’ buyers or businesses use this platform to discover freelancers qualified to a high enough standard to complete their technical tasks. Fiverr Business prioritizes gigs by freelancers part of this program when particular businesses search for sellers.

point new Fiverr Logo Maker Editor

Sellers selected by Fiverr’s Editorial Team can use the Logo Maker to design and sell logos to buyers. It’s a collaborative platform that lets buyers add their slogan, brand name, and preferences to the Brief Wizard. Sellers make at least 3-5 logo variations based on these materials. Buyers can make adjustments to fit their vision. They then purchase the one that best suits their brand.

 Fiverr Logo Maker Editor

Why We Need To Use Fiverr

point new Allows freelancers to receive praise for their hard work and build a portfolio of accolades, which could benefit their future endeavors
point new Has plenty of opportunities to interact with a wider community of sellers, buyers or businesses
point new Offers a logo maker and editor where freelancers can refine their design skills, and buyers can contribute to creating their brand’s logo
point new Offers a subscription service that allows sellers to progress as a freelancer, obtain mentorship, and reach a higher number of buyers
point new Gigs enable freelancers to personalize their pricing strategy, advertise their services however they like, and find clients


Create Brand Identity On Fiverr!

As a buyer, you can collaborate with a selected freelancer to design and develop a logo that aligns perfectly with your brand’s voice, values, and theme. 

who new │Who Should Use Fiverr?

On Fiverr, almost any talent is marketable. Let’s look at common users:

point new Freelancers

Freelancers are the dominant variable on Fiverr. As you don’t need specific qualifications or application materials to create an account, just about anyone can join. Here are some common seller personas

Full-time professionals
Employed professionals often use Fiverr as a flexible way of making additional income alongside their regular job.
Employed professionals often use Fiverr as a flexible way of making additional income alongside their regular job.
These freelancers may have an existing client base and portfolio on and off Fiverr but use the site to find continued work. 
These professionals may wear the Pro-verification badge and use Fiverr as full-time freelancers.
New business owner
They start selling on Fiverr to attract repeat business and raise brand awareness. They may also act as a buyer enlisting services like logo-making, business plan writing, and social media management.

point new Buyers

Anyone with an account can pay for services on Fiverr. Individuals may include:

Independent buyers
Regular people may enlist services to help with personal tasks, such as resume-writing, proofreading, or video editing. The reason is totally unique to them.
Businesses may use Fiverr to outsource a temporary service to find a skilled individual to complete the whole or part of a project.
High-level businesses
These businesses can use Fiverr Business to collaborate with a team of verified freelancers to complete multiple or one large project.
point new Business owners can start selling their services while collaborating with other freelancers to build their brands.
point new Anyone can join for any reason, such as income, upskilling, or participate in a hobby.
point new Remote workers can plan their work schedule around their lifestyle.
point new Businesses can hire an individual to complete a project without going through a formal recruitment process.

cost and time new │Fiverr Cost And Time

Time and cost rely solely on the seller and the package you purchase from them. As a buyer, the higher the package level you select, the more you’re likely to pay. Sellers usually share a starting price, although this may change depending on your proposed project.

Sellers also disclose the delivery time, but you can likely discuss deadlines with them via the ‘Contact Seller’ option on gigs. Fiverr allows you to refine your search according to price, allowing you to find services within your budget.

usability new │How Versatile is Fiverr?

Fiverr’s accessibility is undoubtedly one of its key market advantages. Its simple sign-up process only asks for basic details like a verified email address, username, and password. Fiverr then officiates sellers by asking for government identification like a passport or driver’s license, offering a sense of security to its community.

The website is user-friendly with search refining tools to help buyers navigate their way to the required service. Gigs are separated into square tiles for improved visibility. Simple graphics and embedded guidance videos accompany most pages for enhanced user experience.

Creating a gig is just as easy. Sellers simply need to name their service, tag the category and fill out the necessary descriptions, which is great for those with minimal experience in online selling.

The bottom of each page offers a small directory of Fiverr’s other features, making them easy to reach. 

pricing new │Fiverr Subscription Cost

Fiverr does not charge a registration fee. It simply takes a 20% cut of the seller’s total earning per project.

Additional subscriptions or paid services are totally optional. Pricing is as follows:

Repeat subscriptions

Buyers can pay a 3-6 month renewable subscription fee to complete ongoing work with specific sellers. The seller decides all pricing.

Fiverr Seller Plus

$29 per month subscription fee. No annual plan or discount is offered. Users pay the fee until they cancel the subscription.

Fiverr Workspace

Advanced membership for sellers that offers unlimited benefits, like unlimited clients, customizable contracts, and personalized branding, for $24 monthly or $18 annually, which saves you 25%. 

Business Communication Plans
point new Standard MembershipFree
point new Repeat SubscriptionDetermined by seller
point new Fiverr Seller Plus$29 /user/month
point new Fiverr Workspace$24 /user/month or $18 /user/month

tools new │ Business Tools

Fiverr advertises an impressive range of tools that helps sellers attract and monitor performance and allow buyers to search and communicate with freelancers. Here are some examples:

point new Private Messaging

Fiverr’s quick response platform enables sellers and buyers to hold important discussions about services, briefs, unique requests, delivery time, and cost. 

point new Early payout

Selected sellers can utilize the early payout feature to receive payment quicker than the standard 14 days before the safety clearance is complete. Fiverr takes an additional 1% deduction for the privilege. Fiverr bases selection on high performance, quality, and compliance with all regulations.

