Doodle is a scheduling and appointment booking software that can help businesses manage their schedules and appointments with ease. With features such as group scheduling and calendar integration, Doodle is a great choice for businesses looking for a comprehensive scheduling solution.




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Doodle Facts

Pricing modelPer User
Free Trial14-day
Free VersionYes

Doodle Overview

Doodle is a scheduling technology created by the TX group, which is one of the biggest media groups in Switzerland. It has been rated as one of the best scheduling apps. This is because it enables different people to synchronize their calendars to find the perfect date and time when they can get together. Even so, we had to find out ourselves and write this Doodle review.

Right off the bat, if you are looking for information on the cold, hard facts about the Doodle scheduling tool, this Doodle review will give you the information you need.

Doodle features help you cut down on the pointless schedule-juggling and emails. It has long been a people’s favorite productivity tool because of its utility and simplicity. This Doodle review will also examine why this is so.

Pros and Cons

+ Great meetings scheduler — With the Doodle scheduling tool, you can schedule meetings in an easy and convenient way for everyone.

+ Simple, easy, and very utilitarian — Doodle is easy and simple to use, thanks to the neat and clean user interface.

+ Can integrate with one’s existing calendar — Doodle features and algorithms integrate with one’s calendar for it to tell when the user can attend meetings conveniently.

+ Mobile apps for various operating systems and devices — The scheduling tool supports all devices, both mobile and desktop.

-Imprecise time zone options — The Doodle scheduling tool does not provide clear time zone options which can be quite confusing.


When researching this Doodle review piece, it was evident that the software was designed with both desktop and mobile users in mind. You can easily use it on the go regardless of your device’s operating system. And if you prefer working from your computer, that’s easy as well, thanks to the impressive Doodle features.

Regardless of the device you use, Doodle will help you manage your meetings so that you can focus on what matters. Moreover, it integrates with other tools such as Zapier, Zoom, Outlook, and other emailing services so that you do not have to do such things manually. This helps you save some time to do other meaningful tasks. Overall, Doodle is user-friendly software.


When users sign up for a free Doodle account, they are able to schedule an event immediately. The tool’s whole point is to make it easier for a group of people to pick a meeting time, whether it is a family dinner or a business meeting. That’s why it has different features. Our Doodle review explains the key Doodle features, which include:

  • Flawless integration. The Doodle scheduling app works seamlessly with other tools to make the meetings run smoothly as planned.
  • Look customization. Since different people have different preferences, it is only right that the developers of Doodle saw it fit to make it customizable. With a simple user interface, users are able to personalize the tools to their liking.
  • No adverts. Do you hate seeing ads whenever you try navigating the different sections of an app? Advertisements can be quite annoying since they interfere with your navigation. Doodle premium subscription disables all in-app ads in the tool hence making the navigation experience as seamless as possible.
  • No time zone limitation. Doodle also integrates with tools like Zoom to allow meetings to take place even if the people are in different time zones.

Support Quality

TX Group, Doodle’s parent company, has put in place competent customer support to deal with any problems encountered by users. Unlike other scheduling sites, Doodle’s customer support sorts problems for all users, not just the premium subscribers.

To reach them, you can use email or live chat, both of which are reliable. Regarding response time, Doodle’s customer support replies in the shortest time possible.

Doodle Pricing — What Does it Cost?

Doodle pricing comes in three plans that you can choose from. When you create an account, you are ushered into a free account. However, if you choose this Doodle pricing plan, you will have to put up with ads as you navigate. To do away with the adverts, you can opt for the second Doodle pricing plan, Private account. With this Doodle pricing plan, you also enjoy other perks such as end-to-end SSL encryption, and the ability to know who has not answered your polls. The last Doodle pricing plan is the Business account where the subscription fee depends on the size of the team. With this, you’ll get extra Doodle features.

Free Trial: Yes

Private account: Starting from $39 /user/year.

Business account: Starting from $69 /user/year.


In conclusion, this Doodle review shows why the tool is a top-rated scheduling app. Whether you are arranging business meetings or family dinners, Doodle features will help you do that. Even better, Doodle pricing is quite flexible to accommodate different budgets.

Based on the pros and cons of Doodle explained in this piece, there’s no denying that Doodle is one of the best scheduling apps to use. In fact, all the Doodle features are available on mobile, which means you can easily use them on the go.

Try out Doodle now!

Arrange your online meetings in a simple and flexible way. This review about Doodle explained everything you need to know about the software.



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