D2L is a secure online learning management system that enables users to get the best learning experience and meet professional educators from different parts of the world. This platform helps engage young minds, reduce the difficulty and stress of learning, and easily collaborate with instructors using reliable technology.




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D2L is a learning platform that creates a space for institutions to move learning online and follow both remote and hybrid forms of teaching. As a veteran of the space, the D2L app has undergone a range of upgrades and is usually considered one of the best in the online learning space. It is considered more flexible than its competitors.

Our D2L review will cover the pros and cons of the app, along with its usability, key features, support quality, and pricing system. We have scored the app relatively highly. To find out why, check out the rest of this review.

Pros and Cons

As part of our research for our D2L review, we have found a list of pros and cons based on user and expert reviews, as well as our own experience. To find out more, check out the lists below.

The pros are:

  • Easy to use – D2L is considered an easy-to-use space and some users have commented on its intuitiveness
  • Customization – the app has been praised for its customization options, helping to personalize the space for each institution
  • Uploading files – the app allows a range of file types to be uploaded

The cons are:

  • Grade book – The grade book is difficult to set up
  • Consistency – The D2L platform to lack consistency


In our D2L review, we have given the app scores across three categories; usability, features, and support quality. In the usability category, D2L scores well due to its user-friendly space.

Many users have commented on the ease of use of this app, especially in comparison to other apps of its kind. Users have reported moving to the D2L app from another and finding the transition smooth and easy.

The D2L app can be customized per institution which users have found to be useful and to help with making the platform more personal. This feature has allowed users to create an online classroom space that reflects the physical one.

Both teachers and students have praised the app for its ability to allow communication across users. This feature helps to facilitate learning when in-person learning is not available.

Some users have commented on the fact that some features take a lot of clicking to find which can make the app feel tedious, but this comment wasn’t shared universally.

Finally, users have praised the community section within the D2L space which is a good resource and can help users with any issues they run into.


We have scored D2L very well in the key features category. 

D2L offers its users calendars, groups, and discussion boards to help users feel that they have created a digital classroom. These features have been praised by users and allow for reminders to be set as well as communication between teachers and students.

Teachers have noted that the grading system within the app is useful. This feature allows teachers to review and grade student work as well as pause or extend grading periods and hand-in dates.

The D2L space allows users to upload and insert files from a range of platforms, helping the D2L app be a centralized place for all your learning resources.

And finally, the Awards and Certificates feature allows teachers to recognize student achievement and is a feature many teachers have praised.

Support quality

We have scored the app’s support quality highly as part of our D2L review based on users’ experiences with this feature.

D2L allows users to add support packages with their bundles. With two options catered to different needs, users can get specific support for their requirements.

Users have praised the quick responses from the D2L support ticket system and have reported useful feedback.

D2L Pricing – what does it cost?

D2L offers users a free trial to test out the features of the platform within their institution. Other pricing information is a little bit harder to come by and it appears prospective users will need to contact D2L for quotes.

The site does give information on add-on bundles that users can choose when picking their D2L subscription. The add-ons include analytics features and inspiration and engagement packages.

The lack of pricing information makes this app difficult for institutions to choose as a comparison with other platforms is made harder.


Our D2L review has covered the pros and cons of this platform and has scored the usability, key features, and support quality of the app. D2L has scored highly across these categories.

Users have reported that the D2L app is easy to use and allows for customization per institution which helps with personalization. Users feel the D2L app offers a great space for an online classroom feel and helps to connect students and teachers easily.

Users have praised the way the app allows uploads from a range of platforms, helping to collate all information in one place. Teachers also enjoy the grading system which helps to speed up the grading process and helps teachers to review student work.

Overall, the D2L app has been praised and regarded well by users for facilitating online learning in one easy place.

Try D2L now!

For an easy-to-use space with clear communication features, try out the D2L online learning platform and help level up your institution’s online learning today. Try it with a free trial now to ensure it meets your requirements.



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