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Cornerstone Learning

Cornerstone Learning is an effective online learning management system that enables users to browse courses, complete all learnings, and discover new and exciting content. This learning platform also supports efficient course management, new skill development, and storage of favorite content. Cornerstone learning also makes learning faster, more fun, and highly engaging.




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Cornerstone Learning provides a platform to organize and deploy training across a network of employees and clients and is used by a range of businesses and companies. The software is adaptive and is designed to offer a space for training remotely.

Our Cornerstone Learning review will cover a range of aspects of the app. We have scored the Cornerstone Learning app highly overall and in the usability, features, and support quality categories. To find out why, take a look at the rest of our review.

Pros and cons

Below is a list of the pros and cons of the app, check them out.

The pros of using the Cornerstone Learning app are:

  • Clean interface – the Cornerstone Learning software has a clean and clear interface that is very beginner-friendly.
  • Monitoring and management – the Cornerstone Learning app allows employers to both monitor and manage employees progress
  • Learning – the software allows for staff training and development all in one place

The cons of using the Cornerstone Learning app are:

  • Too many clicks – the app requires ‘too many clicks’ to reach certain features which can be irritating and time-consuming
  • Customization – the customization of the platform is slightly limited


In the usability category of our Cornerstone Learning review, we have scored the software highly.

The Cornerstone Learning app has a sleek and clean interface that is easy to use and provides a great user experience. For those employees who are less tech-savvy, the software is beginner-friendly enough to learn quickly how to use it.

Though the app is catered to employee experience and development, the admin view allows for easy monitoring of employee development and progress with a grid view. The admin view also allows for automation to further increase the ease of use of the Cornerstone Learning app.

The Cornerstone Learning app works across a range of operating systems and devices. This makes the platform accessible on a range of devices and to a range of people. Additionally, training is offered upon purchase of the app which means users have the opportunity to learn first-hand how to use it.


We have scored the Cornerstone Learning platform highly in the key features section because of the range of useful features the app offers to facilitate remote training.

The Cornerstone Learning app allows users to create learning categories that help to streamline training in the app. The app also features activity grading, course history, and a grade book to allow users to track the progress of their trainees. Along with grade tracking, users can track the enrollment and attendance of employees in the training sessions. 

The platform allows for a certain level of customization. This helps businesses to devise a space that reflects their values and adheres to their requirements.

The platform features gamification which can help trainees to feel more motivated. It allows for badges, leaderboards, and rewards, among other things, which can support users in feeling like they’re making progress.

Cornerstone Learning supports a range of different learning types and integration which makes the platform accessible to a range of institutions.

Support Quality

We have scored the support quality of Cornerstone Learning highly. 

Cornerstone Learning provides live chat support and an email helpdesk for users which has generally good response times. The support system does not appear to change per the pricing plan, but details are opaque on this topic.

The software also offers a knowledge base where key information about the platform can be found. Users have access to this help center and can find answers to common issues with the platform there rather than speaking with someone.

Cornerstone Learning Pricing – What does it cost?

The Cornerstone Learning platform is only available with a subscription to the service, though the site does offer some fantastic free resources.

To get a subscription to the Cornerstone Learning services, businesses need to input information to get a quote. This part of the site offers a few sample versions of the software which allows users to see what they would be getting with the service.

The opaque pricing system makes comparison hard for users meaning they cannot compare this app with another based on price when deciding between two.


Our Cornerstone Learning review has covered everything from the pros and cons of the platform to the usability and key features. We have scored this platform highly in all of these categories due to its popularity with users and ease of use.

The platform offers a centralized space for learning and is accessible to many users, operating across a range of devices. The system supports integration and different styles of learning, allowing users to learn in the way that suits them best.

The interface of the Cornerstone Learning software is clean and straightforward and training is provided in the support center of the app for those new to the service. Cornerstone Learning also has a huge range of features, including monitoring of employee progress and gamification to motivate learners.

Overall, Cornerstone Learning is a fantastic resource to facilitate remote learning across large businesses and teams.

Try Cornerstone Learning now!

Looking for a centralized space for online training? Look no further than Cornerstone Learning, a platform that facilitates remote learning and has a clean and simple interface, perfect for beginner use.



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