 Early payout

point new Seller analytics

The sales analytics page enables sellers to monitor statistics on their total and monthly earnings, the number of completed orders, and the average selling price. Sellers can also observe their performance concerning their level, ratings, delivery, and response rate.

Seller analytics

features point Multi-currency exchange

Although all payment occurs in US dollars, users can select their preferred currency to see the price of gigs after conversion. Global currencies include the Canadian dollar, Brazilian real, and the British pound.

 Multi-currency exchange

point new Subscribe for additional benefits

Full-time freelancers are more likely to benefit from Fiverr subscription services like Seller Plus or Workspace to obtain additional features to help their independent business.

Fiverr’s Main Tools
Instant messaging to communicate with buyers and sellers digitally on the go.
Fiverr can reward excellent performance and good compliance with early payout.
Sellers can observe analytics to make crucial decisions to improve performance.
Various currency viewing makes the platform globally inclusive.

example new │Real-Life Fiverr Examples

Fiverr’s broad catalog of services invites numerous professionals with versatile skill sets to sell a specialized service. Here are some use cases to explore:

point new Gaming and Design

Gaming is an incredibly popular hobby that entices creativity and ‘other-worldliness.’ Game art goes hand-in-hand with design, with multiple sellers offering character design, background illustrations, user experience, and user interface services.

Gaming and Design

point new Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is one of Fiverr’s most prosperous outlets that contain a vast range of subcategories. Sellers offer services that cover SEO, social media, advertisement, content and community management, and public relations. Freelancers often specify their unique service further. For example, some offer a determined number of SMS marketing leads, while others focus on creating and running targeted advertisements on Spotify and YouTube.

Digital Marketing

point new Programming and Technology

Tech-geniuses also thrive on Fiverr, with a large portion of gigs dedicated to programming and technology-based services. There are over 11,000 programming services available from sellers specializing in one or more programming languages, like Java, Python, and C#. Each seller then has a unique niche. For example, one seller may offer to program data structures, while another can provide coding lessons.

Programming and Technology

support new │Fiverr Software Support

Users on Fiverr are never far away from a helping hand. The platform facilitates an extensive FAQ section. Users can specify their query using the Fiverr help search bar for guidance on their unique question. 

Fiverr also supplies regular blogs that share advice and case studies on various business-related topics, technical skills, and community news.

A ‘Contact Support’ button also allows users to submit a support request if those outlets are insufficient. Users need to share the subject matter and a description of the issue.

Customer Support Email[email protected]
US Telephone1-800-7336-3001
International Telephone1-781-575-3100
Alternative software
Upwork is a great alternative for freelancers, businesses, and agencies to sell and purchase services. It also welcomes professionals from various backgrounds like design, video, marketing, IT, and consulting. 
Fiverr Vs. Upwork
Fiverr and Upwork host a freelance marketplace that allows sellers to sell their expertise. The platforms possess relatively parallel features such as seller profiles, advertisements (or Gigs to Fiverr fans), and rating systems. Users looking for longer-term or ongoing work are more likely to use Upwork, as one-time purchases are more common on Fiverr. 

conclusion new │Conclusion

The ‘free to sign up and easy-to-navigate site allows Fiverr to successfully carry out its mission of connecting masses of sellers to paying buyers to complete projects. Some may even sustain professional relationships that lead to ongoing work.

Freelancers with any skill level in almost any area can utilize the platform’s features to kickstart their freelance careers, make passive income, or enhance skills in their areas of interest.

Although Fiverr welcomes users just looking to make some extra money, there are plenty of avenues for progression. Features that offer unlimited benefits, expert advice, and tools like the logo maker can massively benefit sellers looking to drive their freelance careers.


Try Fiverr Today!

Freelancers with any area of expertise and skill level can sell unique services. Meanwhile, buyers explore categories and pay sellers to complete projects. Check it out now.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Fiverr is a great place to earn money. The amount you make depends on the amount you charge per gig, the number of clients you receive, and the level of effort you put into Fiverr. Full-time freelancers with experience may use Fiverr as their main income source, whereas others may use Fiverr to make extra money

Beginners can sign up to Fiverr for free to make and advertise gigs. New users begin at ‘Starting Level’ and can post up to 7 gigs simultaneously. Beginners can become level 2 sellers by completing at least 50 orders, maintaining a high response and delivery rate, and staying an active member for 120 days.

Fiverr is better than Upwork for people that want to sell or buy one-off or short-term projects. Upwork works better for users looking for ongoing or long-term projects. Upwork also attracts more agencies, whereas, Fiverr hosts independent buyers with more personal projects.

Signing up for Fiverr is free. Fiverr then deducts 20% from all earnings a seller makes. Sellers can subscribe to Fiverr Seller Plus or Fiverr Workspace to receive additional benefits for a monthly fee of $24-$29, or $18 annually for Workspace. Buyers can negotiate monthly subscriptions to specific sellers when dealing with ongoing work.



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